Seeing an Owl In Dreams: The Spiritual & Sacred Meaning

Owls are mysterious and magical creatures, so when they appear in your sleep it can seem like a dream full of symbolism and spiritual significance. Owls are creatures of the night, making them elusive and cloaked in darkness, which can cause fear and unease. So, what does it mean if an owl appears in your dreams? 

Owls in dreams represent hidden knowledge, wisdom, and intuitive insight. They are often associated with death which spiritually represents a big shift or change that is happening in your life. Because of this, owls in dreams represent a deep internal change or transformation, specifically related to your spiritual evolution. 

Depending on the other signs, symbols, and emotions that you experience in your dream, your owl dream has a unique and special meaning to you. This article will go over the most common owl dreams, and how to use the elements of the dream to decode what your dream means to you. 


Spiritual Symbolism Of an Owl In Dreams

Owls are commonly associated with magic, witchcraft, and mysterious esoteric knowledge. Their nocturnal nature and stillness make them able to hide in plain sight, with an acute awareness of everything happening around them. 

In spiritual symbolism, owls represent these characteristics in your own spiritual progression. They represent the parts of your consciousness that are hidden in plain sight, waiting to be woken up. They bring awareness to the parts of you that are hidden so that you can embrace your spiritual gifts. 

Owls are often symbols that appear when you are going through deep shadow work, especially if they appear in dreams. Shadow work is all about processing the parts of yourself that you have hidden away, most often due to trauma, shame, or fear. 

Because of this, owl dreams can appear to be scary, filled with unpleasant emotions such as fear, anxiety, stress, and unease. It is common for people to have dreams about an owl attacking them, which can be related to parts of your shadow that are being exposed. 

However, it is when we are faced with the emotions that we often hide from that we grow and become stronger. Owls bring up these challenges so that you can tap into your hidden intuition, knowledge, and inner wisdom. They are teachers in the spirit realm, sometimes appearing to teach hard lessons. 


Is an Owl Dream Good Or Bad? 

Because owls have been linked with negative superstitions throughout ancient cultures, such a Native American tradition, it is common for people to wonder if an owl appearing in their dream is a bad omen. So, are owls in dreams a good or bad sign? 

Owls appearing in dreams represent change, transformation, hidden knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual evolution. As things in your life shift and evolve, this can cause changes to occur, such as people, places, and things leaving your life. While this may appear “bad,” it opens a void for new discoveries of yourself, and new beginnings for a higher version of yourself. 

In this way, owls in dreams can be either “bad” or “good” depending on how you react to them in your dream; thus, how you react to the changes happening in your waking life

If you are resistant to change, then owls appearing in your dreams may appear scary and “bad.” If you welcome change and growth, then owls may be a comforting and “good” symbol. 

But, ultimately, owls are messengers of the spirit realm that speak a truth that transcends the dualistic concept of “good” vs. “bad.” The “unknown” element of what lies behind that divine truth can seem scary and confusing, and it is common to associate those emotions with “bad.”

The important thing to remember is that owls are a sign that you are seeking answers, so these dreams should not be feared.  


What Is The Owl Doing In Your Dream? 

When trying to interpret your dreams, it is best to break down your dream into different parts and analyze them separately before putting them all together. One of the elements to analyze is to look at what the owl is “doing” in your dream, such as the action it is taking. 

Action always causes a reaction, so examining the action of the owl can give you insight into how you are reacting to events in your waking life. 

Here are the most common owls action dreams and what they may mean for you. 

Owl Attacking You In a Dream

The most common dream that people have with owls is that an owl is attacking them or hunting them in their dream. People often report dreams of running away from an owl, fearful for their survival. So, what does it mean when an owl attacks you in a dream? 

An owl attacking you in a dream represents a fear of things happening outside of your control. There may be things changing in your life that you want to stay the same, yet these changes happen despite the effort you put in to try to keep things the same. You might be feeling the stress of having to adapt to new circumstances. 

