Is a Monarch Butterfly Appearing To You As A Spirit Guide?

There are some people that have incarnated with a unique spiritual affinity towards the plant and animal kingdom, and they notice synchronistic patterns emerge from certain creatures. This can be a sign that the animal you are drawn to is your animal spirit guide. 

So, how can you tell if a Monarch butterfly is your spirit guide? If you have been going through a spiritual awakening, have asked the universe for guidance, or have recently been through a big life change and you start to see monarch butterflies, this is a sign that the Monarch butterfly is appearing to you as your spirit guide.

Depending on when you see a monarch butterfly, what events you are going through in your life, and the emotions you feel, the message from your spirit guide is unique to you. This article will discuss how to narrow down the messages you are receiving from this beautiful creature. 


What Is An Animal Spirit Guide? 

Years ago when I first started out on my spiritual journey, I had no idea what power animals or spirit guides were. I felt very connected to certain animals but did not know why. For those of you who don’t know what these are, here is a brief overview, and resources that will give you more information. 

Shamanism holds a spiritual belief that everything is alive, everything has a spirit that converges with our physical experiences and that there are sacred spiritual messages that exist within them. Shamans throughout history have known that we all have the capacity to connect with plants, animals, natural forces, and helping spirits for guidance and healing. An example of this is synchronicities, visions, intuitive feelings, and more. The messages come from the spirit world that can be given by spirit animals  – amongst others (ancestors, angels, souls that have passed on, etc). 

There are some people that are born in this lifetime with a natural affinity towards animals, in which case they most likely have a stronger connection to animal spirit guides rather than other spirit guides. These people often gravitate towards the healing arts, such as shamanism, intuitive healing, massage therapy, art therapy. They are often very empathic, especially in regards to nature and mother earth. 

The beautiful thing about spirit animals is that they give us insight about ourselves beyond the human experience. They teach through the wisdom of cycles, seasons, natural order, and trust. The messages from spirit animals usually make you feel more grounded and confident in your physical body and in the physical world. 


How To Tell if a Monarch Butterfly Is Your Spirit Guide

Is a Monarch Butterfly Appearing To You As A Spirit Guide?

So now that you know what a spirit animal is, how do you tell if a monarch butterfly is your spirit guide? Well, the just fact that you looked it up means that you probably already have a strong connection with a monarch butterfly, and this is a sign that it is your spirit guide. 

But, if you still aren’t sure if monarch butterflies are appearing to you as your animal spirit, here are some ways you can tell if you and monarch butterflies are spiritually connected:

1. You Dream About Monarch Butterflies

Spiritual messages are often given in dreams because that is when our intuition is processing information, not our awake logical brain. If you have a recurring symbol of a monarch butterfly showing up in your dream, it is a sign that the monarch butterfly is guiding you or giving you deep spiritual insight. 

The best thing to do when you wake up from a dream with a monarch butterfly in it is to journal your dream. The message might not be clear right when you wake up, but the longer you wait to try to interpret it, the foggier your memory of the dream gets. Record your dream first thing, then you can analyze the message with more time and patience. 

2. You See Monarch Butterflies In Meditation And Visions

Some people get downloads of information when they are being given a strong spiritual message. This can appear as a vision to some people, or a strong image of something appearing to them in their mind’s eye. 

If you get visions of a monarch butterfly or think about them frequently, this may be a sign that you are being visited by the monarch butterfly spirit animal. It is best to write down what you saw and how you felt when this image appeared to you. Collecting these downloads on paper can help you connect the dots later. 

Meditation is another way to strengthen your spiritual relationship, and many people who have a regular meditation practice report receiving strong visions and downloads of spiritual information. Meditation allows you to tune into your own inner wisdom, and spiritual messages are more likely to come through. Receiving a vision of a monarch butterfly in meditation is another way that the spirit animal will visit you. 

3. You Have Synchronistic Sightings Of Monarch Butterflies

A very common way for your animal spirit guide to appear to you in the physical realm is in the form of synchronicities. This is a way that spiritual energies and the natural world dance together to convey information and patterns to you. 

What usually happens when synchronicities appear is that you see something over and over again in different forms. For example, you may have seen a couple of monarch butterflies on a morning walk. Then, later that day, you get an email from a random person who has a monarch butterfly as their user avatar. In the evening you turn on the TV and there is a nature show about monarch butterflies. Later that night you go out to Thai food with a friend, and the song “Butterfly Kisses” starts playing on the radio. 

It can seem like monarch butterflies show up, again and again, no matter where you go or what you do. This is a sign that you are tuned into the energy that your spirit animal can communicate to you. The best thing to do when this happens is to sit still and listen. Meditate on the image of a monarch butterfly and see what information comes in. 

