The Squirrel Spirit Animal Guide: Power Animals & Messengers

Spirit animals show up in our lives as a spirit messenger from the universe to help guide us. You might be searching for your spirit animal, and wonder what messages are waiting to be discovered. You may have noticed a squirrel showing up in your life frequently, but don’t know how to interpret the messages. How can you tell if a squirrel is your spirit animal?

The squirrel animal spirit guide is guided by earth and air energy which represents the power of thought that can push forward physical achievements. Squirrels are mentally hardworking and can influence others to bring their ideas into reality. They love to learn and use their wide array of knowledge to problem-solve and plan for the future. 

Squirrels can show up in your life to help you learn the lessons of: 

  1. The importance of learning and sharing knowledge
  2. Cultivating self-discipline
  3. The power of delegation
  4. Releasing perfectionism
  5. Preparing for the future

If a squirrel is showing up in synchronistic ways in your life, it is important to pay attention to the life lessons you are moving through. Investigating the behaviors, patterns, and spiritual energy of the squirrel can help you figure out how this spirit animal can help you achieve your spiritual and energetic goals. 

Squirrel Spirit Animal Keywords: 

  • Adaptable
  • Action-orientated
  • Self-disciplined
  • Good communicator
  • Financially focused
  • Agreeable
  • Convincing
  • Open-minded
  • Thinks outside the box
  • Likes to learn


What Is a Spirit Animal? 

Spirit animals appear in our lives to help us move through life lessons or the give us spiritual assistance when we need help during a challenging period. They can be sent give you spiritual guidance, or to wake you up when you have started to live life on “auto-pilot”

Spiritual animals, power animals, or animal spirit guides show up when you are ready to receive the messages they are sending you, and their energy will stand out as being something to tune your attention to.  You might see them in dreams and visions, and have an urge to understand the deeper meaning. 

The traits and behaviors of your spirit animal can give you deep insight into your own soul’s strengths, weaknesses, and challenges so that you can use that information to uncover a new layer of self-awareness. 

Some people have an affinity towards a certain animal their entire lifetime. They will seem to always find these animals appearing in their lives. Your power animal is an animal that you resonate at a deep spiritual and soul level, and you will receive spiritual guidance from this animal whenever your soul is ready for your next spiritual step.  


Squirrel Spirit Energy

The Squirrel Spirit Animal Guide: Power Animals & Messengers

Squirrels are one of the most highly recognized animals in the world, as they can be found in a wide variety of climates and landscapes. College campuses and city parks are overrun by them, as well as remote hiking trails and quiet backyards.  

The squirrel is adaptable and can fit in wherever they need to with their quick wit and flexible attitude. They are not attached to one way of living and will make the most out of a situation by changing their mindset to assimilate as best they can. 

While squirrels are predominantly forest dwellers that carry a lot of earth energy, they spend most of their time perched high up in trees and jumping between branches. This gives them a blend of earth and air energy, making them good communicators as well as being action-orientated and financially focused

Squirrels have a wide range of communication calls, using their vocal chirps and squeals, while also non-verbal twitches of their bushy tail to send messages. This verbal and non-verbal way to communicate allows them to be charismatic, convincing, and agreeable. They can usually get their way by their smooth-talking and manipulative tactics, making them great salespeople. 

Squirrels are an important part of the ecosystem of a forest, spreading nuts and seeds around that result in the forests you see today. Squirrels are curious and knowledge-seekers, taking the seed of an idea and spreading it around. They love to learn and use that knowledge to enhance their own community. They understand that one oak seed planted today has the potential to become hundreds of oak trees in the future. 

While squirrels plan ahead and bury their nuts in very methodical places so that they will remember later, they can be forgetful and lose track of certain placements. Squirrels have a busy mind, and try to stay as organized as possible; however, their active minds are often too fast for their heavy earth bodies to keep up, causing them to forget or abandon the many ideas they come up with. 

You are likely to resonate with the energy of a squirrel if you can handle many thoughts and activities at once as long as they are focused on solving a problem or completing a task. If the focus is not on learning something new or achieving something, you will likely not want to be bothered. 

