Where to Place Amethyst on Your Body To Boost Intuition

When doing work with amethyst, there are many resources available regarding the metaphysical properties of the stone, but there is not much information out there about where to put amethyst on your body to see and feel the best results. When I first started working with amethyst, I had no clue what to do with it, so I had to research and learn by experience.

So, where is the best place to put amethyst on your body? From my research and experience, the best place to keep amethyst on your body is at the top of your head, anywhere near and around your face (such as ears and forehead), at the top of your thumbs, at the top of your big toes, and in the palm or on the wrist of your left hand.

Where you place your amethyst depends on your goals and what you would like to achieve, but for intuition strengthening purposes, these are the best placements. Before deciding where to put your amethyst on your body, please be aware that amethyst is a powerful quartz that can open the crown and third eye chakras, which can cause you to be out of balance.

The following article will explain why these placements are best for amethyst, when to use amethyst in these areas, when not to use amethyst on your body, and ways to wear amethyst in your daily life to boost intuition.


Amethyst in the Chakra and Element System

Amethyst in the Chakra System

Each of the chakras is related to a certain color, starting from red at the 1st chakra/root chakra (base of the spine) up to violet purple at the 7th chakra/crown chakra (a few inches above the head).

A clue as to which crystal correlates to its work on a specific chakra, just match the color of the crystal to the color of the chakra.

In the case with amethyst, it is purple, which is the color that is often associated with the crown chakra, or 7th chakra. So, amethyst is associated with the energies of the 7th chakra.

The vibration of the color purple is said to be the perfect balance of the heavens and the earth, as it is a mixture of red and blue: red being the earth (root/1st chakra) and blue being the spirit realm (third eye/6th chakra).

In this sense, the vibration of purple carries the potential for the Spirit Self and Body Self to converge into one experience, so you can manifest your highest spiritual potential here on Earth.

Intuitive development is the art of bringing your spiritual energies into the physical plane so that you can manifest a higher reality to be experienced by yourself and others.


Amethyst in the Element System

In the four elements of nature (earth, air, water, fire), amethyst is associated with the element of Air.

The element of Air supports us with our work with the mind, the breath and our connection to our spirituality and the energies of the spirit realm. The Air element supports our imagination, and helps us develop our inner vision.

The quality of Air brings an aspect of dreaming and goal setting, which is necessary for manifestation to occur; however, it is important that it is grounded in the earth plane though the other elements of water (feeling) and action (fire).

Air strengthens your intuition, but that can only serve you if you are willing and ready to take action on the intuitive messages you are receiving.

Because amethyst is associated with the Air element, it is wonderful to assist you in meditations, intuitive strengthening exercises, or if you are wanting to connect with your Higher Self or the spirit realm.


When To Use Amethyst Near or On Your Body

When Meditating

The best time to use amethyst on or near your body is when you are ready to take spiritual steps, and begin working through the crown chakra energies. This energy and information is best received in a state of Theta brain waves, which – for intuitive purposes – is best accomplished by getting into a state of deep meditation.

Because amethyst is connected to the crown chakra, it is best to use it around that area, to stimulate those energies. Placing your amethyst on the top of your head can become a tricky balancing act, so I usually lay down when I meditate and place my amethyst on the floor just above my head.

You can also place amethyst on your third eye, or forehead, while you are laying down and meditating. With a tumbled or polished amethyst crystal, you can even rub your amethyst on your forehead in circles counter-clockwise to stimulate intuitive images while you meditate.

While Writing or Studying

Because amethyst is associated with “air,” it is mentally stimulating, therefore works great in any activity that requires mental acuity. This could be writing, studying for school or researching a topic of interest.

It also opens your energy to receive new ideas and inspirations.

I always keep amethyst on the left side of my computer near my typing hands while I am writing or working on business ideas. The left hand is associated with receiving energy – more on that later in this article.

You can also keep a piece of amethyst in your left hand while you are reading a book, to help absorb the information from the text.

While Sleeping to Increase Intuitive Dreams

You can place or tie amethyst on your bed frame above your head if you want to experience more intuitive dreams, or lucid dreams. Amethyst can assist you with your spiritual work while you dream.

If you are feeling out of sync when you wake up, such as feeling overly emotional or overly stressed, it could be a sign that your subtle energetic bodies are out of balance. Amethyst can help get to the negative subconscious energies while you dream, and balance the energies of your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, so you wake up feeling more in alignment.

