Lion Dream Meaning: A Spiritual & Symbolic Interpretation

Dreaming of a lion carries powerful symbolism, so these dreams can often make you wonder what the deeper spiritual meaning is. Lions are powerful creatures and can evoke a wide range of emotions from fear to amazement, especially when seen in dreams. 

So, what is the spiritual meaning of seeing a lion in your dreams? Seeing a lion in your dreams represents a convergence of your personal willpower and determination meeting with the Divine will and support. Lions represent a connection and power that Source energy can have on your manifestations. It is about taking action, feeling confident in yourself, strength and success. 

Depending on what emotions you feel in your dream, and the context that the lion appears to you while you are dreaming, a lion can represent different parts of you in your unique dream. This article will go over the most common lion dreams, and what they represent. 


The Spiritual Symbolism Of a Lion

Spiritually, lions relate to the energy of the solar plexus chakra, or third chakra, which is all about self-expression, self-confidence, creativity, and manifestation. It is also related to the astrological sign of Leo, which is linked to the character traits of being passionate, charismatic, powerful, brave and a strong leader. 

When a lion appears to you in a dream or vision, it is a request to bring a level of energy, passion, and motivation to a project or life aspiration. You may have imagined a life that you want to create, and a lion is meant to give you the inspiration to take action and to begin to manifest it. You are being told to stand tall, hold your shoulders high, and stand your ground with a loud roar. It is not a time to back down from outside forces trying to bring you down. 

Lions can bring out the part of you that is brave and willing to take risks to expand your territory into unknown worlds to expand your reality and fulfill your dreams. Your passion outweighs your fear of taking risks – in fact, the risks involved may make it even more alluring to you. 

The dynamism and confidence of lions make them magnetic, and others are attracted to this energy. If you are getting a message from Spirit in the form of a lion, it may be that you are being seen as highly charismatic and others are wanting you to join their team or be their team leader. This is a time to grow your tribe and strengthen your community that supports and surrounds you. 

However, lions can also be too hasty, taking swift action without weighing all the risks. If the ego gets in the way, and the spiritual lessons are ignored, decisions and actions that are inspired by the lion can be impulsive and damaging for long-term success. If you are greeted by an aggressive or irritable lion, the message may be to slow down, be patient and understand that your consequences have actions. 


What Does A Lion Represent In Dreams

If you have a dream with a lion in it, this is often a message from Spirit, and you can gain a lot of information about the energies you are processing in your subconscious and energetic bodies. So, what does it mean when a lion shows up in your dream? 

Lions in your dream are often showing you new discoveries about yourself in regards to how you make decisions that are in alignment with your core values and Divine will. These dreams can also show you how ready you are to take action on the decisions that need to make, and what is holding you back. When lions appear in your dreams, it is meant to give you encouragement and clarity. 

In your dreams, there will often be other symbolism that will give you clues as to your relationship with your inner power and your ability to stick with your goals so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. For example, you may dream of a lion in a cage, which can mean that there is something holding you back from fully expressing your inner strength.  

If a lion appears to you in your dream, it is meant to give you the courage to face the challenges ahead, so seeing a lion in your dream may mean that there are obstacles ahead. But, you do have the strength to overcome these challenges, which will prepare you for a successful future. These challenges may come from external sources, or they may be inner conflicts that must be confronted and defeated. 

If this has been a period of time where you have had a lot of doubt about your capability, strength, and resiliency, a lion has appeared in your dream to tell you that you do have what it takes to be successful. If you trust yourself, lean on your inner truth, use your willpower and focus on the goal, there will be nothing that can stop you. However, you will not be successful overnight. Lions show you that success comes when you tap into your inner strength that has longevity. The alpha male of the pride always has to defend his position at the top. 

The lessons you are learning are related to shifting your energetic system so that you can be more assertive, brave, confident and passionate. You are learning to set boundaries, and more importantly, you are learning to trust yourself and by getting rid of any self-doubt or limiting beliefs.  


Dreaming of a Lion Attacking You In a Dream

Lions In Dreams: The Spiritual Meaning & Interpretation

Lions are often feared for their power and strength, especially when they are on the attack. Lions that are attacking you in your dreams can often make you feel stressed, pain and a need to survive. 

So, what does it mean to have a lion attack you in a dream? A lion that is attacking you in a dream is a warning that you may be letting some challenges or obstacles get the better of you.

You may have thought that you had the strength to see a goal completed, but something is holding you back from the finish line. It might be external energies holding you back, or it may be your own inner belief and thoughts that are bringing you down. 

It can be helpful to take a step back and reevaluate your goals. What have you been trying to accomplish, and why is it challenging? Are there people or outside energies trying to prevent you from moving your life forward? Are you letting their opinions and doubts hold you back? Or is there a deeper, more internal reason for your lack of forward movement? 