This could be people leaving your life, job circumstances changing, financial circumstances changing, health issues arising, etc. There are many things in life that happen beyond what we have the power to control. 

If you have recurring dreams of owls attacking you, it can be helpful to do some grounding exercises, such as putting your bare feet on the earth or using woodsy essential oils such as sandalwood, cedarwood, cypress, or pine. 

This can help you clear the root chakra, and feel more at ease and flexible when things are shifting in your life. 

Owl Biting You In a Dream

Owls biting in a dream draw your attention to a painful issue that you are ignoring. You may be putting something off that needs your attention right away, or you are choosing to ignore a conflict that should be resolved. 

Depending on where the owl bites you can let you know what the issue is related to. Here is a list: 

  • Owl Biting Hand: Related to issues around giving (right hand) or receiving (left hand) money, or an issue in your current job. 
  • Owl Biting Face: Related to issues around appearance, self-worth, and jealousy. 
  • Owl Biting Mouth: Related to issues around gossip, negative self-talk, or communication. 
  • Owl Biting Foot or Leg: Related to issues in your root chakra which are often about physical health, domestic, relationship, or financial issues. You may be physically running away from something, such as moving away to avoid something that will keep following you.  
  • Owl Biting Shoulder, Arms, or Chest Area: Related to issues about commitment, love, and partnership. 

If you wake up feeling scared or threatened, it may be helpful to ask yourself what needs your attention, even if you don’t want to face it. The mental anguish of avoiding something is often more painful than the actual act of doing it. 

The owl is here to show you that through the process of facing challenges, you can learn, grow, and take more control over your emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Owl Flying In Your Dream

owl in dreams: a spiritual interpretation

Owls flying in dreams represent action that is happening under the surface, silently, and to trust that things are being worked out even though you can’t see or understand it now. 

Owls are silent fliers, making them exceptional hunters. They don’t bring attention to themselves until just the right moment when they catch their prey. 

Our spiritual progression is often like these silent fliers in the night. It may seem like you are stuck, or frustrated that you are not seeing the results you have been trying to manifest. You may feel like there is no way out of your current reality, and no matter how positive you are, you still feel bad about your life circumstances. 

The owl flying in the dream is a sign to trust what is being worked on under the surface of your reality. Timing is important in manifestation, and it is often when we learn to surrender and trust the divine timeline that things start happening. 

Things may begin to happen a lot quicker with what you are trying to manifest. 

If an owl is flying above your head, this may be a sign to look at the higher perspective on a situation. You may not see a solution to your problem because you are too close to it. It might be helpful to seek out guidance from someone else or try to get distance from your problem at hand. 

Owl Eating In Your Dream

When an owl is eating in your dream, this represents processing knowledge and information. If you are feeding the owl in your dream, it means that whatever you are learning is something that you will teach to others

Food in dreams often represents elements of your material world, and eating or digesting is the act of processing an experience. Because owls represent gaining higher knowledge and intuitive discovery, an owl eating in your dream often represents processing something that you learned, particularly a spiritual lesson. 

If an owl is eating you in a dream, it is a highly spiritual dream that means you are called to be a powerful healer. You are going through the process of detaching from the false beliefs holding you back, and embracing your true nature. 

In shamanism, the act of an animal dismembering you in a dream shows you that you are now ready to begin the process of re-membering who you truly are. 

Owl Landing On You In Your Dream

When an owl lands on you in a dream, it means that you are in the right place at the right time. This is especially true if the owl lands on your arm or shoulder. 

This is a dream about trust, particularly about trusting your intuition. It has guided you to where you are and will keep guiding you as long as you are listening and taking action accordingly. 

If an owl lands on your head, you may be overthinking a problem. It also may mean that you are spending too much time thinking about something rather than taking action on doing it. 

Your intuition will guide you on when to take the necessary action in order to manifest results; however, if you spend too much time imagining what you want to manifest but you aren’t taking action towards your goal, it doesn’t have a vehicle to enter into this reality. 