You have an inventive mind, and analyze all angles before making the best choice. You are adaptable, flexible, and open-minded when it comes to seeking out solutions to a problem. You like to think outside the box, and you value the opinions of others to gain a different perspective. However, you value your own opinion above all else, and at the end of the day, you trust in your own opinion over the opinions of others. 


Squirrel Spirit Animal Personality and Characteristics

The personality of those that resonate with squirrel energy is charismatic, optimistic, social, busy, and interesting. They enjoy stimulating environments and a constantly changing landscape, as they love to problem solve and learn to adapt to new ways of living. They do not like being bored and get restless easily. 

While they love a good social event and night out on the town, they are equally happy staying home, as they have many books to catch up on and topics they want to learn about in their spare time.

Squirrels like a routine to keep them organized and on track; however, they also need to leave room for spontaneity and adventure. They are pragmatic and sensible in their important life decisions but like to escape in fantasy novels or imaginative stories, as they have a vivid imagination. 

Their biggest hurdle seems to be balancing their overactive mind with the slower pace of the physical realm and their physical body. While they have high mental energy, they can tend to have low physical energy, making them feel depressed or anxious. 

Because of their need to keep their vitality high in order to keep up with their mind, they tend to do well with wellness routines and eating a healthy diet. Just like the squirrel eating predominantly nuts, seeds, berries, and plants, they do well on a clean and highly nutritious dieth. However, squirrels are not prone to extremism and will let themselves indulge in whatever foods they want every so often. 

While squirrels are cute and funny creatures, there are many that see them as a nuisance and are very much disliked. The unique personality of a squirrel is very divisive – you either love or hate the squirrels in your life. 

They can be adored for their ease in social situations and their interesting experiences and knowledge. But there are others that see squirrels as superficial, flighty, and can cause jealousy in some for their high intellect and ability to be successful at anything they set their mind to. Also, they do not get emotionally attached to people easily, making them seem unsentimental and cold

While this is usually because squirrels are misunderstood, they do have a manipulative and deceptive streak, as they can usually outwit others. In nature, squirrels will try to trick other squirrels by “pretending” to hide their hoard, and instead hide it somewhere else that isn’t being watched. 

Squirrels can smooth talk their way out of a lie, or convince people to do something that they didn’t realize they were agreeing to. 


Lessons The a Squirrel Is Here To Show You

The Squirrel Spirit Animal Guide: Power Animals & Messengers

If a squirrel shows up to you in synchronistic ways or appears to you in a vision or dream, they are likely here to help you through a challenge or teach you a lesson you are ready to learn. The following lessons or messages are shared by the squirrel. 

1. The Importance of Learning and Sharing Ideas

A squirrel can appear to you when you are stuck in a rut and feel as if you have plateaued in life. They carry “student” energy with them, as they are forever learning new things. It may help you move past your period of stagnation if you learn something new. 

This can be learning a new language, learning about a new hobby you have been interested in, or learning about ways to invest your money in the future. The subjects you can begin to learn are endless. 

The process of learning can help move your energy out of “stuck” into “potential possibilities” and awaken your inspiration.

What areas of your life have you felt you wanted to know more about, but feel like your lack of knowledge is holding you back? These days there are countless podcasts, video courses, books, and access to the information all over the internet that can help you get started. 

Squirrels also love to share this knowledge with others, similar to planting seeds of knowledge. You may have knowledge that you are being asked to share with others. Is there a special skill you’ve gained that the world can benefit from? 

Perhaps the squirrel is letting you know that you would be successful at teaching knowledge to others. 

2. Cultivate Self-Discipline

The spirit of a squirrel can appear to you to give you encouragement to develop the self-discipline to reach your goals. This could be in the form of creating a routine or a set of new habits that give you progress with each passing day. 

You might have grand ideas and have future goals you want to achieve, but each day passes and you find yourself avoiding to take action. Squirrels are planners and know the principle of small actions today that will give big results in the future. 

It might be helpful to sit down and create a plan for the next week, such as an exercise routine, eating plan, or productivity plan. Or this may be the time to focus on your budget and begin to take small steps towards financial freedom starting today. 

