What Is The Meaning of 11 11? Why Are You Seeing It So Much?

The last few nights, just as I went to sleep, I turned to set my alarm clock only to see the numbers 11:11 staring back at me. I often see 11:11 as a time, but for some reason seeing it three nights in a row seemed significant. I finally said “ok, ok, I’m listening,” and intuitively listened to the messages it was giving me. 

So, what does it mean to see the number 11 11 repeatedly? Seeing the number 11 11 means that something has been shifted in your physical reality that is impacting your spiritual and energetic reality. It is a message that your physical reality is a mirror into the spiritual dimension, and your thoughts, actions and belief systems shape both worlds at the same time. If you see 11 11 repeatedly, you have recently shifted a core belief about yourself that has sent ripples of change through many dimensions. 

There is a reason why a part of you is drawn to looking at a clock at the time 11:11, which happens on a deep subconscious and energetic level. It shows us that we don’t have as much control as we think, and our energetic realities do govern our actions in more ways than we imagine.  

At the end of this article, I explain the strange phenomenon that many people have been experiencing the sightings of 11 11 since the beginning of the year 2020. 

Seeing 11 11 Everywhere?

If you are one of those people that say “I see 11 11 everywhere,” then this article is meant for you. 

Seeing 11 11 appear in your life is called a pattern. Patterns are repeated synchronistic events that communicate to your active consciousness what is happening on a deeper energetic and spiritual level. 

When you notice the number 11 11 on a frequent basis, it means your energetic blueprint is aligned so that you notice that number. Your thoughts and actions will lead to you seeing the number 11 11. 

For example, you think it’s just a coincidence that you checked the clock at 11:11 am; however, you were following an energetic program leading you to check the time at that specific moment. 

The question becomes, why? Why is a part of yourself drawn to see that number?

We have an infinite amount of choices to make every day. Many of these choices are made on autopilot because our conscious mind can’t keep up with the number of decisions we have to make moment to moment. 

Our “autopilot” choices are programed to our energetic blueprint. And this blueprint is designed from the layers of our belief system that has been developing since the day we were born. 

When something shifts in that blueprint, the choices we make on “autopilot” start changing. This fundamentally changes our reality. This is when 11 11 shows up. It is letting you know that a core part of you has been altered which will ripple throughout your current reality and your reality will slowly begin to change. 

It may be a good idea to keep a journal and jot down the instances when you see 11 11. When you look back at those journal entries, you may find that 11 11 appeared a lot right before a big change occurred in your life. 

The sign of 11 11 is meant to give you encouragement. It usually shows up at times when you are feeling inspired and productive to move forward with your goals. 

Have you been thinking about making a big change in your life? Have you been doing something differently in your routine that is slowly working towards a better version of yourself? 

For example, let’s say that you decide you want to start meditating daily, so you set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier to begin the practice. After a few days, you begin to see the number 11 11 everywhere. This could be a sign that whatever you’re doing is shifting an energetic part of you for the better. Keep on going! 

Seeing 11 11 everywhere could also be your own way of keeping you awake. It is like the rumble strip on the side of the highway that wakes you up if you veer into another lane.  

When you begin to fall asleep behind the wheel, 11 11 brings you back to the present moment. 

The Numerology Of The Number 11 11

Numerology is a belief that numbers carry a certain vibration, and within that vibration, there is a language that communicates a deeper meaning of the fabric of our reality. Each number is a thread, and those threads are woven to create the final piece of art: our physical world

Numbers can be seen everywhere. Essentially, every object around you can be broken down into a set of numbers that relate to its vibrational frequency. 

In numerology, the belief is that the number 11 is a master number. Master numbers are said to resonate at an extremely high frequency, so they have more of an impact on you. When you keep seeing a number, it means you are tuned to the vibration of that number. 

Because the frequency of 11 is so high, it is thought to be the portal to experience supernatural sensations, such as a heightened intuitive sense.  Some people believe that it is the number that links the physical and spiritual world. Manifestations from the spiritual world enter the physical reality on the vibration of number 11. 

There is a lot of information on the internet that links 11 11 in numerology with destruction, which has spooked some people. They think that if they see 11 11 it is a bad omen. 

However, the number 11 11 is similar to seeing the yin yang. It is all about balance

Manifestations come in on the high vibration of number 11, but in order for those to take root and change your reality, another part of your reality will have to fall away. 

In this sense, 11 11 is the number of change. But this is a change for the better. You may experience something such as a “disaster,” however, it will open an energetic void for new manifestations to come into your reality.  

You can see this in the Tarot: card number 11 is the Justice card, which is all about a balance between the spiritual and physical world. 

Don’t be alarmed if things start changing in your reality if you see the number 11 11 repeatedly. These changes are leading you to a higher version of your reality.  

Here is another theory as to why some people see the number 11 11 so often: 

Number 11 11 and Love: Twin Flame

Those who believe in a twin flame report that they see the number 11 11 when they are moving closer to their twin counterpart. 

Twin flames are two people that exist that share the same consciousness, thus have the same soul journey, and evolve along the same timeline. 

So, does the number 11 11 mean your twin flame is nearby?

Whether your twin flame manifests or not, seeing the number 11 11 does mean that your reality is changing for the better. If for you this means meeting your twin flame, then 11 11 can have this meaning. 

