Why Do Wolves Howl At The Moon? A Spiritual Explanation

I grew up believing that werewolves walked the streets on the night of a full moon, and that the moon made wolves howl through the night. This was enforced through stories I was told growing up, and fantasy shows I saw on TV. But do wolves really howl at the moon? Is this real or just spiritually symbolic?

While wolves do howl at nighttime, it is not known if they are howling directly at the moon. Wolves are nocturnal, so they are more active at night, causing them to howl more frequently during times when the moon is visible. 

With that said, there is no doubt a connection between the wolf and the moon, as nearly every ancient culture and civilization has some sort of mythology tied around a beast-like man that walks on two legs in sync with the full phase of the moon [Source].  

Spiritually, wolves are intricately linked with the night and with the moon. The added symbolism of howling makes a wolf howling at the moon a perfect spiritual message that contains a deeper meaning.  In ancient traditions when storytellers passed on messages through fables, they gave profound spiritual insight through loaded symbolism such as this. 


The Spiritual Significance of Wolves Howling 

In many ancient and modern spiritual beliefs, such as shamanism, everything that is alive contains a living spirit. The spirits within all living beings are connected and interwoven to show us the fabric of our reality. 

In this way, spiritual symbolism exists beyond what science and biology can explain. The question of why wolves howl at the moon cannot be explained through logic if you are searching for the deeper spiritual meaning of this symbolism. For this, a deeper investigation of the spiritual message behind what this represents can provide a lot of clarity. 

Howling As Setting Boundaries

Wolves predominantly travel in groups and have a very strong and loyal community, known as a pack. However, the wolf alone expresses deep freedom and individuality, which is where the “lone wolf” gets its role in the spiritual journey. The power of such independent and free spirits choosing to live together as a pack is a bond that is seen as deeply loving and heart-centered.

While wolves are often seen as aggressive and threatening, they prefer to avoid conflict if at all necessary. Because of this, they will howl long distances to let other wolves know they are there, to avoid a potential run-in with another pack. 

In this way, howling spiritually represents making your appearance known and to set boundaries. Howling is an energetic way to take control over your own reality, let people know where you stand in a confident way, so people don’t try to hijack your life story. 

Those that know who they are from the outside in are spiritual warriors. Their howl is never out of aggression or angst. It is out of love for their community, love for their own life, and respect for others even if they disagree. 

Howling As Communication With Loved Ones

Within the pack, howling is a crucial part of the bonding experience that makes the group of wolves so fiercely solidified. It is through howling that wolves let their loved ones know what they need to feel safe and secure. 

The tone, length, and harmony of the howls together give the entire pack a sense of security, belonging, and oneness. It is how the pack collectively agrees on roles and responsibilities. 

In this sense, howling represents the way that we spiritually and physically communicate with our loved ones to strengthen the bond. If the harmony isn’t right, or we aren’t collectively howling together, it is a sign that we are not synced with the ones closest to us. 

If you began howling in your own community, would your howl resonate with the rest of your pack? This question can give you clarity in understanding if your community shares your core values, or if it might be better to search for those that you can howl alongside with.

Howling to Strengthen Your Spiritual Practice

In many spiritual practices, the act of vocalizing sound from your core is cleansing, grounding, and gives your entire energetic system a reset. For example, in Buddhism, the mantra “om” is said repeatedly to strengthen the root chakra and make one feel grounded, among other reasons

If you feel anxious, stressed, or are going through grief from a recent separation, howling can be a great way to cleanse the heart chakra. Similarly, if you have felt you can’t speak your mind or are struggling to communicate with someone, howling is a way to also clear your throat chakra. 

Howling is an easy practice, but it is suggested to do it where it won’t upset your neighbors. I recommend going on a hike, and at the top of a hill howl as loud as you can. Feel the weight of emotions move out of your heart and throat. This can be strengthened if you howl under a full moon. 

Some people get spiritually activated when they hear the sound of wolves howling. If this is you, a wolf may be your spirit animal or animal spirit guide. To learn more about a wolf as your animal spirit guide, you can check out an article I wrote about it here: 5 Ways To Tell a Wolf Is Your Spirit Animal Or Spirit Guide


Wolves Howling At The Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

The moon is the symbol of the night, representing the shadow self and the subconscious. It is seen as the intuitive energies that guide our deeper souls yearning for self-discovery and inner wisdom. 

In terms of yin and yang or masculine and feminine energies, the moon represents yin and the feminine. Yang energy is active and giving, while yin energy is passive and receiving. Yin energy directs us to sit still and receiving messages, which is where inner wisdom is discovered. 

The symbolism of howling at the moon is a way to express your inner truth and to let that guide you above all else. As you send that message to yourself and out to the world, the universe also listens. You will begin to manifest what is at the core of who you are, so you can gain a higher perspective of the world when the sun rises to shine on your day. 

Howling at the moon is inner truth at its core essence. It is reaching into the depths of your soul, seeing your shadow self completely, and deciding to love yourself unconditionally and move forward with total acceptance. 



While it’s not known if wolves are howling directly at the moon, there is a spiritual meaning behind the symbol of the wolf howling with a moon overhead. Spiritual language works in signs, symbols, and with Divine timing. 

Understanding the symbolism within nature to gain a higher perspective of the cycles of life, and the nature of our own physical existence can open up doors of inner exploration. Everything happens for a reason, and we notice the spiritual events happening around us, even on an unconscious level. 

This is one interpretation of the spiritual meaning of a wolf howling at the moon, however, everyone has their own spiritual and intuitive language. Sit still and ask yourself what a wolf howling at the moon means to you on your spiritual journey. Like everything on this site and on the internet, use your own intuition when understanding what works for you, and what to disregard. 


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