Do You Have A Red Aura? What It Says About Your Spiritually

Learning to read your own aura or other people’s auras is a fun way to understand and connect to a deeper part of yourself or others. If you pick up that you or someone else has a red aura, the next step is figuring out what that means. 

So, what does a red aura mean? Having a red aura means that the person exerts a lot of power and energy. It is a color of life-force, vitality, and creation. People with bright red auras are passionate about life, decisive, creative, influential, and eager to take on projects as they know they are the best ones equipped for the job. Those with a dark red aura can show more anger, confrontation, manipulation, act out of self-interest, and be strong-willed. 

There are many varieties of red and locations within the aura that it can appear which each carries a different meaning. This article will go over the variations of the meaning of red in your aura. 


What Makes Our Aura Different Colors?

Aura colors show the electromagnetic field that is being projected from our energetic system, which is connected to the chakra system.

Whichever color of light is being shown in your aura is what your current electromagnetic field is reflecting instead of absorbing into your core light source. 

This means that what is seen in the aura is what we are giving off, not holding onto. 

We give off certain vibrations or colors because we are moving through life lessons, wanting to attract certain things in our life, going through difficult emotional periods, wanting to help others grow spiritually, and many other reasons. 

The color that is being shown in the aura is the color that the world around you is interacting with, and what you are drawing into your physical reality.  


Red Aura Meaning

Do You Have A Red Aura? What It Says About Your Spiritually

When someone has a red aura, it is the color that they are projecting out into the world, not holding onto. This means that their lifeforce is so high that they want to use that excess energy to build the world around them to match their lifeforce. 

This means that they are attracting things into their reality that need their energy to get going. People who need action, leadership or inspiration will seek out a red aura to help them launch their projects. Red auras often find themselves being asked to do a lot, and they love it. 

The color red a manifesting color and is the foundation for all other colors to exist. If you look at a rainbow, you’ll see that red is always the first color to appear. After red, the light waves get shorter and shorter. This is because it is the longest visible ray, and therefore is the easiest for us to see and why red is perceived as the most vibrant color in the color spectrum. 

Red is associated with the emotions that come with the power of manifesting, such as creativity, passion, enthusiasm, courage, and willpower. 

This color is also associated with the intense energies of anger, rage, aggression, power, competition. 

It really is a dynamic color that can bring whatever the emotion is to the most intense degree. 

Psychologically, the feelings associated with the color red include: 

  • Passion
  • Energy and high vitality
  • Decisiveness
  • Ego
  • Fast pace
  • Successful
  • Confrontational
  • Warning and alertness
  • Lust/Sexuality


Is a Red Aura Bad?

Because red is an alarming color, people often ask if having a red aura is bad.

It is important to note that all colors have a positive and negative side, and all colors harmonize or react to other colors around it. Because of this, the question if the color red is “good” or “bad” depends on the context. 

The color red is an essential part of the energetic harmony of what creates the world around us. Without the firey red action-orientated energy, we would never get anything done. The energy of red pushes us to reach our goals while pushing others to reach their goals as well. 

Many other colors, such as green, blue and white, like peace and harmony. Red likes a challenge and competition. They can only sit still with peace and harmony for so long before they need to stir the pot again. Always needing to move things forward, they can see peace as a sign of laziness and stagnation. 

Because of this, people with a red aura are often perceived as having challenging personalities and hard to get along with. 

Essentially, if you want peace and harmony, red is not a very compatible energy to achieve this. If you want to get things done, red is a great energy to have around. 


Red Aura Personality

Generally, people feel intimidated by people with strong red auras. This is because they do not shy away from confrontation; in fact, they often thrive in confrontational situations. They will call out and challenge anything they disagree with, and debate the issue until results are achieved. 

Because people with red auras have so much energy, they can usually out-run their competition by waiting until the other side runs out of energy to fight any more. They energetically communicate “you will lose this battle, so don’t even start.” It can feel defeating to come against a red aura before you even start a debate. 

This causes people to feel burnt-out or incapable around people with red auras, so they avoid them whenever possible. 

However, people with red auras get stuff done. Period. The world would not exist in the way it does today without the intense energy of red auras because they bring other people’s ideas into the physical world. 

They have the confidence and determination to start anything they think will be successful. 

People with healthy red auras will not only push to get their project successful, but they will make sure everyone in the project will also be successful. They push people to be their best and motivate others that need to be encouraged. 

Because red is such intense energy, it can overpower and have a great influence on less intense colors. This power can be used to manipulate others. As such, those with an unhealthy red aura can be manipulative, ego-driven, domineering and narcissistic. This shows up as anger, rage, confrontational behaviors and aggression. 

