Dreaming of a Snake Biting You? The Hidden Spiritual Meaning

Snakes are one of the most distinguished symbols used throughout ancient myths and superstitions. Their meaning has been attributed to deceit, shame, sex, spiritual awakening, transformation, and much more. Equally mysterious is the symbolic meaning of a snake bite, as there have been many different understandings of a snake bite throughout history and modern psychology. 

So, what does it mean to have a dream that you have been bitten by a snake? Dreaming of a snake biting you is a warning dream. It is meant to get you to pay attention, often when you have been ignoring something that your subconscious is trying to get your conscious mind to notice. It is often related to another person or situation causing you harm. It can also mean that your own behaviors are causing you harm. 

Depending on where the snake bites you, the color of the snake that is biting, and the emotions that you are feeling when you wake up, your snake bite dream can have various meanings. 


Snake Bite Dream Meaning

Getting bit by a snake in your dream is alarming, and it often causes a lot of anxiety even after you wake up. Being attacked by a primal animal is one of our greatest fears as we have evolved to fear them. 

Snakes are unpredictable, and even if they seem calm, you feel they can strike at any moment. You may be enjoying a walk, then accidentally step on a rattlesnake to feel a sting in your ankle.  

Snake dreams are meant to get you to pause and analyze the elements of your life: are you paying attention to what is actually going on in your waking life? Is there a relationship that is harming you? Is there an illness that is present in your body? Are you being deceived by someone or a group of people?

The main meaning of a snake bite is that you have abandoned your current reality by worrying too much about the future or being too stuck in the past. When you are not in the present moment paying attention, a predator can strike. 

However, keep reading to find out the interpretation of your snake dream, as the different contexts can have different meanings. 


Location of Snake Bite In Dream

Dreaming of a Snake Biting You? Meaning of where the snake bites you in a dream

The most common question regarding a snake bite dream is the significance of where on their body that they got bit by the snake. 

What is the meaning of the location of where you got bitten by a snake in your dream? Here is a list of the most common areas a snake bites you in a dream, and the meaning: 

Location of Snake BiteMeaning
FaceVanity: A snake bite to the face represents an unhealthy relationship towards beauty and the body, putting more emphasis on physical features rather than spiritual matters. 

It may mean judging someone for their appearance. 
NeckSuppressed Communication: A snake bite to the neck represents not being able to speak your truth due to fear of rejection. There may be an emotional issue that needs to be discussed, but the person is not listening to you. 

A snake bite to the back of the neck means someone is telling lies about you behind your back. 
LipsInfidelity or Betrayal: This is mostly related to hidden fears, and may not be actually happening. You fear that your romantic partner is betraying you, either by cheating on your or slandering you. You fear they cannot be trusted. 

It could also be a dream to bring attention to the words that you are speaking. They can be hurtful. 
Left EyeUnconcious Sight: The left eye represents inner wisdom, also known as intuition. It is the “knowingness” or sixth sense we all have. 

If you dream you are bit in the left eye by a snake, it is bringing attention to the importance of listening to your intuition. 
Right EyeConscious Sight: Being bit by a snake in your right eye represents things you are seeing in your life that you are turning a blind eye to. It means you are avoiding seeing the truth because you don’t want to confront the issue. 
Left ArmUnconcious Capability: Your left arm represents your unconscious power, strength, and capability. 

To get bitten in the left arm by a snake is a dream trying to get you to pay attention to your inner strength. You have a false belief system that you are incapable of, but in truth, you are very strong and fully capable of solving the issue at hand. 
Right ArmConscious Capability: Your right arm represents your pride. You are showing more strength than necessary, and it might be good to be vulnerable. 

Dreaming of getting bitten in the right arm means that you should let go of your pride and ask for help. You are showing off more strength than you have, but it would be more productive to seek assistance. 
Left HandInner Clarity: The left hand represents your inner landscape, and your inner knowing. If you dream you got bitten by a snake in your left hand, it is bringing attention to something about yourself that you didn’t realize before. 

The left hand is also your receiving hand, so a bite in the left hand could mean that you are fearful of receiving something from someone. 
Right HandOuter Clarity: The right hand represents your outer landscape, and what you observe about your reality. If you dream you got bitten by a snake in your right hand, it is bringing attention to something in your environment that you didn’t see before. Usually, other details in the dream will reveal what these are, such as the color of the snake or other people in the dream. 

