Yellow Aura Meaning: The Spirituality of a Yellow Vibration

As an energy reader and aura reader, I often get asked by clients what the colors of their auras mean. While the meaning of a person’s vibrational color varies based on their unique experiences, there is a general or basic interpretation of the color yellow. 

So, what does a yellow aura mean? When someone has a yellow aura it means that they are an energy amplifier and an influencer. On its own, the color yellow is a vibration of creativity, optimism, vitality, and resonates with spiritual growth. People with yellow auras walk to the beat of their own drum. They are confident in themselves and will rarely change their outlook to please others. This confidence gives them a magnetic quality; however, yellow can make people feel threatened which makes people often feel competitive energy towards yellow auras. 

Yellow is a powerful color, and the effect that it has on its environment changes depending on the context. Different shades of yellow and where it appears around the body can give a lot of information about the energy that is being worked through. 


Yellow Aura Meaning

Yellow is connected to the third chakra, or solar plexus chakra, which is all about confidence, manifesting, creativity and being comfortable in one’s skin. When the aura is projecting yellow as its base frequency, it is the energy that others perceive and react to.

Because yellow is such an attention-grabbing color, people notice when someone with a yellow aura walks into a room. They exude a sense of confidence and comfortability in any environment, which makes people gravitate towards them while at the same time feel intimidated by them. 

People that have a yellow aura are confident with who they are, and they do not waste time worrying about what others think of them. This saves them a lot of mental and emotional energy that they spend on other tasks, such as creative pursuits, adventures, socializing, and working towards their goals. 

Those who are insecure or who are not grounded in their identities feel even more insecure around people with yellow auras. Similarly, those who have issues with anger and confrontation feel more angered around yellow auras. In this way, yellow auras are seen as energy amplifiers of their environment. They make a fun party even more fun, and a heated debate even more heated. 

This aligns with the positive psychological effects that the color yellow has in someone who is balanced mentally and emotionally, such as: 

  • Energy
  • Warmth
  • Vitality and good health
  • High metabolism
  • Optimistic
  • Feeling witty and having clarity
  • Confidence

But it also aligns with the negative effects that too much yellow can have if someone has any mental or emotional imbalances, such as: 

  • Agitation
  • Irritation
  • Frustration
  • Impatience
  • Feeling critical or judgemental
  • Insecurity
  • Fear of not being enough


Is a Yellow Aura Good?

All colors have a positive and negative side, and all colors harmonize or react to other colors around it. Because of this, the question if the color yellow is “good” or “bad” depends on the context. 

Yellow is an energy of forward movement. We need the power of yellow to keep the momentum going in the world. It gives the life-force needed to keep moving forward on a project or goal. The optimistic and powerful feeling one gets around the color yellow gives people the inspiration to keep going. 

However, some people are not in a chapter of their life where forward movement is wanted or welcomed. They want things to stay as they are, and are comfortable with a slower pace in life. 

While this is 100% ok, as we all have times in our life where we require a slower pace, it can be irritating to be around the energy of a yellow aura if you want to stay stagnant. 

Yellow auras are all about self progression and having as many experiences as they can in this lifetime. They love to make new friends and don’t get offended if people don’t like them or don’t want to be friends with them anymore. 

Because of this, it can be hard to have a yellow aura as a long-time friend, and especially as a long-time serious partner. You have to be comfortable letting your yellow aura partner be independent and constantly moving. 

But, in general, a yellow aura is very refreshing color to be around, and will instantly raise the vibration of a room. While some people don’t feel comfortable being at such a high vibration, it is necessary to keep things in life moving forward.


Yellow Aura Personality

When you see a bright yellow light, you notice it, but it can be hard to stare at it for a long period of time. This is similar to people with a yellow aura – you notice them, but they are very hard to read. 

The yellow light acts almost as a shield of protection from others influencing their energy or figuring them out. They are hard to pin down in terms of who they are because only they know who they are! 

On the exterior, bright yellow can feel attractive, warming and positive. However, if you spend enough time with a yellow aura, you will begin to feel your own energy raising – whatever that energy is, positive or negative. Many people who are initially attracted to yellow auras can feel overwhelmed by them after some time. 

Yellow auras can be seen as the challengers because it is hard to match their energy. However, yellow auras will challenge you to raise your vibration to be the best version of yourself. They are great motivators and you will feel a boost of energy around them.

Those with a yellow aura love to be around people and are great at making new friends; however, they are just as happy being alone. They don’t mind if others criticize their lifestyle, because they feel so assured in themselves. If someone doesn’t agree with their belief system, they will not get overly offended. Their happiness is not dependent on if others accept them or not.

Many spiritual leaders have been depicted as having yellow auras, or halos, because of this quality. They have little fear of criticism, persecution or social rejection, which gives them the energy to stand up for anything that they believe in. Those who want to evolve will become a follower, and those who are insecure or stagnant in their growth will try and persecute them. 

