About Crystal Clear Intuition

Welcome to Crystal Clear Intuition, your spiritual encyclopedia. 

This website is dedicated to helping you on your journey to develop your intuition. It is meant to be your go-to resource to help you evolve as a spirit and heal as a human

Our goal is to always provide a intuitive interpretation that reveals the hidden (esoteric) and mystic (transcendental) aspects of every situation and symbol. We strongly believe in the “as above, so below” hermetic concept. Everything that happens in your life has a hidden meaning and Divine purpose. 

If you feel that a symbol or situation has a deeper spiritual meaning, we want you to explore what that is.  Be curious. Step into the mystery. We hope that this website can be your guide. 

More importantly, we want this website to be a community where you can go to feel support, inspiration, and connect with like-minded people on the Path.


About the Author – Rose

Rose is the founder of Crystal Clear Intuition and the soul behind every piece of written content on this blog.

Since childhood she was filled with questions about life, religion, science, and above all, she was always interested in all things spiritual. This led her to study theology, and she spent many years in the Middle East studying world religions, languages, and symbolism. Synchronicities guided her onto the path of esoteric studies, and her spiritual growth expanded rapidly from there.  

She has been a student of many mystery schools, where she cultivated her ability to “see” and “know” – an untapped skill we all possess. Meditation is at the core of her practice, and she is passionate about teaching meditation as a key gateway to intuitive development. 

Currently, Rose offers 1:1 intuitive coaching, group meditations, live sound baths and teaches about intuitive development. She currently resides in either the Pacific Northwest, USA or Morocco. 

Above all, Rose is passionate about writing. External knowledge is the gateway to access inner wisdom. Her goal is to make knowledge free, accessible, and available to anyone ready to take the next steps on the Path.  



Connect With Rose

To book a session or to see Rose’s sound bath and teaching schedule, you can check out her current offerings on her website roseputnam.com. You can check out her Linkedin Profile here. Please visit the social media profiles of Crystal Clear Intuition, where you can further connect with Rose:

Business Information:
Crystal Clear Intuition LLC
10117 SE Sunnyside Rd, Suite F #209
Clackamas, OR 97015, United States


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