Do You Have A Green Aura? What It Says About You Spiritually

Whether you are learning how to read your own aura, or have just gotten your aura read/photographed, it is interesting to learn what each of the colors means. While colors in the aura can mean different things to different people, they generally represent a specific vibration that projects certain characteristics from that person, animal or object.  

So, what does a green aura mean? Having a green aura represents growth and new beginnings. It often gives the feeling of being refreshed as anything new means that the old is wiped away and there is a clean slate. Green is a magnetic color that attracts outside manifesting energy to help bring a new goal or project to fruition. It is a color that reflects health and healing, so people who need healing are attracted to people with a green aura. 

There are many varieties of green and places within the aura that it can appear which each carries a different meaning. This article will go over the variations of the meaning of green in your aura.


Colors of the Aura

Each of the colors in the aura corresponds with a certain vibration that is being reflected from a source of energy. That source of energy is the life-force that gives us life, or our Qi in Chinese medicine. It is connected to the energy centers in our body, called chakras, that exist in the core of our physical and spiritual forms. 

Whichever color of light is being shown in our aura is what our current electromagnetic field is reflecting instead of absorbing into our core light source. 

This means that what is seen in the aura is what we are giving off, not holding onto. 

We give off certain vibrations or colors because we are moving through life lessons, wanting to attract certain things in our life, going through difficult emotional periods, wanting to help others grow spiritually, and many other reasons. 

The color that is being shown in the aura is the color that the world around you is interacting with, and what you are drawing into your physical reality.  


What Does a Green Aura Mean Spiritually?

To understand the nature of the color green, one has to look no further than the environment around oneself. 

As an experiment, look around you right now. What can you see around you that is green? Make a list either mentally or on a piece of paper. 

Do any of those objects have anything in common? How do they make you feel? 

Most likely, the items on your list will include plants, trees, money, produce such as vegetables, or artificially colored items that make you feel attracted to it for some reason. It may give you a sense of relaxation, calm, or be energizing in a way that makes you be more present with where you are right in the current moment. 

It is common for plants, especially sprouting plants, to have a vibrant green color. This is because the plant is absorbing all other colors from the rainbow except for the color green. Green, therefore, is being reflected back to you so that you perceive that item as being “green.” In fact, that plant is every color except the very color you think it is: green!

But because it is reflecting that color for you to see, you get all the benefits from that color. Walking out in nature surrounded by lush green trees makes you feel a sense of aliveness. The light reflecting the color green makes you feel that way. 

Similarly, when your aura reflects the color green, that is that color that the world around you is interacting with. 

Psychologically, the feelings associated with the color green include: 

  • A sense of growth, harmony, fruitfulness, and creativity
  • In business, it represents originality, innovativeness and new beginnings
  • It gives an emotional response of safety and security
  • It is associated with money and abundance
  • The energy of green promotes growth and has a healing power
  • It evokes a sense of peace and stability to the mind and the physical body
  • Slows the heart rate and metabolism giving a sense of calmness and tranquility
  • Someone wearing green is seen to be sincere and genuine with their thoughts and actions.


Is a Green Aura Good?

All colors have a positive and negative side, and all colors harmonize or react to other colors around it. Because of this, the question if the color green is “good” or “bad” depends on the context. 

Generally, a green aura is seen as positive and is a very vibrant and harmonizing color. Green tends to get along with a lot of other colors around it and can bring life and energy into a dull room. 

The color green gives people a sense of hope and optimism, and people in the presence of someone “green” may give them a refreshed perspective on a situation to see opportunities that weren’t there prior. 

They make great collaborators on projects and are great friends to ask life advice from. 

They don’t have many enemies in life; however, their worst enemy is often themself. They are their own worst critic and can constantly be placing limits on their own success or potential. 

On a more negative side, the color green can be a color of deep insecurity resulting from being rejected by past lovers or friends. Having a strong green being reflected around the heart center is a sign of needing love and partnership. This can lead to people-pleasing and entering unhealthy relationships. Again, seeing green around the heart center means that green is being reflected out, not being held within. This usually is a sign that the heart chakra is out of balance. 