When you see the number 11 11 you are in a period of accelerated growth and your manifestations come into your reality a lot quicker. 

If you want to manifest your twin flame, your reality will begin to set you up to achieve this. 

But just like the numerology of 11 11 teaches us, it is all about balance. 

Just like the numerology of 11 11, twin flames are the perfect example of a yin-yang. The perfect masculine or feminine counterpart to the other. 

So whether or not you meet your twin flame, your request will naturally bring in more balance and harmony. This represents a larger lesson: you are beginning to love yourself more. 

Your twin flame can only love you as much as you love yourself, so if you are ready to meet your twin flame, you have learned to love yourself unconditionally. This is the message of 11 11 and love. 

Seeing 11 11 In a Dream

If you have a dream where you see the number 11 11, this is a significant dream, so write it down! 

11 11 in a dream represents how you are seeing yourself in the world. It represents the classic internal conflict of being an individual vs. connecting to the wider consciousness.

I like to think of it like Frodo in Lord Of The Rings. He had a simple life in the Shire, yet he was called to go on a terrifying journey and risk his life to save Middle Earth. While he resisted the new responsibility, he knew he was the best one for the job. 

11 11 dreams are often reflecting a similar dilemma. We want to keep our lives simple and stay disconnected from the collective consciousness; however, 11 11 means you are being called to raise the collective consciousness. 

Seeing 11 11 in a dream could also give you insight into what you are in the process of manifesting into your reality, and your deeper hidden desires that are coming to the surface. 

If you dream of someone and see 11 11, this could be a sign that your evolving consciousness involves them somehow, such as ending a relationship or starting one. 

Meaning of Seeing 11 11 11

What if you see three 11’s in a row: 11 11 11? 

When there is anything in a set of 3’s, in the spirit world that represents a gateway. 

The trinity is a powerfully religious symbol for a reason. 

If you see 11 11 11, it means perfection has been attained and things will manifest in their purest form. 

11 11 11 is the number that is tuned into Source energy, which expresses unconditional love that has to exist for anything to be created. If you are tuned to the vibration of 11 11 11 enough to see it repeatedly, you have a unique connection with the divine. 

Seeing 11/11 or 1/11 as a Date

In January we are conditioned to set “new year’s resolutions” for the following year. While it makes sense that a new year presents the opportunity to get back on track, it is also in alignment with the energy of 1. 

Some people believe that between the months 11 and 1 (November to January) is all about rebirth and rediscovering of lost parts of ourselves. It is about awakening to the higher versions of ourselves that we have been asleep to. 

In this way, new year’s resolutions set between January 1st and January 11th can have a dynamic impact on your life. 

If you see the number 11 11 in November or January or notice that you feel more productive on dates of 11/11 or 1/11, it is a great time to lay out your goals and resolutions for the upcoming month or year.

Seeing 11 11 In The Year 2020: What’s Really Going On?

It has not gone overlooked by me that many people have experienced the phenomenon of seeing 11 11 since the beginning of the year 2020. 

The same thing happened to me. This blog post was written on 1/11/2020, after many many synchronistic sightings of 11 11.

And, for most people, it started right after January 1st, 2020. 

I believe that this is a collective energetic blueprint that many people are part of. It is a common shared experience and is becoming increasingly so. 

The message for those seeing 11 11 is that our actions impact each other. The decisions we make do make a difference in the realities of others. We are finally waking up to our shared existence and our collective connection to one higher source. 

In numerology, the number 11 is often reduced to its single root number of 2 (1+1=2) and is often depicted as 11/2. While 11 is a master number and can stand on its own, the root number 2 is a lower vibrational counterpart of the higher 11. They are connected in a master/student relationship. 

2 is a number of emotional intelligence and keen intuitive perception, but it has not yet woken up to its true potential. It is still in the developing phases trying to find a stable foundation on which to stand. 

My interpretation of seeing 11 11 in 2020 is that there are many people (intuitive masters) who have fully awakened to their intuitive gifts, and are now needing to help others awaken to theirs. 

It is a calling to all the masters to start going out to teach those who are willing to listen. 

With all the events happening in the world, people are getting more and more disconnected from themselves. Those who have a deeper intuitive desire will feel anguish the more they feel disconnected. This will cause them to seek out ways to connect to their intuition. These are the 2s. 

There are many people who are needing to awaken to their path, they just need a support group who will help them lay their foundation. 

If you have been seeing the number 11 11 since 2020, your calling may be in the energetic and healing arts to help others. 


If you are seeing the number 11 11, don’t just shrug it off as a coincidence. There is a reason why you felt the nudge to pull out your phone and check that time at that exact moment. 

In this article, I listed some possible meanings of 11 11, but like anything, use your intuition to determine what it means for you. 

If you are still unsure what 11 11 means, sit and meditate on the number for some time. Journal when it happens, and see if you can notice a pattern of certain events or feelings that arise at that same time. 

Have fun exploring your own meaning of 11 11, and see where the spiritual portals lead you next. 

Rose Putnam

Rose is the owner and founder of Crystal Clear Intuition and the author of the blog. She is a trained Intuitive Coach and does intuitive readings, coaching and healings. She is passionate about meditation and is a meditation teacher and mentor.

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