The message may be “get out of your head and start taking action today!”

Owl Talking In Your Dream

Owls talking to you in your dreams can be speaking in words, or you may hear them hooting in your dream. 

Owls speaking to you in a dream is a profound message, usually from a spirit that has passed on or a spirit guide. Owls have a unique connection to the afterlife and can channel spirits from other dimensions. 

Hearing an owl speak in a dream is also a sign that you have a psychic gift of clairaudience or mediumship. Clairaudience is the ability to hear messages from the spirit realm, and mediumship is the ability to contact spirits who have passed on. 

If you hear the owl speaking something negative or harmful, it may be a sign that there are people or energies in your life that are toxic and should be removed from your life. 

Owl Watching You In Your Dream

Owls have great eyesight, and slight movement even in the darkest nights due to their acute night vision. Not much gets past an owl’s keen observation. For others, it is impossible to see what is hidden in the dark. Yet, for the owl, it is as clear as day. 

If you are being watched by an owl in a dream, this means that there is something your intuition has noticed, yet it is trying to be cloaked in darkness or deceit. You might be second-guessing your intuition or inner knowledge.

This might be due to a long-term relationship or job where you are constantly being convinced not to trust your “gut feelings,” or that your certain concerns are just because you are paranoid. This is often referred to as gaslighting, and it can be very harmful to your intuitive development. 

The owl watching you in a dream is a message to trust your observations and intuitions regarding people or situations. Your first “blink” or impression about them is often correct. 

This dream is also a sign that you may have a psychic gift of clairvoyance that is waiting to be woken up. Clairvoyance is the ability to “see” the spirit realm through visions and psychic sight. 


What Attributes Of The Owl Stand Out In The Dream? 

After noticing how you are reacting to the action of the owl, it is important to pay attention to any other details that give the owl certain characteristics. This can give you insight into why you are reacting the way you are in your owl dream. 

Injured Owl In Dream

Dreaming of an injured owl represents freedom that you feel has been taken away or is being controlled. This is especially in relation to your spiritual freedom or expressing your independence. 

Owls are very independent creatures, hunting by themselves instead of in groups. They represent the often lonely spiritual path of finding your truth, which can be hidden in the dark. 

There are many things that hold us back in life from walking this path. Fear is the biggest one, but also the obligations, commitments, and expectations that we feel forced into. 

An injured owl represents the feeling of helplessness or indecisiveness when wanting to explore your intuition or spiritual path deeper. You might be facing fears, doubts, or objections from others. It might feel like you were destined to be a courageous owl hunting in the dark of night; yet, instead, the darkness you experience makes you feel like a trapped canary in a coal mine. 

Here is a breakdown of specific owl injuries, and what they may mean in your dreams. 

  • Injured Wing: Dreaming of an owl with an injured wing represents the feeling of not being capable enough to survive on your own. You may want to do things your own way, but are relying on the support of others. 
  • Injured Foot/Leg: Dreaming of an owl with an injured foot or leg represents emotions from your past that is preventing you from moving forward in a healthy way. Owls can still fly with a broken leg, but they cannot have a safe landing. This is a sign to heal traumas or pain from your past so you can move on to a higher reality. 
  • Injured Beak: Dreaming of an owl with an injured beak represents repressed communication or feeling like your voice cannot be heard. 
  • Injured Eye: Dreaming of an owl with an injured eye means that you feel as if things are being hidden from you. You might feel that a friend, partner, coworker, boss, or family member is hiding something from you. It can also mean that someone is sending you negative energy. 
  • Injured Neck: Dreaming of an owl with an injured neck or head means that you feel stuck in a situation with no freedom of choice or flexibility to move. It might also mean you are trying to protect someone, but it may do you and them more harm in the end. 
  • Injured Head: Dreaming of an owl with an injured head represents feeling indecisive and not able to make a decision about something. Someone might be confusing you and putting false beliefs in your head. 