However, this is not necessarily bad, it is just a life lesson that one is needing to learn. How can one love themself instead of searching outside of themself for it? Often times we have to be rejected over and over again before we can learn the truth: we have to love and accept ourselves first before anyone else can love and accept us


Green Aura Personality

People that have a green aura are emotional beings. They live life with the ebbs and flows of their feelings, and having a sense of connectedness with others is important to them. 

They tend to be highly intuitive and use that intuition to help people see things that they can’t see themselves. They are often clairsentient, meaning they have a psychic sense in terms of knowing how others are feeling. 

A surprising personality trait of people with a green aura is how investigative they can be. They love crime podcasts and drama shows that involve sleuthing out the truth. You can often find them reading detective novels. 

Because green is associated with health and growth, they tend to live healthier lifestyles eating fresh vegetables and getting plenty of exercises. They need to stay hydrated and spend plenty of time outdoors. 

Related to this, they are drawn to topics and activities that help others reach their full potential. They often give health advice or find themselves in careers in healthcare or alternative wellness. 

They have high expectations for themselves and others, and because of this, it can come across that they are better than others or judgemental. While this is not at the heart of their intention, it is wise for people with green auras to realize that not everyone wants advice. It is best to only share when asked to. 

People with green auras are best categorized as “teachers assistants.” Always a student at heart, they also like to be in a position of teaching, yet don’t stick with something long enough to be the master. 


Green Aura Careers and Hobbies

Those who have green auras can usually be found in the following careers: 

  • Healthcare: doctor, nurse, mental health professional
  • Alternative wellness: massage therapist, acupuncturist, naturopathic doctor
  • Herbalist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Freelancer: writer, graphic designer, editor, etc. 
  • Preschool; K-12 teacher
  • Careers related to learning different languages: translator or interpreter

People with green auras tend to have the following hobbies: 

  • Travel
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Ceramics
  • Photography
  • Yoga
  • Writing
  • Learning different languages
  • Watching documentaries


Location of Green In Aura

Green Aura Above The Head

Having Green appear above the head represents the color that you are stepping into. It is the next highest color in your vibration once you complete the current lesson you are moving through. 

This usually means your next step has to do with growth and new beginnings. Perhaps you want to create a business of your own, or start a new career? Perhaps you want to start a family? You are wanting to learn the lessons that come along with being a creator.

If you have green above your head, pay attention to where and when the color green appears in your life. It could give you clues as to what your next steps are. 

Energy and spirit love to play games with signs and synchronicities, especially with numbers and colors. As an example, if someone wearing all green sits next to you on the bus, pay attention to what is happening around you. Maybe strike up a conversation with this person and see where it leads. 

Green Aura Around the Body

If green is the predominant color around your entire body, that is your highest vibration being reflected off of you in the present moment. It represents the current energies you are working through or letting the world know what energies you want to attract. 

It is the first thing that others will perceive about you, and the overall “vibe” you are giving off to the world around you. 

The color around someone’s entire body usually represents the person’s core values, personality, and individual strengths. For Green that includes: hope, optimism, growth, abundance, creativity, starting something new and being healthy. 

If there are no other colors around the aura, this could be a sign that this person has and always will remain the same for this entire lifetime. While this is common with other colors such as red, orange and yellow, it is not very common with green. 

For people with a green aura, there are usually quite a few other colors around the body as well. For this reason, it is often hard to tell if someone has a green aura, or if they flip between all the colors of the rainbow. 

Green Aura Around the Heart

As mentioned earlier in this article, green around the heart often represents insecurity. This could be because they did not receive love as a child, or they have been rejected by past lovers or friends. 

Having a strong green being reflected around the heart center is a sign of needing love and partnership. This can lead to people-pleasing and entering unhealthy relationships. 

Seeing green around the heart center means that green is being reflected out, not being held within. This usually is a sign that the heart chakra is out of balance. 

Green Aura Around The Hands

The color green around someone’s hands means that they are meant to be a healer in this lifetime. They most likely work with people in the health care industry or help heal people in another industry. 

People with green around their hands are called to be energy workers, and often become reiki practitioners, acupuncturists or massage therapists. 

The green around their hands represents a natural ability to heal, which comes intuitively to the person. They often attract people into their lives that need healing. 


Variations of Green in The Aura

What Does A Lime Green Aura Mean?

Lime green, or yellow mixed in with green, is a common combination, as these two colors harmonize very well together. They are both colors that promote positivity and boost creativity, imagination, and abundance. 