1. Your inner strength and stubbornness is working against you

Seeing a lion in a dream is a symbol of inner strength, but having that inner strength being turned against oneself is a sign of inner conflict and self-doubt. You might think that putting so much hard work and energy towards your goal is the right thing to do, but deep down something is telling you that you to stop and change your direction. Your stubbornness is making you ignore your intuition and gut feelings.

2. There are outside energies working against you

If you feel that there are other people or energies attacking you and trying to bring you down, you are being told that you need to set up strong boundaries, and energetically hold your ground. 

If you feel that the outside energies are taking up too much energy to handle and you feel overwhelmed, take a step back and ask yourself if standing up to those people is worth it. It is easy to get distracted by trying to win battles that are hard to take and keep control and don’t have much impact on your future success. Don’t try to win just to be right. Instead, focus your energies on the battles that you can win, and that are necessary for your long-term success. 

3. You are being too controlling

Related to this, a lion attacking you in a dream may be a sign that you are being too controlling of every small detail, and as a result, you feel as though every part of your life has to be a battle to fight. Controlling every aspect of your life is not power; learning how to trust the universe and utilize your power efficiently is the greater lesson to be learned. Letting things play out without your hand in every decision may be the answer. 

Here are some other common dreams related to being attacked by a lion, and the possible meaning: 

Being chased by a lionDreaming of being chased by a lion means that you are running away from your own inner strength. This can be a fear of taking on extra responsibility or a fear of being successful. It can be helpful to ask yourself what is holding you back. If it has to do with not feeling capable of success, or not feeling powerful or confident enough, this could be a sign you are not embracing your inner truth. The message and lesson to learn is to tap into and strengthen your inner strength and confidence. 
Dreaming of a lion biteDreaming of a lion biting you is a message that your actions have consequences. The meaning is literal, in that your actions have come back to “bite” you. Because the symbolism of a lion is all about strength and power, it may be that you have abused your power or used it to harm someone. If you are in a leadership position, the message is to pay attention to how your decisions impact others. If you use your power to help people, great rewards will come out of it. If you use your power to hurt people, only negative outcomes can come from it. 
Fighting with a lion in a dreamDreaming of fighting with a lion in a dream is a dream about inner conflict. Your ego and your inner truth are not in alignment, which is causing some stress in your subconscious. Often time strength is shown by walking away from something, not staying put. You may be asked to change your path in life, yet, you don’t want to give up the things you have fought for. The struggle may be that you don’t feel fulfilled in life, but you don’t want to walk away from the life that you built. It may be time to make big changes, which will be hard in the short term, but give you long-term fulfillment. 
Dreaming of a running lionIf you dream that a lion is running towards you, yet you aren’t running but you feel scared, this is a positive dream. It means that you are facing your inner fears of what it means to be strong and powerful. These aren’t easy energies to feel, and they can feel like anxiety or fear until your energies make their full shift into a new alignment. The message is to hold your head up high and trust that the lion won’t hurt you. It will only make you stronger. 
Lion attacking someone elseDreaming of a lion attacking someone else means that you feel powerless, and even in the most distressing situations, all you can do is watch. It may be a sign that you have a blocked solar plexus chakra, making you feel as though you can’t stand up for yourself or others. The power that was taken from you could be a result of someone else stealing or draining your self-worth or self-power; if someone comes to mind when you read this, it is best to set boundaries with that person to get your power back. 
Lion attacking a childDreaming of a lion attacking a child is particularly disturbing, yet, a very powerful dream about your subconscious energies. This dream often means that your feelings of being powerless stem from wounds from your childhood. You may have felt vulnerable and powerless as a child, which has resulted in limiting beliefs about your self-worth making you feel self-conscious. It could be healing to do work on strengthening your inner child. 


Dreaming Of A Calm Lion

Lions In Dreams: The Spiritual Meaning & Interpretation

Having a dream about a calm lion is a positive dream and a good omen. This dream is all about inner strength and confidence that you can overcome the challenges that life throws at you. You have a balanced and strong solar plexus chakra, giving you consistent energy and relentless persistence to see your goal to the end. 

This dream is all about maintaining your composure and standing tall, facing your battles with a balance of self-awareness and swift, confident action. You are tuned into your inner wisdom so that you can make the best decisions for long-term success. 

Seeing a calm lion is all about power and control over one’s own emotions and inner-conflicts; it is not about the power that you have over others. Because of your strong composure, self-assuredness, and charismatic energy, others look to you for guidance. The power you have is sought after — instead of having to fight to be at the top, others fight for you to get you there. 

If you have this dream and in your waking life you are feeling like you have self-doubt or insecurities holding you back, the lion is there to encourage you that you do have the inner strength to achieve your goals. It is a reminder to search within for your own inner power, and trust yourself completely. 