The right hand is also your giving hand, so a bite to the right hand could me to be wary of who you are giving to. You may be taken advantage of. 
ChestMatters of the Heart: The chest represents the energy center related to the heart energy. This is about relationships with other people, and with yourself.

A snake bite to the chest may mean that you fear commitment to someone, or are fearful of opening your heart up to someone. It may also mean that a loved one may cause you heartache. 
Knee or ElbowFlexibility: The knees and elbows represent your flexibility in life, and the ability to go with the flow. These are all about keeping an open mind and trusting that the universe has your back. 

Dreaming of a snake bite to the knee or elbow means that you are fearful of losing control or fearful of taking risks that may leave you vulnerable. It may also be a sign that your stubbornness is causing you to stagnate in life instead of evolve. 
Left LegInner Growth: Legs are all about forward movement and growth. The left leg symbolizes your inner growth and spiritual journey. 

To dream of getting bit in the left leg by a snake means that something has stunted your spiritual journey, and it is time to pay attention to it again. Maybe you are distracted by a job or relationship that is keeping you for self-exploration. 
Right LegOuter Growth: The right leg is all about growing and building your outer reality. It is about manifesting your inner desires out into the world. 

To dream of getting bitten in the right leg by a snake means that you are fearful or unsure of your direction in life. You are not sure what you want to manifest, and as a result, you have settled for a mediocre life. The message is to tap into your true desires and begin building the life of your dreams. 
Left FootA Core Value Aligned With Your Highest Purpose: The feet represent your “stance” on life and your core values that give you direction when you have to make big life choices. 

Dreaming of your left foot getting bit by a snake is a reminder to revisit your core values. If you make a decision that is true to who you are, you will never fail. 
Right FootA Core Value Imposed On You By Others: The feet represent your “stance” on life and values that guide and direct you. 

If you dream that a snake has bitten your right foot, it is a sign that you should re-evaluate your values. Do you have those beliefs because you were raised to believe them, or deep down do you believe something different? 


Is A Snake Bite Dream Good or Bad? 

Dreaming of a Snake Biting You? Is a snake bite dream good or bad

In general, snake bite dreams are warning dreams, meaning that there is an imbalance that is not being addressed. They often cause stress and alarm, meaning that there are stressful emotions simmering in your subconscious. 

However, they are good in the sense that they get you to stop and pay attention. That can be very informative about parts of your life that would have otherwise remained hidden and unseen. 

Depending on the type of snake biting you, the meaning could be positive or negative. 

Non-venomous Snake Bite Dream

If you dream that a non-venomous snake bites you, such as a small garter snake, it is usually a non-threatening dream. It usually has to do with the harmful power of words. 

It may mean that something you said has offended someone, and they are throwing negative energy at you, but it is harmless. The message is to be mindful of other people’s emotions; you never know when something you say could really cause someone emotional harm. 

Some people dream that they have a pet snake that bites them. This is a dream that someone close to you, who you think you can trust, is betraying you in some way. 

Non-venomous snakes are more dangerous with their words, not their teeth. A friend or partner could be slandering you behind your back. 

Venomous or Poisonous Snake Bite Dream

Poisonous snakebite dreams are a bit scarier because they are potentially fatal. They are meant to bring a lot of attention to a situation. They are often seen as negative; however, in some cases they are positive. 

What does it mean to dream of a venomous snake bite? A venomous snake bite is showing you a weak area of your energetic system, that has been attacked by your own false belief system or has been energetically attacked by one person or a group of people. 

With a venomous snake bite dream, it is important to pay attention to the color of the snake, and where the snake bit you. There is a list of common snake bite locations later in this article. 

To read about various colors of snakes that bit you in your dream, I wrote an article about that here: Dreaming Of A Colored Snake? 7 Common Snake Color Meanings

Seeing Snake Fangs In Dream

When a snake shows its fangs to you in a dream, in most cases it is a positive dream. 

So, what does it mean when you dream of a snake showing its fangs? Dreaming of snake fangs is symbolic of showing you the strength of your own inner wisdom and your self-power. 

