How To Use Aragonite For Spiritual Growth? The Great Earth Healer

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Aragonite was a crystal I gravitated towards again and again early on in my crystal journey, but it wasn’t until recently that I wanted to get to the root of its true meaning. There is a lot of basic information about how you can use aragonite, but not much information on the meaning of its energetic signature.

So, what is the meaning of aragonite? Aragonite is meant to make you more comfortable being a spiritual being living inside a physical body, in the physical world. It is a modulator of spiritual energy and earth energy, helping to create a balance of these two energies here on the physical plane. In this way, aragonite heals unbalanced earth energy by bringing in spiritual life-force to restabilize a balance.  

Because of its strong balancing ability, bringing aragonite into your crystal toolbox is a great idea, no matter what your spiritual goals are. This is especially true as we head into a new era of 5G technology, product manufacturing and overall drastic global change. This article will explain the meaning of aragonite more in depth, as well as when to use it and how to use it.


The Properties of Aragonite

Aragonite is sometimes confused with the crystal calcite, which makes sense, as they are both structured calcium carbonate. However, the main difference between the two of these is the structure that they take when they are formed.

Aragonite is structured with three oxygen molecules in a triangle formation around the carbon molecule, giving it a different crystalline structure than calcite, which is formed out of just two oxygen molecules.

This triangle structure, in esotericism, represents the divine, complete harmony, or perfect proportion. In Christianity, it represents the Trinity.

The convergence of two triangles, one pointing upwards and one pointing downwards, is referred to as the Seal of Solomon or the Star of David in Jewish tradition. In Western occultism and ancient alchemy it was illustrated as a five-pointed star, or pentagram, representing the five elements of the universe: earth, water, fire, air, ethos – with spirit at the center.

Related to its geometry, aragonite heightens the energy of the physical elements in its environment, and blends it in perfect harmony with spiritual energies here on Earth. 

Energetically, aragonite works with all seven chakras to establish harmony and balance within the axiatonal lines that flow in and around each energy center that establishes your energetic field.

In your energetic system, this could be a balancing of chakra energies. For example, if your root chakra is blocked but your crown chakra is wide open, it will work together with these two energies to create balance and a feeling of being grounded and centered.

In addition to healing your energetic axiatonal lines and energy centers, it has also been reported to work with and heal the Earth’s axiatonal lines, known as ley lines, which are electromagnetic energy currents flowing through and around the earth.


Aragonite: The Great Earth Healer

While I myself have not observed aragonites effects on the Earth’s ley lines (as this would require me to be off the charts energetically sensitive), the concept does make sense to me.

During a period when I was using aragonite regularly, I started watching a show called Blue Planet. Nature shows, to me, are normally very fascinating to watch; however, this show had such an overwhelming effect on my emotions that I had to turn it off.

I became very stressed, depressed and anxious. When I quieted myself and sat down to meditate I noticed that my empathic centers were turned on HIGH.

Holding my aragonite, I asked how to balance this energy. The message came in clear: “Garden.”

I had, many times over, tried to start gardens in the past, and it usually ended poorly, so this answer surprised me. A little apprehensive, I looked around at the plants I already had and decided to repot them with new soil.

This action gave me a surge of energy that I ran with.

This energetic push led me to a full week of garden work, which led to painting some rooms in my house that I had been putting off, which led to an entire rehaul of my living space. The energy was POWERFUL.

After this experience, the message that aragonite sent to me was a clear indication of its purpose on this planet: It wants us all to work symbiotically together. Earth, plants, people, animals, rocks, and all the other elements.

This can be seen in the environments where it is found: coral reefs, in mollusk shells and in parts of the ocean that are very sensitive to temperatures – requiring a very balanced environment. These all require a complex system of symbiosis to exist.

Aragonite encourages you to work symbiotically with your environment. If you take steps to become more aware of how to do that, the earth will respond by sending loads of healing vibes your way.


When To Use Aragonite To See Its Greatest Power

As mentioned above, when intuitively working work aragonite, I have gone through intense periods where I had to work through a lot of shame around our collective care of the planet. Specifically, my own actions to the global state of affairs.

I have observed that this shame has to do with my own judgment surrounding a disassociation with myself and the collective energies we are all connected to.

You should not use aragonite if you are already dealing with difficult empathic emotions that are focused on other people or events. Aragonite can turn your empathic centers on, especially related to animals and the planet, which can be too much if you are already empathically burnt out.

A good time to use aragonite is when you feel calm, and want to utilize this state of centeredness to go deeper into your relationship with your environment.

The best time to use this crystal is when you are carrying feelings of sadness or self-judgment due to hearing about global changes, such as global warming, corruption, waste, over-consumption, or polarizing political ideas of others. This crystal will give you insight on how to take action to balance this energy in your own life so that your energy can have a ripple effect on the collective consciousness.


How to Use Aragonite to Increase your Intuition

In the intro paragraph, I mentioned that aragonite is meant to make you more comfortable being a spiritual being living inside a physical body, in the physical world.

As you become more embodied on your spiritual journey, you will begin to notice how important your symbiotic relationship to your environment is to your overall energetic health. You are constantly playing energetic ping-pong with everything around you, and when things aren’t balanced outside of you, they won’t feel balanced inside of you.

If you keep doing this work, you will slowly shift from observing everything around you as separate, to seeing everything around you as a whole, and your intuition awakens through the open communication with everything around you.

To encourage this shift to happen, meditation is necessary — but also active and conscious participation in life is just as necessary.

From my experience, the most powerful way you can use aragonite is to sit in a quiet space holding your aragonite and listen to the message it wants to give you. If you can’t hear anything, that is OK. There is some part of you that are listening, and you will receive information on some level that you will take with you throughout your day.

Then, begin to take active steps in your life to heal your environment. In meditation, ask what this is. You may be surprised at the answer. You can begin recycling, composting, gardening, feeding hummingbirds in the winter, buying plants, studying feng shui to balance the energy in your environment.

You can volunteer at community cleanups, donate to an environmental cause, read-up and vote on local environmental laws. You can even host your own events! 

The more you participate in your reality to the fullest, the more connected you feel to your physical reality, as a spirit being. This is when your intuition is at its most heightened state.


Related Questions & Articles

What is the literal meaning of Aragonite? Aragonite is named after the place where they were first discovered, near the village of Molina de Aragón, in Spain.

The “-ite” ending is a conventional way in mineralogy that is added as the suffix in mineral names, which I have noticed is usually placed on crystals that have sensitivities to water. These usually include softer minerals (below 5 on the Mohs Hardness scale) or harder minerals that get damaged by water.

Examples include Selenite (soft), Pyrite (rusts in water), Hematite (rusts in water), Calcite (soft), Fluorite (soft), etc.

While this doesn’t apply to all minerals ending in “-ite,” generally, if you have a crystal ending in “-ite,” you should research the care guidelines to make sure you do not damage your crystal.

What is the best way to care for Aragonite? Aragonite is sensitive to water, so use caution when using water with your aragonite crystal. I have written a detailed article explaining what types of water you should use if you do decide to use water, and other ways to energetically cleanse aragonite without water. You can check out that article here.


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