Health & Beauty Tools

A healthy lifestyle and care for your own wellness is a fundamental part of energetic health and maintaining a high vibration. If the physical body is abandoned in search of spiritual pursuits, your manifestations will be very slow to come into your reality, and may never be manifested.

When your physical world and the spiritual world align at the same vibration, your manifestations come in very quickly. If your physical body is at a lower vibration, it cannot align with your high vibrational spiritual self, causing stagnation and frustration with manifesting the reality of your dreams.

Taking care of your health in terms of how you feel internally and externally, are critical in raising your overall vibration. This can be raised by:

  • Eating a nutritious and balanced diet, full of vegetables and superfoods.
  • Taking supplements to enhance detoxification and support your body as it steps into a higher vibration.
  • Daily wellness routines to reduce stress such as taking baths, meditating, exercising and setting boundaries with negative people.
  • Putting love and energy into how you look – not in terms of vanity, but showing yourself that you do deserve to give yourself care. This could be as simple as incorporating a daily skincare routine.
  • Going outside of your comfort zone to connect with people – the magic that appears in your life is often brought to you by others. Feeling confident makes social situations a lot less stressful.

Below are my recommended health and beauty products. These are affiliate links; to learn more about our affiliates, click here.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a wonderful way to incorporate the healing power of crystals into your daily self-care routine. Rose quartz emits soft feminine energy allowing you to feel compassion towards yourself, as well as providing the energy of nourishment, healing, and inner peace.

Rose quartz works directly with the Heart Chakra energies, where a lot of our false belief systems are rooted in terms of receiving and giving love, feeling deserving of love, and connecting with your inner and outer radiance. Using rose quartz daily can make you feel more comfortable in your own skin, and accepting of yourself just the way you are.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

I use my rose quartz facial roller every morning before I get ready for my day. The little extra time I spend massaging my face with this rose quartz tool makes me feel grounded and more embodied. I will usually use it with a face serum and a hydrating rose face oil. Using a facial roller helps stimulate lymphatic drainage, which helps with puffiness and circulation to the face. (Click here for current prices)

Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Gua sha tools are similar to facial rolling tools, but you can use them for deeper massaging around your jaw, temples, neck and other muscles throughout your body. I learned about this tool from an acupuncture session, and have used one ever since. I keep one in my car to massage my jaw and neck when I’m stuck in traffic to reduce stress. (Check here for current prices)

Rose Quartz Facial Mask

To take your relaxation to the next level, this woven rose quartz crystal mask will transport you to your own private tranquil zen den.  As the gemstone mask hugs your skin infusing with its vibrational energy, you will slowly feel your tension reside, inflammation relax while your spirit is rejuvenated. Keep one in the refrigerator and place over eyes to ease puffy eyes. (Click here for current pricing)

Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil

Jurlique is one of my favorite skincare lines, as they practice bio-dynamic agriculture and ethically source all of the ingredients not grown at their farm. I have never smelt a more pure and pleasant rose smell. I notice an instant change in my energy when using this oil on my face. It has a very beautiful rose and floral smell.

Roses have the highest vibration in the plant kingdom and are very similar to the base vibration of humans. Because of this, roses are often used as a psychic visual tool to clear energy and raise one’s vibration.

To clear your telepathic channels, rub this oil around your eyes (careful not to get it in your eyes), above the bridge of your nose, above your cheekbones, on your temples, behind your ears and down your neck. This will give you a clear mind, as those random thoughts you picked up throughout your day get cleared away. (Click here for current pricing)

Jurlique Rosewater Face Mist

This rosewater mist is a wonderful way to instantly lift your vibration, clear the energy in your aura, and give your face a boost of hydration and antioxidant. I keep on near my work area so that I can give myself a “rose moment” whenever I feel I need a pick-me-up. (Click here for current pricing)

Osea Advanced Protection Cream

If I had to choose my favorite product from this list, this would be it. While this cream is a financial investment, I notice an instant glow from the moment I put it on. It contains seaweeds that give you nutrients and minerals from the sea that help your skin detox and rejuvenate on its own. This cream should be used for those with dry, dehydrated and maturing skin, as it is very moisturizing. (Click here for current pricing)