When a lion appears calm in your dream, yet you feel as though you have been emotionally turbulent lately, the lion is appearing to you to remind you that you do have more control over your life story than you think. It may be a good idea to begin to meditate so that you can find that calm center once again. 

Here are some other common dreams that people have which are related to a dream with a calm lion: 

Having a lion as a petDreaming of having a lion as a pet is about loving and accepting the parts of yourself that are powerful and passionate. Because pets are often our unconditionally loving friends, we often give that love back in return. This dream is a message to embrace the parts of yourself that enjoy a challenge and can stand strong in the face of conflict. Sometimes we can feel guilty for feeling powerful; this dream says to love and nurture that part of yourself. 
Cuddling, hugging or petting a lionDreaming of petting or hugging a lion is about giving attention to yourself so that you align more with your true self. Have you been feeling insecure or inadequate lately? This dream is about searching within for your inner-strength and fostering the parts of you that allow you to align more with your inner-power and confidence. You do deserve to have your voice be heard. 
Playing with a lionDreaming about playing with a lion in a dream asking you to stop taking yourself so seriously and to have fun! Often, in the expression of power and control, we can get serious and too hard-working. Yet, life is about enjoying the challenges and the fruits of your labor. If you have a personality of all work and no play, it is time to use that passionate lion energy towards having a good time. Get those dancing shoes on! 


Dream Meaning of a Lion In a Cage

Having a dream where a lion is in a cage is a common dream because it is all about your own power feeling caged. Today, many people feel as though they are not living up to their true potential, and they are stuck at a job or in a life that makes them feel like a caged animal. 

This is the message of a dream with a caged lion: You are not living at your highest potential, and something is making you feel stuck, blocked or caged. It may be a job that you aren’t passionate about, a relationship that you feel stuck in, or an overall lifestyle that doesn’t feel fulfilling. 

If you are stuck in a situation where you feel stuck or caged in, it may be helpful to ask yourself what is holding you back from making changes? Why aren’t you able to quit your job? Why aren’t you able to leave the relationship? 

Often, the answer is fear of the unknown, or not trusting that you will be able to figure out a different solution. What if you can’t find another job? Or what if someone else won’t love you and you’ll be alone your whole life? 

This is a sign of deeply suppressed insecurities, lack of confidence, and a disconnection with inner-trust. You are relying on others to feed you, keeping yourself locked away, hoping someone will open the cage and let you out. 

The message is to let yourself out. The lion is a message that you have what it takes to completely change your life for the better, no matter what situation you are in, regardless of age, sex, race, ability, etc. You have tremendous potential and so much to give to the world. But you are not able to run free to express it. 

After having this dream, pay attention to your energy levels and mood. If you feel depressed, fatigued, sluggish or irritable, it is a sign that you are not in alignment with your true and highest self. Taking some time to connect with yourself can help to build your confidence back up. 

Also, asking for help can be a powerful tool in this situation. Asking your friends, partner, co-workers or professionals for guidance can give you the affirmation and support you need to finally make big changes in your life for the better.  


Dreaming of Killing a Lion in a Dream Meaning

Killing a lion in a dream can give you a lot of information about what is holding you back from achieving success in your life. You may have a lot of ideas and imaginations, yet, there is something holding you back from taking action to see that those manifest. 

To kill a lion in a dream is to stop the flow of creative and manifesting energy to bring it into your reality. You have the energy and passion of a lion, but you do not have a clear path forward to know what to do with all that energy. 

This may result in you acting out, being flighty, being non-commital, having self-sabotaging behavior, or being dishonest with yourself and others. 

The act of killing a lion, whether out of self-defense or not, is a message that you are having a hard time figuring out what your purpose is in life, and the direction you want your creativity to go. You have a powerful ability to manifest, yet, without knowing how to channel it, that energy goes wasted. 

It is time to focus on what you truly want in life and hone in on your core values and deepest passions. It will take strength and courage to start taking action to see that your dreams are manifested. Refrain from feeling impatient or discouraged, and you’ll soon feel the heart of the lion beating once again. 

What Does it Mean To See a Dead Lion In a Dream? 

If you see a dead lion in a dream, but you weren’t the one that killed it, this is a sign that there are many changes that are about to happen in your life. 

In spiritual language, death is always the signal of something ending so something else can be birthed. It is about evolution and transformation. However, death always means that something is about to end so something else can take its place. 

The death of a lion signifies that there is a part of you that is ready to end, which has to do with your power and confidence. 

It may be that a leadership role will soon come to an end. Or, you will lose control or power over something in your life. This will be challenging in the short term, which will force you to rise up and strengthen these aspects of yourself even more. 

Whatever challenges that lie ahead will make you braver, stronger and more powerful in the long run.   


