Lady Bug Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism? Is It Good Luck?

Ladybugs are our friendly visitors from the insect kingdom. Growing up, I loved finding ladybugs and remember spending summers trying to see how many we could find. Often, when a ladybug would land on me, I felt special for a brief moment, almost like it was a stroke of good luck. 

So, what is the spiritual meaning of a ladybug? The meaning of ladybug spiritually often relates to elements of domestic balance, inner peace, environmental security, and good health. The colors red and black are both associated with the root chakra, which is the energy that a ladybug represents. 

Depending on where you see a ladybug and the context that you see it in, there could be different meanings for your ladybug sighting. This article will go over the different meanings of a ladybug and what it may mean for you. 


Are Ladybugs a Meaning of Good Luck? 

It is common folklore that ladybugs are a sign of good luck to come your way. It could be an increase in finances or a new love in your life. 

While an increase in ladybug sights can mean good luck, I believe it has more to do with your energetic balance, rather than pure luck. 

Ladybugs, with their bright red back and black spots, resonate with the energy of the root or 1st chakra. The root chakra has to do with the energy of your physical environment. This could be how safe or secure you feel in your environment, domestic matters, issues related to health, financial security, and safety in a relationship. 

If the root chakra is out of balance or is holding onto stress, a ladybug will not want to be around that energy. They will often not show up to people with imbalances in their root chakra, or if they do, they don’t stick around for long. 

If the root chakra is balanced, vibrant, and holding positive energy, a ladybug will be attracted to this energy. People with healthy red chakras may notice that ladybugs appear to them all of the time, and they find them regularly. 

Based on the laws of energy and attraction, those with a healthy and vibrant root chakra will attract things into their life that resonate at this same vibration. If the root chakra is programmed with financial abundance and good health, that is what will show up in their reality. 

So, if you keep seeing ladybugs, then get a boost in your paycheck, it is most likely because your root chakra is attracting those energies into your reality, not pure luck alone. 

But it wouldn’t hurt to go out and buy a lottery ticket, just in case. 


What is the Spiritual Meaning of A Lady Bug? 

Lady Bug Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism? Is It Good Luck?

Ladybugs often bring about a sense of child-like interest, because they remind most people of long summer days filled with laughter and games. 

Spiritually, this is what the ladybug represents. The energy of a ladybug encourages you to touch base with your inner child and connect with that enthusiasm and innocence. This is a very high and healing vibration that can break through a lot of blocks in the root chakra. 

If you keep seeing a ladybug and feel as though you are going through a lot of stress, it is likely a spiritual invitation to disconnect from the stress and bring in a high vibrational child-like energy. 

It is important to ask yourself: when was the last time you did something fun, that wasn’t for any financial gain or for anyone else? It may be time to do something, just because it is fun. 

This could be signing up for a dance class, doing an art project, going out to a music show, or traveling somewhere exotic. Try to step out of your regular activities to “unwind,” and try something new. 

Ladybugs are a reminder that if you allow yourself to tap into your playfulness, creativity, and enthusiasm, you can begin to understand your authentic self and connect with your intuition.

What does it mean if a ladybug lands on you? 

If you notice that ladybugs are attracted to you lately, this is a sign that you have more harmony and cooperation in your relationships, and have a kind and generous spirit. You have a level of magnetism right now that is drawing energies towards you, both in the insect realm and on the level of human relationships.  

This is a great time for making new relationships, finding new love, or forming new partnerships. But, it is also a time to be careful of people trying to take advantage of your high level of energy. Those that shine the brightest attract pests, like moths to a flame. 

It is a time to learn how to live with an open heart but set boundaries so energetic vampires do not make you feel depleted. 

Empaths and highly sensitive people often notice ladybugs are attracted to them, and this is a sign to set boundaries with your root chakra so that you will always feel grounded and have healthy boundaries to tell people “no.”

Ladybugs landing on you is often a way to get your attention and make you more present in your physical space. If you are daydreaming and notice a ladybug landing on you, it may mean that now is the time to take action on your dreams so that you can manifest them into your physical world. 

Do Red Ladybugs Represent Love? 

The root chakra, and the color red that is associated with this energy center, is the color of passion, sexual desire, and stamina. 

Red ladybugs represent the energies that are present in the root chakra and can show up as a sign that certain things are manifesting in your reality on this vibration.

Many people report that they find love, friendship or a partnership at the same time red ladybugs appear to. 

This is a sign from the universe that you have stepped into a new vibrational field that is opening up doorways in your reality to let in connections that will allow you to love and be loved in return. 

What does it mean to find a dead ladybug? 

If you find a dead ladybug and feel that it is a spiritual sign, it is important to pay attention to the message that is being shared. 

Finding a dead ladybug is inviting you to ask yourself if you are holding onto aspects of your past that are preventing you from moving forward. This is often related to a past relationship that is stopping you from making new partnerships. 

