Energetic Protection Tools

Energetic Protection is a fundamental aspect of lifting your vibration and staying consistently elevated so that you can manifest your highest reality. Protection is often necessary against other people’s energies, environmental toxins, electronic disturbances, and negative thinking.

We are often bombarded with negative energy from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. We can be stressed at work, be rushed while stuck in traffic, be on a computer or phone all day, watch frightening television, read the news, and so on.

Taking small steps to protect your energy will give you massive benefits in the long run, as you will have more vitality to take the necessary steps to move your life in the best direction.

Below are my recommended products for energetic protection. Some of these are affiliate links; to learn more about our affiliates, click here.

An easy item that you can incorporate into your daily routine is the addition of protective crystals. Below are a few of my favorites.


For those of you who spend a lot of time on the computer or on your phone, the best protective crystal to keep near your workspace is Shungite.

A Shungite Pyramid is used to protect against harmful EMFs and transforms negative energy into neutral energy where it is easier to release from the chakra centers.

Shungite Pyramid

Placing Shungite pyramids near and around your workspace is used to keep the area balanced and protected against EMFs from computers and cellphones. It is said to increase focus and stamina in a workspace, making you feel less burnt out and irritated when exposed to electronics or long periods of time. I keep a few shungite pyramids in my workspace, and they also look great as decorative pieces. (Click to check current price on Amazon)

Shungite Stones for Water Purification

A great way to incorporate the protective qualities of shungite into your daily routine is to add them to your water. The shungite stones have a high carbon content which filters your water, in addition to your water being infused with the protective qualities of this stone. Keep a jug of water with shungite stones in the refrigerator for a refreshing break from your work. (Click to check current price on Amazon)

Shungite Mobile Phone Plates & Anti-Radiation Stickers

These plates are made of Shungite for EMF protection to use on your mobile phone and other electronic devices. It is easy to keep these near your computer or your bed, where you often set your phone down. Simply place your phone on the plate whenever you aren’t using it. (Click here to check current price on Amazon)

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a crystal that offers energetic protection and is worn on or near the body to be used as a shield against negative energies and psyching attacks or entities. Similar to Shungite, it also offers protection against radiation and environmental toxins, and is helps transform negative and destructive energy into neutral or positive energy. It is a useful crystal to keep in your pocket, purse or wear as a piece of jewelry.

Raw Natural Black Tourmaline Stones

These raw natural black tourmaline stones are small enough to keep in your pocket, purse, or to place around your work area to protect your energetic space from negative stressors. In the raw form, this stone can help break cords or attachments with others that are draining your energy. It is especially helpful for empaths and HSPs. (Click here for current pricing on Amazon)

A great way to protect your energy and your space is via the smoke from smudging or incense. Here are my top recommendations:

Juniper Ridge White Sage

Juniper Ridge is a company based out of the Pacific Northwest that sustainably harvests all of their plants to make incense, essential oils and body care. The smoke from white sage, when used as a smudge, clears negative energy from the home and your own energetic space. It is great to do every once in awhile to clear the stagnant energy from your home. (Click here for current pricing on Amazon)

Juniper Ridge White Sage Campfire Incense

If burning sage bundles is too smokey for you or you do not like the fragrance, Juniper Ridge also makes incense that has the nostalgic smell of campfires on the beach, with the added protection of white sage, so you’ll get the same energy clearing and protection but more pleasant burning. (Click here for current pricing on Amazon)

Juniper Ridge White Sage Essential Oil

If smoke is irritating or unpleasant for you, another great way to cleanse your energetic space around your body and in your home is to use essential oils. White sage essential oil is great for protection. You can put this essential oil in a diffuser, or mix it with filtered water in a spray bottle and mist it around your aura and your home. I love to keep a bottle near me when I work and smell it periodically for a quick energetic clearing. It mixes very well with rosemary and peppermint essential oil.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a wood used in sacred spiritual ceremonies in Peru, revered for its energy clearing and protective qualities. This palo santo is respectfully hand-gathered and sustainably sourced from local artisans in Peru, by way of Piura, and hand packaged with love and healing intention in the US. It also comes with a small piece of Selenite. *Note, please purchase Palo Santo with care and awareness, as this wood is being over-harvested leaving little left for the sacred traditions still being practiced today. (Click here for current pricing from Amazon)

Jurlique Rosewater Mist

This rosewater mist is a wonderful way to instantly lift your vibration, clear the energy in your aura, and give your face a boost of hydration and antioxidant. I keep on near my work area so that I can give myself a “rose moment” whenever I feel I need a pick-me-up. (Click here for current pricing)

The best way to learn the tools of energetic protection is to take courses so that you can feel empowered to set your own energetic boundaries with others. These courses will help you take control over your empathic abilities, and to learn where your energy ends and other energy begins. This allows you to release any energy that you no longer want to hold onto, which is the best protection that can be offered.

The Empath’s Survival Guide Online Course by Judith Orloff

Empaths are emotional sponges that absorb both the stress and joy of the world. They feel everything, often to an extreme. This can often make them feel physically exhausted, emotionally drained, and isolated from the world. If this sounds like you, this survival course will give you the tools to protect yourself in the world of being an empath, so that you can begin to live with abundant energy and joy. (Click here to check the current price by Soundstrue)

The Subtle Body Online Training Program

In this course, you’ll gain guidance for healing by learning how to sense, direct and clear subtle energies to improve your physical mental, and emotional health. This course also teaches protection from foreign energy, and strengthens your spiritual connection, and much more. Below is a video from the instructor and what the course offers. (Click here for current prices from Soundstrue)