Squirrels are implementors by seeing the value in their daily habits and actions. They can take apart the grand vision and disperse it into small steps that can be achieved little by little each day. This plan of action may be the best way to complete your goals. 

3. The Power of Delegation

Squirrels are the mastermind behind their creation and are great at delegating the physical tasks to others. The end product results in a creation that has the power of many hands and talents, instead of just one. The squirrel sits high up in the tree, looking down at the earth, always planning the next move from a higher perspective, seeing all the potential resources. 

A squirrel may appear to you as spiritual guidance to encourage you to delegate some of your tasks to others so that you can have more free time to do the things you are good at. You may be taking on too much responsibility, and therefore preventing progress towards the final goal. 

The squirrel knows the power of delegation, and that finding capable people to help you will give you quicker results. 

What areas are you taking on too much? How can you assign these tasks to others? For example, if you feel as though you never have enough time for yourself because you are always cleaning the house, can you hire a house cleaner once a week? Or can you hire a virtual assistant to help you answer emails? 

Small delegations like this can save you loads of time to do other things that you love to do. 

In addition, the power of saying “no” to taking on more tasks might be the subtle hint that a squirrel is sending you. 

4. Release Perfectionism

With such high mental activity, squirrels can be prone to perfectionism which can hold them back from success, or make them too critical of others. 

The message from a squirrel may be to let go of your “ideal” version of something. You might have too high of expectations about something or someone that isn’t based on the reality of the situation. 

Are you being overly critical of someone or something that is causing you to overlook the positive qualities? Maybe you stuck on looking for the “perfect” partner, or preventing a project from progressing because it isn’t up to your high standards. 

While having high standards can be a strength, when out of balance it can also be a big weakness. This prevents you from being flexible, optimistic, and going with the flow. 

Acceptance for reality as it truly is, versus how you would like it to be, might be the lesson a squirrel is here to teach you.

5. Prepare For The Future

Squirrels are always saving their stash of nuts for the future, hiding them in strategic places for when food is needed later. With their airy intelligence and their earthy focus on finances, squirrels are great savers, financial planners, and always looking towards their future success. 

A squirrel showing up could be a spiritual message to begin planning for the future. There might be a bump up ahead that can cause you some setbacks, so planning now may save you stress when times get tough. 

You might be thinking about retirement, or planning on starting a family. These are stages in life that require long-term planning, especially related to finances. 

If a squirrel shows up in positive synchronistic ways and you are planning a financial investment, it is a positive omen for success. 

This may be a good time to start a budget plan, hire a financial planner, or start a side hustle that can give you some extra income to “squirrel” away. 


Squirrel Animal Medicine Guide

Tarot CardKnight of Pentacles
Zodiac RulerGemini
Dominant ElementEarth
Influencing ElementAir
Chakras5th/Throat, 1st/Root
Mantra“I communicate”
CrystalsPyrite, Sodalite, Agate
Essential OilsPeppermint, Rosemary, Lemon
Ideal CareersSalesperson, software developer, computer programmer, engineer, tech start-ups, financial investor, stock trader
HobbiesLearning languages, traveling, reading, documentaries, collecting unique objects


Squirrel Spirit Animal Compatibility 

Compatible With: Dolphin, Frog, Panther

These animal spirits are moving through similar life lessons at a similar vibration and pace, and are on the same spiritual evolution path. 

Not Compatible with: Octopus, Raven, Horse

These animal spirits are moving through opposite life lessons at a different vibration and pace, and are on a different spiritual evolution path. 

Shadow Animal: Whale

This animal is moving through opposite life lessons but at the same vibration and pace, allowing it to get to deep subconscious shadow work. 



Honoring the spirit animals that appear in your life is a wonderful way to connect and be receptive to the messages being sent to you from the universe and your higher self. The squirrel sends you the message to learn and share your knowledge, take action on your ideas, plan for the future, and release your perfectionism. 

This is one interpretation of the squirrel spirit animal. Everyone received different signs and messages from the universe in their own unique spiritual language. Sit still and listen to the messages that are being sent to you by the squirrel spirit animal. 

Journaling and meditating on the intention to receive these messages are wonderful ways to begin discovering how the universe is communicating to you. 


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