Snake fangs are trying to get you to see your own truth. You have the power to protect yourself, to set boundaries, to fight back if someone is bullying you. 

While violence is usually not the answer, fangs are used as protection against threats. Fang dreams are often displayed as a “don’t make me use these” type of warning. 

If you feel that the snake represents someone in your waking life, it may be that they are trying to set boundaries with you. They are sending you subtle messages to stay away, and if you don’t listen, they may attack. Think about people that you might be crossing boundaries with, and take a break from inviting yourself to their dinner parties. 

Snake Biting You Twice or More In a Dream

When a snake bites you twice, it is a negative dream. This dream means that you are not walking away from a harmful situation, and it is hurting you. Even though the messages have been clear, you still are not leaving. 

This could mean you are a victim of abuse or emotional manipulation. It could also mean that you have an addiction that you are not able to break free from. Whatever the self-sabotaging behavior is, it is due to a false belief system that is making you feel powerless. 

When a snake bites you many times, ask yourself if you are being harmed by someone else or yourself. It could be a partner, it could be a job, or it could be a mental health issue or disease.  Be honest with yourself, and know that there are support groups and professionals that can help you. 

If you are having the dream, it means that you are ready to see it and confront it. Don’t ignore this type of dream. 

If you dream that someone else is being bitten by a snake twice, or many times, it may be a good idea to reach out to them. Simply asking if they are ok, or letting them know you are there for them, can be enough to get them to seek help. 


Dream That A Snake Bites Someone Else

Watching someone get bit by a snake can be just as scary as getting bit yourself because often there is nothing you can do to stop it. 

What does it mean to dream that a snake is biting someone else? To dream of seeing a snake biting someone else could mean there is a part of yourself that is being hurt, but you are not connected enough with that part of your personality to help it. 

For example, I once dreamt that I saw a snake biting a little girl. I just stood and watched her, and for some reason thought there was nothing I could do to help, so I just left her. 

This dream meant that my inner child had been injured, and I was doing nothing to help myself. It was causing me a lot of psychological issues around trust and relationships that I was not aware of before this dream. 

Dreaming of a snake biting someone else could also mean that you have a calling to help people in need, and are a healer. If you feel very sympathetic to the person getting bitten, it could mean that you are destined for a career in the healing arts. 

Dreams About Snakes Biting a Loved One

Often times our loved ones appear in dreams, and seeing a loved one getting bit by a snake can be alarming. 

What does it mean to see a loved one get bitten by a snake? Dreaming of a loved one being bitten by a snake is usually a cry for help. There is something that they are trying to energetically tell you or something that they need help with, but are too afraid to ask. 

It may be a good idea to reach out to them and ask if they are ok. Let them know that you are there for them. 

It might be a sign that they are hurting themselves with their own negative self-talk, or they are struggling with an addiction. Being available to listen to them is the best way you can be a friend or partner to this person. Communicate that you love them unconditionally. 

Dreams About Snakes Biting Another Animal

Snakes biting other animals in dreams can be sad to see because often the animal is trying to protect us from the snake and got bitten in the process. 

What does it mean to dream of a snake biting an animal in a dream? Dreaming of a snake biting another animal, such a dog, is a dream about inner conflict. There are moral issues you are struggling with. 

Animals represent our primal energy. They can be related to spiritual elements of ourselves that are trying to guide us. When two animals are fighting, it represents two parts of ourselves that are trying to come into balance.

If a snake bites another animal, it means that your own spiritual awakening is subduing your more animalistic nature. 


Dream That Snake Bites While Pregnant

Dreaming of a Snake Biting You? snake bite dream when pregnant

It is common to dream of being pregnant, and there are many ways to interpret pregnancy dreams. 

But what does it mean if you get a snake bite while you are pregnant in a dream? Dreaming of getting a snake bite while pregnant means that you are fearful of creating something. This dream is about the vulnerability of taking risks, and the deep fear that comes along with that. It may also mean that you are sabotaging yourself from getting your ideas to manifest. 

Dreaming of being pregnant may bring feelings of joy; however, if there is a perceived threat to the unborn baby, you can feel extremely territorial or fearful. There are a lot of unconscious emotions that are coming to the surface in this dream. 

You may feel pregnant with possibility and new ideas, but there is a fear that someone is holding you back. It may be your own self-sabotaging behavior that is holding you back or striking you down. 