If you dream that an owl is dead or dying, it is a sign of significant change that needs to happen in your life. This is a good time to leave a relationship, quit a job you don’t like, or make a drastic shift in your life circumstances. 

A dead owl might seem scary, but it is actually a positive sign. It is letting you know that there are many new opportunities that you have yet to discover and you are now ready to close the door on one part of your life to invite a new one in. 

Friendly Owl In Dream

Dreaming of a friendly owl represents that you are embracing your shadow side, and are no longer fearful of doing what is necessary to awaken to your spiritual gifts. 

This can also be a sign that you have been visited by a spirit guide or a loved one who has passed on. Owls can often show up when spirits from the other side are trying to communicate and send messages. This can be a message of comfort that you are being watched over and protected. 

If you have gone through a very challenging and difficult period and you had a dream of a friendly owl, it is a sign that your hardships will end and you will soon see the larger life lessons that you learned from this dark period. 

Scary Owl In Dream

Dreaming of a scary owl is common because they show up in our dreams when we are facing something hidden deep down in our subconscious, or when big changes are about to happen in our life. 

If you dream of an owl and are scared of it, such as dreaming that it is attacking you are chasing you, this is a sign that you are in a period where you are facing the scarier sides of yourself. 

This is an invitation to be ruthlessly honest with yourself in your waking life about things in your life that are holding you back. This could be an unhealthy relationship, a bad habit, or a recurring false belief that keeps holding you back. 

For example, I once had a recurring dreams that a dangerous man would morph into an owl and chase me down a long hallway. As I ran away, the hallway kept getting longer and longer, and soon it became apparent that there was no end to the hallway. I would feel helpless and scared for my life. 

At the time, I was in a relationship that was not healthy, and deep down I knew it. The relationship fit a similar pattern of past failed relationships, so I knew that it was not healthy for me in the long run. When I finally realized this and left the relationship, I had the dream one more time but this time I stopped running and faced the owl and it went right through me and flew away. 

It was a great lesson to show me that staying in an unhealthy situation can often lead to the feeling of needing to run away. But the act of leaving something unhealthy can finally give you the feeling of rest. 

The lesson from a scary owl is that there may be something in yourself that you are scared of and keep avoiding. But dealing with it can give you the courage to face your fears and overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors. 


What Does The Owl Look Like In The Dream? 

owl in dreams: the spiritual meaning

Another thing to pay attention to in your owl dream is the attributes of what it looks like. This is the emotional signature attached to the dream, which can let you know the energetic impact it is having on your waking life. 

Giant Owl In Dream

Dreaming of a giant owl is a sign that the issue you are dealing with has a large energetic impact on your waking life. It is something that you now cannot ignore because it shows up again and again in your daily life. 

If it is a giant scary owl, this represents a large issue with yourself or others that needs to be addressed. 

If it is a giant friendly owl, it represents that you are being called into a highly spiritual life path and may need to make adjustments in order to feel the spiritual freedom that you are being called towards right now. 

Baby Owl In Dream

Dreaming of a baby owl represents a new beginning or a new “growth period.” This is a time when you have started something new and are facing obstacles that you haven’t experienced before. 

It is an exciting time, as you are now waking up to some previously undiscovered spiritual gifts. However, as the owl grows, it demands more energy and attention to this spiritual calling. 

A baby owl is a positive sign about growth and a reminder that healing is cyclical but always moving in an upwards motion. 

Color Of The Owl in Dream

Paying attention to the color of the owl can also give you information about the theme of your owl dream, and what energies or emotions you are currently working through. 