Do You Have A Red Aura? What It Says About Your Spiritually

Fire is the best symbol to associate with red, as it behaves a lot like the energy of red. It begins with a burst and dominates whatever energy it can consume and heats up everything around it. 

The trick with red auras is deciding what energy to feed the fire. Heathy red auras will use creative energy to feed their fire. Unhealthy red auras will use competitive energy to feed their fire. 

Either way, red auras need to be successful in order to feel healthy. If a red aura is unsuccessful, they will keep fighting and improving until they are successful at whatever they want to achieve. 


Red Aura Careers and Hobbies

Those who have a red aura can usually be found in the following careers: 

  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEOs and Corporate leaders
  • Politicians
  • Lawyers
  • Leaders in some capacity (boss, manager, pastor, head of a community, etc.)
  • Professional Athlete
  • Performance artists: actors, dancers, models

People with red auras tend to have the following hobbies: 

  • Sports
  • Fitness
  • Outdoor activities
  • Travel
  • Hosting parties and events
  • Work (yes, they love to work and often see this as a hobby)


Location of Red In Aura

Do You Have A Red Aura? What It Says About Your Spiritually

Red Aura Above The Head

Colors that appear above the head represent the next layer of growth that you are stepping into. It is your next highest vibration, and the lesson you are about to learn. 

With the color red, this means taking action and starting something with great determination. It could be a business, or it could be a strong determination to complete a goal. 

It is unusual to have red appear above the head. This is because red is a foundational energy that other colors receive energy from to gain momentum. Red is typically a core energy that people feel in their hearts or around their bodies. However, some people do need to experience that foundational energy as the next step in their healing journey. 

Usually, the red above the head is accompanied by orange or purple. This means that red is not an energy that they will stay stagnant with. It will propel them onto the energy a step above it, such as orange (creativity and optimism) or purple (spiritual progression). 

The red represents a shock to the entire energy system, a new beginning, and drastic changes that need to be made. It can appear in people that have depression or a sense that they are being held back to reach their true potential; however, they have a firey aspect that uses that negative self-talk as a catalyst for change. 

Red above the head usually represents an energetic signature that consistently reappears in their life: the parts of their life they don’t like is what causes them to change, so they often have to go through difficult periods of time in order to make big changes. It could be that they subconsciously self-sabotage in order to get things done. The result is the oscillation between depression and progression. 

Red Aura Around the Body

If red is the predominant color around your entire body, that is your highest vibration being reflected off of you in the present moment. It represents the energies you are currently working through or showing to the world what energies you want to attract. It is your core personality. 

It is the first thing that others will perceive about you, and the overall “vibe” you are giving off to the world around you. 

Red represents: determination, action, willpower, energy, strength, passion, adventure, adrenaline. It could also represent anger, ego, danger, and violence

People with red auras usually keep this base aura for their entire lifetime. While other core aura colors, such as green, usually change to a different color throughout one’s lifetime, red auras generally stay the same. This is because red auras have such an intense personality, they don’t want to change, they want others to change to meet their needs. 

Red auras are not as common as other colors, which may be a good thing because of their intensity. However, red is a necessary energetic force to build the foundation for all other things to exist. 

Red Aura Around the Heart

Having a red aura around the heart is projecting root chakra energy through the most vital energetic center: the heart chakra. This can mean a number of things, but it usually means there is survival energy in matters of the heart. 

People going through intense life changes around domestic matters can project red from their heart center, usually as a result of a separation. This could be anything from a breakup or divorce, selling a house, losing a pet, losing a loved one, trying to start a family, arguments with partners or family, etc. 

The red energy is trying to attract something that will help heal the grief of separation and renew the feeling of completion and a loving union. Green is a very healing color for someone with a bright red heart center. 

Red Aura Around The Hands

Having a red aura around the hands is not as common as other colors, and is usually seen in children. 

Red around the hands signifies a developing ego, and a strong desire to create without needing to see results. 

As children begin to develop into adults, they learn by doing, and the act of learning is what they want to achieve – not a physical manifestation. They will build lego towers, draw huge murals, spend hours putting a puzzle together, then destroy it and not think about it again. This is harder to do as we get older. 

Adults can have red auras projecting from their hands, but it is not common. Those who have red projecting from their hands can have intense energy to do, without caring about the end result. 

This can be seen if someone has gone through a complete identity change, such as a complete uprooting of their life. I have seen it in individuals who decide to move to a foreign country and are learning the language and a new way of living. They are learning how to live all over again. 


Color Variations of Red in Aura

Do You Have A Red Aura? What It Says About Your Spiritually

What Does A Reddish Orange Aura Mean?

