Getting To Know Virgo: What Months Does Virgo Fall In?

It is a common question people ask: “If someone’s birthday is on a certain date, what is their horoscope?” It is a great icebreaker at social events, but very few people have the dates of every zodiac sign memorized. 

So, what months are in Virgo? In Western Astrology, the months in Virgo are August and September. Specifically, the dates of Virgo start on August 23 and end on September 22nd. During this time, from the perception of Earth, the Sun resides in the constellation of Virgo. If you were born on or between these dates, you are considered a Virgo. 

If you or someone else is a Virgo, you can find out a lot about your qualities by understanding the season, elements, house and history of Virgo sign. Below is a breakdown of the attributes of Virgo. 

Virgo Breakdown

SymbolVirgin or Maiden
DatesAugust 23 – September 22
SeasonThe transition from summer into fall
House6th House
Planetary RulerMercury
Tarot CardThe Hermit


What Is The Symbol For Virgo? 

The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin or Maiden. In Greek mythology, the sign of Virgo was once a virgin-goddess that walked the earth and ruled over law and justice. However, once the earth fell into disorder and criminality in the Bronze Age, Zeus set her amongst the stars as the constellation Virgo [Source].

Because Virgo was sent from the Earth to the stars, Virgo is an Earth sign which rules over the 6th house that oversees career, service, responsibility, and health. 

In other mythologies, such as Egyptian mythology, the constellation of Virgo began at the beginning of harvest season, thus she is seen as the goddess of the harvest and is portrayed carrying a bundle of wheat [Source]. 

Here is a video that describes more about a Virgo’s personality: 

What is Virgo Season? 

Virgo season is a time that we begin the transition from summer into fall. It is a time to prepare the body for the slower seasons ahead, by getting the body ready for rest and introspection. 

While Virgo is still a very energetic sign, it is the time that we switch from outer energy to inner energy. Virgo is an Earth sign, but ruled by Mercury, which is all about mental stimulation and communication. Combined, this is communication about the body. It is all about listening to what your body needs to prepare for the darker days ahead. 

In the US, September is the time that the school year begins, so many students are getting ready for a new academic year ahead. Virgo is a great sign to represent this time for mental preparation, as it is a very intellectual, hard-working, and methodical sign. These attributes work great in academia. 

In summary, Virgo season is all about getting back to your responsibilities after having a summer full of fun. It is a time to reorganize your to-do list, dust off your goal setting journal, and get back into a productive daily routine. 


What Is the Ruler of Virgo? 

The ruler of Virgo is the planet Mercury, making it influenced by its energies. Mercury represents communication, logic, and practicality. It is all about weighing many different options to come up with the best solution. 

Because of this, energies influenced by Mercury spend a lot of time reflecting on past errors and being introspective about the future. They can be hard on themselves about both the past and future, making them prone to oscillating between depression and anxiety. 

Virgos can show these traits, especially in the realm of their career. They like to plan ahead for their future and are extremely hard workers, but they also need to feel passionate about the tasks that they are doing for work. Because of this, Virgos can be very successful in eclectic careers, where most people fail. For example, Virgos can be successful artists, musicians, writers, and entrepreneurs. Both Michael Jackson and Beyonce are Virgos, who became very successful in the realm of music. 

The traits of Mercury also show up in their social life. They are very careful about the people that they spend time with and have only a few close friends. They can seem extroverted at social events, yet, don’t let many people into their private lives. Virgos can spend a lot of time worrying about how they come across to people, as they have high expectations of themselves. Because of this, if they are not feeling 100% confident in themselves, they may skip out on social events. 


What Is the Element of Virgo? 

The element of Virgo is Earth, making it a practical logical sign. It also makes Virgos enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Because they get so much enjoyment out of their home, the earth, they like to treat it with respect. 

Virgos tend to enjoy a clean environment and minimalist feel. They only bring things into their lives that “spark joy.” The environment that they are in can influence their mood, so they prefer their environment to have a lot of care and refinement. 

Similar to their environment, they enjoy looking nice and having good personal hygiene. Virgos like to look like they put care into their appearance, and like to have a healthy “glow.” They are often the best dressed in a room. 


What House Does Virgo Rule? 

The zodiac chart is divided into 12 segments, with each segment called “house.” Each house has various traits assigned to it, and the constellation that the house falls in is governed by that zodiac sign. 

The house that Virgo rules over is the 6th house. The 6th house is physical health, vitality, organization, methodical thinking, practicality, giving service, getting tasks done, and helping out the community. 

Those born with their sun in the 6th house have these qualities as more of their core personality trait. They love being of service to others, they care about their appearance, they like to see organization in their environment, and are very logical in their thinking. 



These are the basics of Virgo, but there are so many more ways that you can use your sun sign to learn about deeper aspects of your personality. 

For example, you can use tarot cards to learn more about your sun sign. And you can also use the power of crystals that are compatible with your sun sign. 

I wrote an article about which crystals are compatible with which signs, which you can read here: Gems For The Zodiac Signs & Using Them For Spiritual Growth

If you want to learn your entire birth chart, I encourage you to search for free birth charts and learn more about the other elements of your natal chart. 


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