However, not everyone with a yellow aura follows a spiritual path. There are many versions of growth that can be physical, spiritual, mental or emotional. Each person with a yellow aura has their own truth and their own path of evolution. 

People with a yellow aura are known to be particularly intelligent, witty, charismatic, and have a good balance between logic and open-mindedness, and being active and being calm. 

Those with a yellow aura are in sync with their instincts and have very refined physical intuition. If they feel something is off about someone, they will immediately act on that impulse. This allows them to be very decisive and they are often correct about their gut instincts. 


Yellow Aura Careers and Hobbies

Those who have a yellow aura can usually be found in the following careers: 

  • Spiritual leaders or mentors
  • Freelancers
  • Self-employed 
  • Having various part-time jobs
  • Social media influencers
  • Celebrities
  • Motivational or public speakers
  • Researchers, professors, or having a career in academia
  • Comedians
  • Event planners

People with yellow auras tend to have the following hobbies: 

  • Cooking
  • Traveling
  • Reading
  • Planning parties
  • Attending festivals and high energy events
  • Taking classes
  • Exercising


Location of Yellow In Aura

The color yellow can appear in the aura around different parts of the body. Where yellow appears in the aura can have different meanings and should be taken into consideration when reading your aura. 

Yellow Aura Above The Head

Colors that appear above the head represent the next layer of growth that you are stepping into. It is your next highest vibration, and the lesson you are about to learn. 

With the color yellow, this means your next highest vibration that you are working towards is all about being more confident with who you are. You are being challenged to feel comfortable in your own skin, and learning how to tap into your own personal power. 

This could be a lifetime of learning, and those with a consistent yellow aura above their head have an insatiable need to keep improving themselves. They are usually trying the latest self-help techniques to make them feel more happy and confident. 

Yellow Aura Around the Body

If yellow is the predominant color around your entire body, that is your highest vibration being reflected off of you in the present moment. It is your core personality. 

It is the first thing that others will perceive about you, and the overall “vibe” you are giving off to the world around you. 

Yellow represents: confidence, creativity, optimism, vitality, growth, and evolution. 

People with yellow around their entire bodies have energetic protection from outside energy because their vibration is high enough to keep out negative energy and let their inner strength shine. 

For those who have a predominantly yellow aura will probably have this aura their entire life. They are so confident with themselves that they will never feel the need to change who they are. 

When getting an aura read, it is rare for someone to see a bright yellow around all of their bodies without other colors in the mix. Most people who have a truly bright yellow aura will appear as rainbow colors in an aura photograph or will have a difficult time getting a consistent reading on their aura color. This is because the color that is “picked up” will be the color reflected by the individual reading the aura. 

Like I said before, yellow aura people are mirrors to ourselves and the hardest to read. 

Yellow Aura Around the Heart

Having a yellow aura around the heart is projecting solar plexus chakra energy through the most vital energetic center: the heart chakra. This can mean a number of things, but it usually means insecurity

Throughout history, the term “being yellow” has been used as a negative way to describe someone as scared or not confident enough to finish a battle. This was also called being “yellow-bellied.” Some sources say it comes from a yellow-bellied bird or the yellowing of a liver that people have when they were sick. 

How I read it, seeing yellow around the heart or belly means that someone is trying to attract energies to their heart or solar plexus center that will make them feel more confident. It may be that they are going through an identity crisis, or that they have been emotionally abused by a parent or partner for most of their life. 

I have seen yellow appear around the heart when someone is feeling insecure in their relationship, particularly with how they are seen sexually. A sexual or intimate partnership is where we give the most of our power away, and if we are giving too much of our own personal power away, it can appear as a yellow heart center. 

Yellow energy can also appear in the heart center if someone is feeling threatened and are trying to attract energies to help them gain more courage to get themselves out of the threat. 

Yellow Aura Around The Hands

Having a yellow aura around the hands is a sign of having a new responsibility. There is a task that has been given that gives them a new understanding of their capabilities 

I have seen new parents have yellow around their hands. Feeling capable to give and sustain life to another human is a huge task, and many new parents uncover a new layer of their abilities when navigating the task of caring for a newborn. 

People can have yellow around their hands that have been promoted to a higher position or have been hired for a job that makes them feel that they are finally valued for their true worth. 

Yellow around the hands is usually temporary, as this fades once the person has adjusted to their new realities. 


Color Variations of Yellow in Aura

What Does A Yellow Green Aura Mean?

Yellow mixed in with green, also known as lime green, is a common combination, as these two colors harmonize very well together. They are both colors that promote positivity and boost creativity, imagination, and abundance. 

Green is a more emotional color, so yellow mixed with green pays attention to the emotions behind creativity. They are typically successful artists because they make highly influential and emotionally charged works of art. 