Do you start projects and then throw them away? Are you someone that can’t follow through on a good idea? The dream may mean that you need to confront the behaviors that are causing you to avoid birthing your ideas into reality. 


Rattlesnake Bite Dream Meaning

Rattlesnake dreams are about giving warnings. They shake their tail to let their predators know they are there, and that they will harm them. Hearing a rattlesnake makes humans and other animals feel fear due to the potential bite.

What does it mean to dream of a rattlesnake biting you? Dreaming that you got bitten by a rattlesnake means that you are not paying attention. It is a warning dream, letting you know that you need to get into the present moment and be aware of what is happening in your reality.

Because you didn’t hear the warning of the rattlesnake, this dream could mean that you have been distracted and not putting your energy into matters that are important.

You may be avoiding something, or procrastinating on a project; however, waiting to do it later will feel like a sharp sting. It is better to turn off your distractions and do it now.


Cobra Snake Bite Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a Snake Biting You? cobra snake bite dream

Cobra dreams are positive because they represent the inner beast within all of us that can be tamed with hard work and commitment. It is like the snake charmer in films that can hypnotize a cobra with their song. 

What does it mean to dream of a cobra biting you? Having a dream that a cobra bites you is a message that you need to work on taming your inner beast. It is often about how our emotions can get the better of us if we don’t learn to calm them down. Perhaps you have overreacted to a situation that has caused you to feel shame or regret. 

Cobras are often symbolic of the emotion of anger and rage. When they are ready to attack, they stand up, fluff their necks out, and strike their enemy with force. This is what we do emotionally when we are blinded by anger. 

The message from a cobra snakebite dream is to learn how to be in control over your emotions. It may require learning meditation, or going to see a behavioral counselor. There are many ways for us to learn emotional intelligence. 


White Snake Bite Dream Meaning

The color of the snake that bites you in a dream can impart a lot of information as to what your snake bite dream means, so don’t dismiss the color of the snake when interpreting your dream. 

Dreaming of a white snake is about the connection between your physical and spiritual self. A white snake can appear when you have made a choice in your physical world that is impacting your spiritual world. 

To dream of a white snake biting you means that you have taken action that was not aligned with your higher self. The consequences of your actions will come back to bite you. 

White snakes are all about balance, and if a white snake is attacking you, it means that you have attacked it first. It is not vindictive; it is how things stay balanced in the universe.  

Is there something that you have done that has damaged your spiritual connection to yourself or to Source? Perhaps it may be time to work on your spiritual health and strengthen your spiritual relationships. 


Green Snake Bite Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a green snake is often communicating messages about money and abundance. A green snake can also mean fertility and growth. 

A green snake biting you in a dream may be related to your own inner belief system about money. Do you feel you do not deserve to be successful or abundant? Are you having financial issues that could be a result of this “lack” mentality? 

It may be representative of a false belief system holding you back from growth, abundance, and success. 

Depending on the context, it may also mean that there is someone that is causing you financial harm or taking advantage of you financially. Is someone asking you for money that they will “pay back later.” This may be a dream to be wary of lending money to that person. 


Golden or Yellow Snake Bite Dream Meaning

Yellow snakes represent your own personal power and recognizing your self-worth. If you are afraid of a yellow snake in your dream, it means there is part of you that is fearful of your own power. 

Dreaming of a yellow snake biting you means that you are being held back from expressing your power, either by someone else or by yourself. 

You may be telling yourself that you aren’t strong enough or capable enough to follow your dreams. The snake biting you letting you know that your belief system or self-talk is harming you. 

The message could also be to look deeper at your relationships and cut out the people who you feel are manipulating you or siphoning your power to strengthen theirs. Often times a yellow snake bit can mean that someone else is trying to control you or take your power away. 



Snakebite dreams are giving you a lot of information about what is happening in your subconscious related to false belief systems, harmful emotions, or venomous people in your life.

Everyone has different circumstances and a different story to tell, so your snake meaning may carry a different meaning not listed in this article. While these are some ways to interpret snake bite dreams, the best way to understand what your snake bite dream means is to listen to your own intuition. Take what resonates with you, and let your own guidance lead you to your own snake bite dream meaning. 


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