4. You Feel Very Attracted To Monarch Butterflies And Gain A Lot Of Spiritual Insight When You See Or Read About Them

Your spirit animal doesn’t necessarily have to appear to you in dreams, visions, or synchronicities for it to be your spirit animal. Often, you will just feel a very strong connection to a certain animal, without an explainable reason. 

If you LOVE monarch butterflies, and can’t get enough of them, there is a reason you feel a spiritual connection to them. This is a sign that you strongly resonate with the spiritual energy of a monarch butterfly, and can connect on many levels with the experience that they go through in their lifetime. 


How To Utilize The Energy Of The Monarch Butterfly To Lead You To Success

Is a Monarch Butterfly Appearing To You As A Spirit Guide?

For a full break-down of the spiritual meaning and symbolism of a monarch butterfly, I encourage you to check out my article: The Ultimate Guide: Spiritual Meaning of Monarch Butterflies

In this article, you will learn what spiritual principles that guide this amazing butterfly, and what it means in your life. 

Once you know what the spiritual purpose of a monarch butterfly spirit guide is to you, you can begin to grow that relationship and start receiving messages. 

Here are some ways you can bring in the spiritual energy of monarch butterflies into your life to help you reach success in whatever you do. 


If your spirit animal is a monarch butterfly, this creature is reflecting back to you the attributes that you are discovering within yourself.  There is something attracting you to the energy of this magical creature, so it will be helpful to study its behavior in order to learn more about who you are at your core essence. 

The best way to document your findings is to start a journal that gets introspective about what qualities in a monarch butterfly you see in yourself. You can use questions and prompts to dig deep into your connection to them, which will lead you to spiritual discoveries about yourself. 

For example, what are the qualities of a monarch butterfly that stands out to you? Does its bright orange color stand out? Do you feel a special connection to the incredible migrations that this unique butterfly makes each year? Is it the transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly that makes this insect so special to you? 

Whatever is drawing you closer to this creature are aspects of yourself that you energetically resonate with. You may find that you resonate with the small and delicate nature of a monarch butterfly, or the endurance and brightness that they express.

Incorporate The Energies Of The Monarch Butterfly Into Your Life

A person that fully resonates with monarch butterfly energy is on a spiritual journey in this lifetime and is awakening to their true purpose and highest self. They have a strong inner light that guides them towards their truth. They have a lot of trust in the universe, not needing to know the big picture in order to take steps forward. 

Their core values are: strength, endurance, spirituality, trusting in themselves, trusting in the universe, standing for what they believe in, curiosity, learning, traveling, feeling a sense of growth in all that they do.

If a monarch butterfly is your spirit animal, how can you include these core values, goals, and dreams into your life? For example, trusting in the universe is something that strongly aligns with monarch butterfly energy, but what if right now you don’t have a lot of trust that things will work out? Finding a way to build your trust would be a great way to allow the energy of a monarch butterfly to guide you. 

If you don’t know where to start, just ask! Ask the universe, Source or the monarch butterfly spirit itself to give you signs and answers as to your next steps. 

Give Your Own Energy Back To Them (Establish A Relationship)

By far, the BEST way to establish a strong spiritual connection to monarch butterflies is to give your energy to helping the species thrive. As you open your emotions, and energetically invest in these creatures, they will give back to you. It’s the cycle of life and spiritual laws of giving. 

The population of monarch butterflies has dropped to heart-breaking numbers in the past decade due to deforestation, the use of pesticides, genetically modified crops, urban expansion, wildfires, climate change, and more. 

A recent study found that if these trends continue, the western population has a 63 percent chance of extinction in 20 years and more than an 80 percent chance of extinction within 50 years. The western population is now at the threshold of extinction. [Source]

While the decrease of monarch butterflies is the regretful sign of our mistreatment of our home planet, we can all do our part to reestablish that connection. 

Here is a video that explains how planting milkweed can help: 

If you feel a spiritual connection to monarch butterflies, planting just one milkweed plant (a plant they need to survive) can help the species, and give you a sense of closer connection to these spectacular creatures. 



Connecting with your spirit animal is a great way to develop a strong spiritual practice, as well as providing you guidance for your next steps. The monarch butterfly is a powerfully spiritual insect that has a lot of spiritual insight to share with you, so tune into the message that is being given right now. 

Have you been asking the universe to send you a sign or a spirit animal? This could be communication from the universe. 

Like everything on this site and on the internet, use your intuition when deciding what spiritual insight is being given to you. While this is one explanation of why monarch butterflies are appearing in your life, everyone has their own spiritual language. Sit still and listen to your own answers about the symbolism of what a monarch butterfly appearing in your life means to you and your spiritual journey. 

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