Remembering positive moments from the past is not a bad thing, but getting stuck in the mindset of “things should always be how they used to be,” is stopping you from living in the present moment. Getting stuck in the past completely stops the flow of manifestation in your life, and you begin to feel stuck, which can lead to depression. 

Seeing a dead ladybug is a sign that it is time to move on and forgive yourself and others so that you can start to create new memories based on how things are now. 

A dead ladybug may also be a sign that you have lost connection with your inner child and you are taking things in your life too seriously now. It is a reminder that it is ok to live a life that you enjoy, with passion and creativity. While work is often hard, it shouldn’t always have to be. Relationships shouldn’t be so stressful that they shouldn’t leave you sad most of the time. 

It may be a time to change professions, leave a job, and cultivate a new lifestyle that allows more creativity, passion, and fun. It may only require small tweaks to your lifestyle, such as allowing more self-care or time set aside for the things you love.


What Do Different Colored Ladybugs Represent? 

Ladybugs come in a variety of colors, and not all ladybugs that show up as a spiritual message are red and black. They can show up in yellow, orange, black, white, brown, and green. These colors all carry different messages. Below is a chart that will go over the various colors of ladybugs and their meaning. 

YellowYellow ladybugs carry a lot of masculine energy and are about taking action on your goals and ambitions. If you have a project that you have been procrastinating, this is a great time to move forward with it. This may be a period to get over your fear about success. Seeing a lot of yellow ladybugs is a sign that you have a gift of manifestation in this lifetime. 
OrangeAn orange ladybug represents creativity and creative expression. If you are visited by an orange ladybug, it is a sign that your creative pursuits will bring you prosperity in the future. You have a vivid imagination and should use it to your advantage. You may be clairvoyant. 
BlackBlack ladybugs are all about shadow work. Even though black ladybugs don’t look exciting, they are still very gentle creatures. The message with a black ladybug is to love yourself despite your ugliness, flaws, and imperfections. To the Divine, you are perfect. 
WhiteWhite ladybugs often have black spots, so the message with a black and white ladybug is that not everything is black and white. There may be an issue at hand where the answer is not what it seems. Seeing a black and white ladybug is rare, so it is a good idea to keep a journal when you see one and notice what subconscious thoughts come to the surface. 
BrownBrown ladybugs represent protection and feeling nurtured. If you find a brown ladybug and are feeling vulnerable, it is a sign you are taken care of. It is also a sign of fertility and possible pregnancy. If you have issues with your mother, this may be a good time to reach out and to resolve any hurt from the past. 
GreenGreen ladybugs actually don’t exist! More likely, you found a spotted cucumber beetle. Green beetles are a sign of good health and prosperity. Financial abundance may be in your cards.


Ladybug Animal Totem or Spiritual Animal

There are some people that have incarnated with a unique spiritual affinity towards the plant and animal kingdom, and they notice synchronistic patterns emerge from certain creatures. 

If you are seeing a ladybug in synchronistic sightings, having dreams and visions of them, or just thinking about them frequently, these may be signs that a ladybug is your animal spirit guide or animal totem. 

The breath of life that flows in and around the universe is able to naturally flow in and through the animal kingdom, so spiritual messages and signs are often sent to us through them. This is especially true for those that are sensitive to their energies. 

If your animal totem is a ladybug, this creature is reflecting back to you the attributes that you are discovering within yourself.  There is something attracting you to a ladybug, so it will be helpful to study its behavior in order to learn more about who you are at your core essence. 

For example, does its gentleness or calmness stand out? Does its bright red color stand out? Does the way it walks and explores its surroundings stand out? What about its negative qualities;  do you notice the way it gets frightened easily and the funky yellow goo it leaves behind? 

Whatever is drawing you closer to this creature are aspects of yourself that you energetically resonate with. You may find the gentleness and calmness of a ladybug remind you of yourself. Or showing your brightness to the world without fear is something you aspire to be. 

In general, a ladybug as an animal totem or animal guide is showing you how to be comfortable in your own skin. You may have tried to be someone else your entire life, or have never felt comfortable in the skin that you were given. 

A ladybug tells you that it doesn’t matter how slow you move, how round you are, what color you are, or even what gender you are (are ladybugs only female or male too? Who knows? It doesn’t really matter). You need to stand up tall and be true to who you are. 

The lessons you move through in this life may be challenging in this area, and you may always feel like showing your true colors is a struggle. Ladybugs are there to help you move past that energy, and give you permission to let your freak flag fly high in bright red. 



If you frequently see ladybugs, have them land on you, or see them in dreams or meditations, they may be trying to send you a spiritual message. It may be a good idea to keep a journal and document the occurrences and what you felt during your encounter with this gentle creature. 

Have you been asking the universe to send you a sign or a spirit animal? This could be communication from the universe. 

Like everything on this site and on the internet, use your intuition when deciding what symbolism works best with you. While this is one interpretation of the spiritual meaning of a ladybug, everyone has their own intuitive language. Sit still and listen to your own answers about what the symbolism of a ladybug means to you and your spiritual journey. 


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