If you have night terrors or very vivid dreams and just want a calm night’s sleep, amethyst may not be the best crystal while sleeping. More on that in the next section.


When Not To Use Amethyst Near or On Your Body

If you Have Insomnia or Restless Sleep

As mentioned earlier, amethyst can be a tool to help with intuitive work while you dream, but use caution. It is a very powerful and spiritual crystal, and can open up a psychic gateway before you are ready to handle the energies.

If you have insomnia or night terrors, amethyst can bring you deeper into those energies you are trying to work through, and seemingly make your issue worse – not better.

If this is the case for you, try to work with amethyst in your meditations during the day specifically to clear energy around your sleep. Amethyst can still balance your subtle energy bodies without taking you so deep into your subconscious and stressing you out.

In this case, instead of keeping amethyst on your bed frame above your head, lay down on a mat and place it just above your head while you meditate.

When You Are Not Grounded Enough

Amethyst is a highly spiritual stone, and as such, will bring in a lot of airy thinking. This is great if you need some lift-off from being too attached to the physical world; however, if you are already too airy or spiritual, this can be a problem.

A lot of times spiritual people can get “stuck in the clouds” and seem like they are living in a world very separate from the rest of everyone else. They check out, forget things, run late to events, flake out on commitments. They can also spend hours upon hours meditating.

It is important to realize that we are physical beings, and as such, we need to bring that spiritual energy into the physical world. Being too spiritual without being grounded can make you feel peaceful, but will not lead to manifesting that peace into the world for the greater good.

If you are too spiritual or too airy, it is probably that your crown chakra is too activated, and your root chakra is not activated enough. It is best to spend time with stones related to the 1st chakra/root chakra such as black obsidian, black tourmaline and red jasper.

When You Have Low Libido

This also has to do with sleep hygiene, but it can relate to many times in your day. Because amethyst activates the more spiritual, psychic and intuitive energies, this stone will not increase your sexual desires or urges. If anything, it may decrease them.

Sexual energy is very spiritual, but this spiritual energy is about forming loving attachments with partners and creating members of a growing family, which includes both loving and physical manifestation energy.

Crown chakra energy usually doesn’t want anything to do with attachment to the physical world. So if you have a low libido and are having trouble sexually connecting with your partner, try stones for your heart chakra such as Chrysocolla, Jade or Rose Quartz.


Ways to Wear Amethyst in Your Daily Life

If you notice that you are stuck in a routine, or feel like a hamster running in a wheel with no end in sight, amethyst may be useful to keep on your body during your daily activities such as work, running errands, doing chores, etc.

Amethyst can help stimulate your imagination to see a higher reality, and can help pull you out of the distraction of mindless tasks. Carrying amethyst around with you, whether in you pocket or in your handbag, can help bring in a spiritual element around with you throughout your day.

Amethyst earrings will stimulate the energies around your telepathic channels (which is located in your sinus cavities and behind your ears), which may help with receiving intuitive messages in a very audible way.

You can also wear amethyst as a ring on your fingers. Amethyst works best if worn on the thumb, as the crown chakra energy is located at the tip of the thumb. You can also wear it as a toe ring on your big toe, as the crown chakra energy is also located at the tip of your big toe.

Another way to wear amethyst is on a bracelet on your left wrist. It is best to place it on your left wrist, as your left hand is receiving energy and your right hand is giving energy. You are most likely wanting to receive the energy from amethyst so that it can help strengthen your intuition.


Related Questions

Is there a place that I should not wear amethyst on my body? There is no place that would be outright harmful to put amethyst on or near your body. Feel intuitive with your crystals and let them guide you to where they are needed most. If you feel like you gravitate towards putting them near your legs, you should do it! The energy of amethyst can help with the overall energy of your whole body, and some places on your body need it more than others.

Is there a time of day that is best to wear amethyst? This depends on when you are the most spiritually and mentally activated, which varies for everyone. For example, I gravitate towards using amethyst in the morning, when I get deeper into meditation and when I am able to get more work done that requires mental focus. I don’t usually wear it at night, as it can stimulate my mental and spiritual energies, when I am wanting to focus on grounding and feeling safe and secure in my physical surroundings. This sense of security helps me have a peaceful night and be well rested.

Feel intuitive about the time of day that works best with the energy of amethyst. Experiment and journal your results!


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