The color of yellow with the green has a deeper emotional need to be creative than just green alone. Creativity must be a part of their daily life. 

Because creativity is such a high vibration, doors seem to always open for those who have a lime green aura. A lot of people will use the term “lucky” with these people, as they always seem to win contests, find money, or just be in the right place at the right time. 

What Does An Aqua or Turquoise Aura Mean?

Another common combination is Blue mixed with Green, also called aqua or turquoise. This can appear as a solid color of bright turquoise, or be separated in different parts of the body. It is common to see green around the body and blue around the head. 

The combination of blue and green, or aqua, means that the person is a spiritual seeker and they want to take big spiritual steps in this lifetime. The healing, positive and curious aspect of green mixed with the expansive, intuitive and wise color of blue is a dynamic mix. 

People with a blue/green aura are highly intuitive, very sensitive to the spiritual realm, and are great at creating a better world wherever they go.

While they love to influence and help people, they are not extroverted, so many people don’t see them as being “highly influential people.” They can be introverted because of their sensitive nature. This can make it difficult for blue/greens to find their “path” in life. 

They are always helping others, but can’t find the words to ask for what they want or need. The lesson for blue/greens is to set boundaries with others and know that in order to help others, they need to help themselves first. 

They love nature and often find themselves advocating to save the Earth and its resources. 

What Does A Dark Green Aura Mean?

Dark green, or forest green, is green combined with black. Having black within the aura is often seen as negative, but with auras, this isn’t always true. Seeing colors in the aura is a way to get information about what is going on in the present moment, not about judging what it should or should not be. It is just is. 

Having a dark green aura means that green is being reflected out, but is also being held within. Someone with a forest green aura is learning how to love and be loved in return. Connection with others is wanted, but once established, there is some fear around letting others get too close. 

Because green is such an imaginative color, it may be that they have an image of the “perfect” life or “perfect” partner; however, their reality doesn’t seem to measure up to those imagined standards. It is the perfect color to represent the idiom “the grass is always greener on the other side.”

It may be helpful for people with a forest green aura to let go of the standards in their imagination and find activities that ground them in their current reality. Meditation is a great exercise for this. 

What Does An Emerald or Light Green Aura Mean?

The color emerald is a very light green, which allows the underlying vibration blue to show. It is a combination of green and white. 

This is a highly spiritual combination, and those with an emerald green aura are seen as pure and on a path towards enlightenment. Just as the color blue is allowed to show, this color is all about “allowing” whatever wants to be, to be. There is no friction, force or resistance in the color of emerald. 

Emerald green all about love. It is the language that people with emerald green auras communicate and understand everything in life. Their purpose here is to create love and connection with themselves, others, the entire world, and probably the entire universe. 

When I get deep into Metta Meditation, I often see flashes of emerald green all around the room. 


Compatibility with Green Aura

People with a predominantly Green Aura work best with other Green auras, Yellow and Blue. 

People with Red auras and people with Green aura together can be a firey partnership, but this pair can get burnt out very quickly. Red carries the energy of passion, directness, assertiveness, and power. Green is equally energizing but with the energy of creativity, imagination, innovativeness, and growth. These energies work great together to get a project started, but may not last together to see it through. They are both manifestors in their own way: Green gives the ideas and Red makes it happen. 

The only people that don’t work well with someone with a green aura are people with predominantly Purple auras. Just mix the colors Purple and Green together and see what the result is. Brown and not pretty. 


Crystals for a Green Aura

When working with crystals in terms of doing work with the aura, it is important to understand the compatibility of colors and set intentions for what you want to achieve. 

Manifesting or Reaching Goals

Red crystals will help people with a green aura manifest their dreams, creative projects, and bring the power necessary to get a goal finished. These include: 

Balancing Energy

Green crystals are great vibration modulators for the green aura. They will bring a weak green aura to a strong vibrant green. These include: 


For people with green auras that want to tap into their creativity, yellow crystals are the best ones to work with. These include: 



Discovering what your aura color is can be a lifelong journey, and your aura may change over the course of your life. But it is a great way to understand a deeper part of yourself and create a connection with the deeper levels of your being.

Green is a dynamic, fun and complex color to have in your aura. I love all the green auras in my life, and dinner parties just wouldn’t be the same without them.


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