Having a reddish-orange aura is a very healthy color to have in the aura, and is a very common combination to have above the head. 

Orange is the color of confidence, creativity, abundance, joy, and red is the color of power, energy, and vitality. These two combined mean that a person has high vitality and inner strength. They have a healthy ego, and a balanced output of energy – not too much, but enough to get things done. 

People with predominantly red/orange need to be creative and see results from their creativity. Their feelings are very important to them, and they will not put up with anything in their life that makes them feel “bad.” 

Orange gives people a healthy level of introspection to gauge how happy they are, and red allows them to make quick changes and cut any attachments that are holding them back. Because of this, red/orange auras can quickly and unapologetically unfriend or quit projects that aren’t serving them. 

They do not have “rearview mirror” syndrome, regretting past errors or pining over past relationships. They are happy to leave the old out in the trash, which leaves room for fresh new ideas and experiences. 

Having experiences is important to them, and they are likely to a long bucket list of things they want to accomplish before their life is over. 

What Does A Dark Red Aura Mean?

It is common to perceive dark or black in the aura as being negative, but this is not always the case. This is just information that is being projected out so that they can move through a current spiritual lesson. 

Dark red in the aura means that they have more to give the world than their current lifestyle is allowing. This could be due to health reasons, unhealthy relationships, or a career that is limiting their true potential. 

A common word that dark red auras feel is “stifled” energy. Because of this, they can feel angry, frustrated, agitated, or anxious. 

The best practice dark red auras can adopt is exercise. It will allow them to burn through that stifled energy and let them project the energy that they are holding back. Another thing they can do is check their iron levels to make sure they are not anemic. Often times red auras suffer from anemia which will cause their aura to dim. 

The lesson for a dark red aura to learn is to let go of attachments that are holding them back and find the confidence to go after what they really want in life. 

A long meditation retreat could be restorative for dark red auras. 

What Does A Light Red Aura Mean?

A light red aura can show up as pink. This is a deeply compassionate color, and usually means that this person has unconditional love to give. 

This color is usually above the head, but it could be around the entire body. If it is around the entire body, this person is meant to help others by teaching them lessons of loving themselves and loving others. 

They usually gravitate towards working in service industries and have a passion to help others in underserved areas such as hospice or in mental health settings. 

The red in their aura pushes them into leadership roles, where they can be highly organized and energetically inspire others to join their cause. The white in the aura is the connection to spirit that they naturally have, which gives them their natural ability to love. 

Someone with a pink aura is usually seen to have saintly vibes and is highly influential. Just being around someone with a pink aura will be enough to make you feel that you belong in this world. 


Compatibility With a Red Aura

The most compatible colors with red auras are green, orange and purple

Green is a very nurturing color, and in combination with red, it is an entire parental unit. It is like the seed that is being watered. Red energy is the seed that is growing, and green energy is the water that keeps it thriving. Green and red together are great at starting projects. However, they do have the tendency to burn out after while as green auras are sensitive and can feel overburdened by the intensity of red. 

Orange and red energy together is a very confident duo. Orange is one of the few colors that doesn’t get burnt out by red energy and can add a level of optimism and innovativeness to the creations of a red aura. These energies inspire each other. 

Purple brings the psychic and spiritual elements to red, which can be a powerful combination. While red energy is mostly focused on the physical world, purple energy can translate how that is being incorporated on a spiritual level. A purple partnership with red can transcend both the physical and spiritual realms, leading to a dynamic and multidimensional creation. 


Crystals for a Red Aura

Do You Have A Red Aura? What It Says About Your Spiritually

When working with crystals in terms of doing work with the aura, it is important to understand the compatibility of colors and set intentions for what you want to achieve. 

Balancing Energy

People with a red aura often complain about not feeling very balanced. Because they are prone to extremes, they are not typically resting between two extremes. Green stones can help people with red auras come back to center. These include: 


Those with a red aura do not usually see themselves as being “creative.” Rather, they pride themselves on being great at business and action-orientated tasks. However, because red is a foundational color, red is by nature “creation.” People with a red aura often don’t give themselves enough credit for how creative they actually are, and that they are constantly creating. 

It can be very restorative for people with red auras to feel creative. Yellow or orange stones can help boost their creativity. These include:



Exploring the colors in your aura can be a lifelong journey because it is always changing based on the lessons we are learning. It is a great way to understand a deeper part of yourself and create a connection with the deeper levels of your being.

Red is a powerful, dynamic and creative color to have in your aura. While I am challenged by all the red auras in my life, I know that my life would not be the same without them. 


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