Yellow and green together is an extremely intuitive color, and these people usually fall into the esoteric arts in some capacity. They are drawn towards astrology and have a special affinity for universal energies. Many people pick up extraterrestrial energies around them, and they may have connections to other life that we are unaware of. 

What Does A Yellow Orange Aura Mean?

Yellow and orange together is the color of manifestation. The people who have strong yellowish-orange auras are manifesting powerhouses and can create anything with their imaginations. 

Because of this, they need to be more mindful of their thoughts, as their thoughts quickly manifest in their physical realm. 

Meditation and mindfulness activities are important for yellow-orange auras so that they can have control over their mind and harness the power of their manifesting ability. If they can control their thoughts, they can intentionally create anything they set their minds to. 

The orange with the yellow allows more of an introspective ability that just pure bright yellow auras. Orange and yellow are very balanced colors to have in the aura for getting things done. 

What Does A Light Yellow Aura Mean?

Light yellow auras, such as having hues of white or having a pale-yellow aura, can be the sign of a very shy or sensitive soul. They may be very energetically sensitive to their environment, causing them to be introverted or needing a lot of alone time. 

Because of the brightness of their aura, they can attract the negativity of people, similar to moths to a flame. They can get their feelings hurt very easily, and feel that others are out to get them. They have a fear of commitment because they always fear that people are attracted to them for the wrong reasons. 

White-yellow auras may do well with learning energetic techniques to protect themselves from outside energy or balance their energy by regular meditation. 

Rainbow crystals can be very healing for light yellow auras. 


Compatibility With a Yellow Aura

The most compatible colors with yellow auras are those that do not feel threatened, competitive or insecure around a yellow. These include purple, orange and other yellow auras. 

Purple: People with a purple aura are generally more comfortable and confident in their own skin, and are able to keep up with yellow energy spiritually and mentally. They are also very intuitive but have a more refined spiritual intuition instead of the quick physical instincts of a yellow aura. Together they make a great team and are very decisive. 

There can be compatibility issues if both of these energies are after a leadership role. They do not work well as co-leaders. 

Orange: Orange and yellow auras make great partners, either in romance or friendship. They are equally independent and emotionally balanced, giving them a dynamic comfortability around each other. Neither one makes the other one feel tied down or emotionally burdened. 

They challenge each other in constructive ways – orange challenges yellow to be more introspective and yellow challenges orange to be more decisive. Orange brings in the emotional aspect, and yellow nurtures those emotions with their positivity and optimism. 

Orange can teach yellow how to stick with a project until it is over, and yellow amplifies the manifesting energy of orange. 

Yellow: Yellow auras harmonize great with other yellow auras, which is surprising due to the competition that yellow can trigger in others. However, yellow auras are comfortable with being honest and truly themselves around other yellow auras. They feel as though other yellow auras understand their true nature, and can contribute to having a great time. 

It is common to see a group of yellow auras hanging together. Many people see these groups as a clique or the “popular” group; however, they just like being around other people who are confident and unapologetic about who they are. 


Crystals for a Yellow Aura

When working with crystals in terms of doing work with the aura, it is important to understand the compatibility of colors and set intentions for what you want to achieve. 


Yellow auras can move so fast that they can often complain about not being able to see projects through until they are done. The best way to help yellow auras can balance this is to ground themselves more to their physical reality so that they have the patience to complete their manifestation. This is done best with orange crystals. These include:  

  • Orange Calcite
  • Carnelian
  • Halite
  • Spessartine (orange garnet)
  • Sunstone


Similar to manifesting, because yellow is such a quick vibration, many yellow auras complain about feeling “all over the place” with their ideas and plans. The best crystals that can help yellow auras slow down and focus are blue crystals. These include: 

  • Blue Lace Agate
  • Angelite
  • Aquamarine
  • Blue Calcite
  • Cavansite
  • Blue Fluorite
  • Celestite


An unbalanced yellow aura can make a person feel agitated, angry and feeling ill. This can show up as a murky yellow or pale yellow aura. To bring the aura back to balance, rainbow crystals work best with the yellow energy. These include: 

  • Bornite
  • Labradorite
  • Rainbow Obsidian
  • Leopard-Skin Rhyolite
  • Rainbow Flourite
  • Watermelon Tourmaline
  • Titanium Quartz



Exploring the colors in your aura can be a lifelong journey because it is always changing based on the lessons we are learning. It is a great way to understand a deeper part of yourself and create a connection with the deeper levels of your being.

Yellow auras are the steady energy that keeps life-force energy around us moving all of the time. They keep us growing and evolving, and never cease to show up every day, kind of like the sun. Their high energy allows them to be constant givers without needing to ask for anything in return. 

Yellow auras can best be described by this quote: 

“Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.”

Hāfiz, Persian Poet


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