Can Black Tourmaline Be Put In Water? Cleansing Crystals 101

Black Tourmaline is an amazingly protective stone that is a huge asset to have in your crystals toolbox. It is a crystal that I bring with me everywhere – in my car, to work, when I sleep, when I’m on the computer, etc. With so much use, I tend to cleanse this stone more than my other crystals. I have often wondered, is it harmful to use water to cleanse tourmaline? 

So, can Black Tourmaline be put in water to cleanse it? Black Tourmaline can be put in water to cleanse it. It is a hard stone, about 7-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, and will not be damaged with mild contact with water. However, prolonged contact with water, or contact with mineral water such as saltwater, can do damage to your stone. The best way to use water with tourmaline is to cleanse it under running water for a minute or two and lay it flat to dry. 

There are some precautions to take when using water with tourmaline, so read on to learn how to use water, when to use water, and other cleansing methods that can work to cleanse Black Tourmaline. 


The Properties of Water And Black Tourmaline Together

Water is an ideal element to use with Black Tourmaline, and they enhance each other’s energy very well. Tourmaline will charge your water, and water will cleanse and balance your stone. I like to view them a lot like yin and yang energies working perfectly together. 

The use of water with Black Tourmaline is especially helpful if you are an empath and are using the stone to protect your energy from being overly sensitive or empathic. This is because water helps with emotional flow, and will structure the energy of your Tourmaline to assist specifically with emotions. 

Using water with Black Tourmaline is helpful if you are feeling in a poor mood, and your Black Tourmaline is not helping lift it. A high vibrating Black Tourmaline stone will help encourage lift a sour mood, especially right after it has been cleansed with water. 

Black Tourmaline works great with the devic entities that are attracted to plant energy, so a great way to utilize the power of these two energies together is to water your plants with the water that you used to cleanse your tourmaline. Simply fill a bowl with filtered water, set your tourmaline stones in the bowl for 1-4 hours, remove the stones, and use the water to water your plants. You can use the water in a spray bottle to mist your plants as well. 


Does Black Tourmaline Even Need Cleansing?

There is some information out there that Tourmaline can cleanse itself, therefore does not need cleansing. From my experience working with the stone, it does need to be cleansed from time to time. 

While it does emit a high vibration, this vibration can get dulled over time as it pulls on a lot of energy from its surrounding environment. 

Just like most crystals, Tourmaline should be cleansed more often if you use it more often. This is especially true if you bring it with you every day. 

Tourmaline is my go-to stone when I want to protect myself from harmful EMFs and electronic positively charged ions, so I use it whenever I’m near a computer. However, these EMFs will also quickly diminish its vibration. You should energetically cleanse your tourmaline under running water after every long day you use it near the computer. 


Will Black Tourmaline Dissolve In Water?

Tourmaline will not completely dissolve in water like selenite. It is not a soft stone and is composed of minerals that can withstand water contact for billions of years. 

With that said, there are components of Tourmaline that can be damaged with prolonged contact with water. Some people have reported that their tourmaline has cracked or chipped away in places after being submerged in water for too long. 

Rainwater or saltwater is particularly damaging to Black Tourmaline if left in contact with it for long periods of time. Because of this, I do not recommend leaving tourmaline outside or using saltwater to cleanse it. 


Creative Ways To Aplifly Tourmaline’s Energy With Water

A method that I have tried before, which worked amazing, was to use the energy that tourmaline and water blend together as a healing source. I do this by making a Tourmaline Elixir and spritz it around my body, to serve as an aura cleansing technique. 

To do this, you will need: 

  • Black Tourmaline
  • A glass mason jar
  • A spray bottle with a mister (preferably amber glass)
  • Essential oils of your choice (optional)

Place your Tourmaline stones in your glass mason jar, and fill to the top with filtered water. 

Set near a sunny window for 4-8 hours if you want to use the mist to raise the vibration of your aura. Set overnight under a full moon if you want the mist to add protection to your aura. 

Once it has set for at least 4 hours to be charged by the sun or the moon, pour it into your spray bottle. Add essential oils of your choice. 

For energizing your aura: 

  • Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary
  • Grapefruit
  • Bergamont

For protecting your aura:  

  • Geranium
  • Rose
  • Basil
  • Cedarwood
  • Frankincense
  • Sage
  • Sandalwood

Shake well and spritz around your aura. Keep this in your purse for a daily dose of energy or protection, or near your computer for a quick pick-me-up. 


Other Ways To Cleanse Black Tourmaline

If you don’t feel comfortable using water on Black Tourmaline, there are other effective ways to cleanse this stone. 

The element of smoke is almost as effective as water to cleanse tourmaline, especially if you are wanting your tourmaline to cleanse your upper chakras. Smoke transmutes negative energy into universal consciousness, sending it back to its original source in it’s purest form.  

You can use the smoke from sage, palo santo, resins such as myrrh or frankincense, or incense. Run your Tourmaline through the smoke and imagine all the energy it has collected to be transmuted back to its source. 

You can also put Tourmaline on a bed of rice to reset it back to its original vibration, as rice grounds the vibrations back to Earth energy, where tourmaline came from. 



Cleansing Black Tourmaline in water for short periods of time not harm your stone. Use fresh, filtered running water for a quick energetic lift-off if your stone is feeling a little dull. 

Be sure not to use hard, mineral water or saltwater, as this can damage your Black Tourmaline. Also, do not put your Tourmaline out in rainwater or leave it submerged for long periods of time. 

Black Tourmaline does wonders for protecting your energy centers, so just the fact that you are researching how to protect its own energy creates a bond with your crystal. 

I’m glad you two have found each other. 


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