Other Common Dreams with Lions 

Lions In Dreams: The Spiritual Meaning & Interpretation

Dreaming of a Lion In Your House

In dreams, your house usually represents your inner soul and your subconscious. Houses are a place of safety and security, and where we go to build our life and future. 

To see a lion in your house means that you are working to manifest something for your future in order to give you more security for the future. You are now trying to figure out how to put that power and success into manifesting mode. This may be a time of making a plan for the future, weighing certain financial risks and deciding what to walk away from so you can invest more time into something else. 

Seeing a lion in your house is a good omen for success and happiness in your future. But, it is also a sign to not make a hasty short-term decision out of impatience. You need to have a more clear path before making life-changing decisions. 

Perhaps you are not seeing all the options available to you. The lion asks you to explore beyond the safety of your own home to see what is out there. You don’t know what lies outside the door if you never leave the house. Make sure you have seen all the options available before settling on one. 

Dreaming of a Lion In Your Room

Similar to dreaming of a lion in your house, dreaming of a lion in your bedroom is a dream about your inner soul and your heart energies. The room often represents the intimate spaces of your soul and your heart energies. It is a deeply spiritual place. 

This is a sign to trust your heart. The callings of your heart and Divine will are in alignment right now. You should feel encouraged to follow your heart and move in the direction of your deepest passions in life. 

If you have been looking for permission to start doing the things you love, then this is the permission to move forward with taking action to fulfill your dreams. 

This dream is all about going back to basics, so you may need to start small and learn from a new beginning. But as your energetical alignment settles into your new life of passion and listening to your heart, success will soon follow. 

Dreaming of a Roaring Lion in a Dream 

When lions roar, they are establishing their territory and communicating their power. So, what does it mean to dream of a lion roaring? In a dream, when a lion roars, it is a similar message. The energy of a lions roar is the element of fire and strong masculine energy. 

A roaring lion is a sign of leadership and power. You may be called to step into a role of leading others, or others may ask you to be in that role. If you are not in a leadership role or wanting to be, this dream could mean that others will surround you and support your dreams and visions. 

You have strong magnetic energy around you, and others gravitate towards your confidence and self-expression. They sense that you believe in yourself, and as a result, they believe in you as well. 

Exuding confidence starts from believing deep down that you have a high self-worth and are truly confident. Once it is established strongly from within, others will see it too. 

The roar is a sign that you are speaking your world into existence right now. Be mindful of what you say and what you think, and those are the vibrations that are being put out into the world, and the frequency in which your manifestation will come in. 

Dreaming of Lion Cubs 

What does it mean to dream of baby lions? Dreaming of lion cubs means that you are starting out on a new journey of learning your true protection. Something has recently changed in your life, and you are now stepping into a period of growth. 

You may be in a season where you have a lot of ideas and passions flooding into your mind right now. You may feel a new wave of inspiration to start a new project or change your life. It might feel like you have limitless opportunities right now. 

You have a gift for dreaming up new creative ideas unfettered by the burdens of everyday life. Nothing will get in the way of your dreams! 

However, while you have ideas flooding into your mind right now, they are still in the growth stage, and it will take time to see them grow into maturity. But as your ideas grow, so will your own confidence and sense of inner-strength. 

Baby lions are a sign that you have an ambitious spirit and a curious mind. Once you learn how to narrow your focus and ground your ideas into reality, there is nothing that you can’t create. 


Recommended Next Steps

If you wake up from a lion dream and are feeling insecure or that you have lost your sense of purpose or passion, the message may be to strengthen or cleanse your solar plexus chakra. This is your manifesting center, and place where you have a strong sense of self. 

Once your solar plexus is balanced and has high vitality, you will feel more confident and your manifestations will come in a lot quicker. Below are my recommended tools for strengthening the solar plexus chakra: 


Crystals can be a great tool to balance and strengthen the chakras. For the solar plexus chakra, the best crystals to use are: 

  • Citrine, 
  • Bloodstone
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Shungite 
  • Orange Calcite
  • Carnelian

Essential Oils

Using aromatherapy is another great way to strengthen and cleanse your solar plexus chakra. The best essential oils for balancing your solar plexus are: 

  • Patchouli
  • Citrus Oils: Lemon, Grapefruit, Neroli, Sweet Orange, and Bergamot
  • Rosemary
  • Juniper
  • Roman Chamomile



Dreaming of lions, whether it brings up negative or positive emotions, is a powerful dream and one that you should pay attention to. These dreams communicate messages about power, manifestation, creativity, confidence and living a life of passion. Everyone deserves to live a life that they love, and lions are the messengers of living life at your highest potential. 

Like everything on this site and on the internet, use your intuition when deciding what dream symbolism works best with you. While this is one interpretation of the spiritual meaning of a lion in your dreams, everyone has their own intuitive and dream language. Sit still and listen to your own answers about what the symbolism of a lion in your dream means to you and your spiritual journey. 


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