White Owl in DreamSpirituality
Black Owl in DreamShadow work
Grey/Silver Owl in DreamAstral energy, astral projection, communication with spirit guides
Brown Owl in DreamNurturing energy, parental energy, fertility, pregnancy, forgiveness, teaching, patience
Golden/Yellow Owl in DreamSelf-worth, self-expression, identity, feeling capable, independence, manifestation, abundance
Red Owl in DreamBasic survival needs, finances, domestic issues, issues related to health, anger or resentment, sexuality 
Blue Owl in DreamCommunication, creativity, telepathy (knowing what others are thinking)
Green Owl in DreamRelationships, commitments, attachments, community, learning
Purple Owl in DreamPsychic gifts, clairvoyance, intuitive development, mediumship, a message from a loved one passed on

Type of Owl In Dream

In addition to the color of the owl in your dream, the type of owl can give you clues as to what issues you are facing and give you further insight into your own gifts and current life lessons. 

Barn Owl in DreamMediumship, clairaudience (psychic gift of hearing messages from the spirit realm), healing relationships, forgiveness, trusting your inner voice
Snowy Owl in DreamTrusting divine timing, meditation and decisive action, spirituality, trusting intuitive observation, expressing spiritual freedom, choosing your own path 
Barred OwlCommunication with self and others, self-expression, honesty, truth, detecting lies and deceit, telepathy 
Great Horned OwlAdapting, flexibility, learning new skills, innovation, creativity, accepting new and unexpected life circumstances in a positive way, manifestation, decisiveness, confidence in self


Other Owl Dream Meanings

In addition to the dreams mentioned above, here are two other common dreams that are related to owls appearing in dreams, but may not have the actual owl in the dream. 

Dreaming of an Owl Nest

Dreaming of an owl nest is a unique dream because, in reality, owls do not build nests. They place their egg in a secure place in nooks or forks in tree branches, or they will use structures around them for support. 

If you dream of an owl nest or owl eggs, it means that you have all the necessary elements in your current reality to achieve success, you just have to discover them and utilize them. 

You might have the vision to create or manifest something, and this dream is letting you know that if you take action on it, you will find everything you need in order to turn it into your reality. 

Owl Eyes In Dream

In spiritual symbolism, owl eyes represent seeing what is hidden behind the shadows and exposing the truth even when it is cloaked in the darkest night. 

This dream is about trusting your intuition and tuning into your psychic sight. I like to think of it being related to the High Priestess tarot card. Owl eyes represent yin and feminine energy, moon magic, intuition, and what is hidden in the subconscious. 

Owl eyes are this invitation to seek out your inner knowledge hidden deep within your soul. 


Recommended Next Steps

If you are having recurring owl dreams, this is a sign that you are uniquely called to the energy of the owl, and incorporating owl energy and symbolism in your waking life can give you revelations and insight into the hidden messages of your dreams. 

One way to do this is to meditate on your dream while making an owl dream catcher. You can place this dream catcher by your bed to see if it will help you gain deeper insight as you dream. 

Here is a tutorial on how to make an owl dream catcher: 

Owls often show up in your life when you are being asked to develop and strengthen your intuition. Finding tools to help you do this can help you uncover your deeper spiritual gifts and inner knowledge. 

I recommend the Rider Waite Tarot Card Deck, which you can find here


Owls in dreams can be cloaked in mystery and unanswered questions, much like the owl themselves hunting in the dark of the night. However, owls are sent as messengers that bring information about your own inner wisdom, intuition, and hidden knowledge. 

They represent change, transformation, and growth and you become more aligned with your newly discovered self. 

Like everything on this site and on the internet, use your own intuition when deciding what dream symbolism works for you. This is one interpretation of the symbolism of owls in your dreams, however, you are your own best source for this information. 

Sit still and meditate on what the owl symbol appearing in your dreams means to you on your spiritual journey. The universe always responds with answers in unexpected ways. 


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  • Interesting! I had a dream of about 5-7 owls who were half my size and of the colors blue and purple, perched on a railing to my left. I was flying in the dream, and they all were bowing to me as I passed by and lifting up their right talons as I touched there talons while flying by. Then I woke up! Said to myself, “what was that?” I’ve never had dreams about owls, ever, so this was a first.

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