Elephant Dream Meaning: The Spiritual Interpretation

The elephant is an animal that has deep spiritual significance and can be found in many religions and ancient cultures as a sacred animal. Their size, weight, and unique characteristics set them apart as a highly symbolic creature that carries many representations. So, what does it mean if you dream of an elephant? 

Elephants show up in dreams as a symbol of power, wisdom, facing obstacles, luck, stability, and social connections. Dreaming of an elephant often brings up big issues in life that you cannot ignore. These issues may be overwhelming you, or they may be big life decisions that can determine your future. 

Depending on if the dream is positive or negative, and what life circumstances you are going through in your waking state, your elephant dream may be communicating something different to you. This article will discuss the most common elephant dreams and the various contexts where they might be relevant to your life. 

The recurring themes and emotions in elephant dreams include: 

  • Power
  • Wisdom
  • Strength
  • Facing and Overcoming Obstacles
  • Luck
  • Loyalty
  • Strength In Numbers
  • Communication
  • Big Ideas
  • Overwhelm
  • Inspirations
  • Learning From Experience
  • Intelligence
  • Stability
  • Social Connection
  • Telepathy


The Symbolism of An Elephant

In many cultures and traditions, elephants symbolize luck, wisdom, and protection. Because of their strong social ties to their herd, they often symbolize social connections, companionship, and ancestral lineage

In energetics, elephants are associated with the 1st/root chakra, which relates to energy regarding survival, physical security, feeling grounded, physical health, career, and financial stability. Elephants are said to bring “stampeding” energy to clear blocks in the 1st chakra, replacing that blocked energy with a feeling of confidence and protection. 

In Feng Shui, the elephant can bring energy into the home that attracts good fortune, protection, and good luck. When the trunk is raised, it is said to spread the waters of good fortune throughout your home. Elephants with their trunk lowered to bring the energy of stability and strength, by staying strong in the face of challenges or obstacles.

Elephants live a long life, and in the realm of health, elephants symbolize longevity, good health, and a healthy stable mind. 

Elephants are gentle giants, and they can symbolize the power of quiet yet confident strength. They can show up to offer encouragement and wisdom, not needing to boast about their accomplishments as their size and appearance say it all. The message says that there is strength in humility. 

One of the most recognized symbols of an elephant is in Hinduism related to the Hindu God Ganesh. Ganesh is portrayed with the head of an elephant and is the remover of obstacles, as well as the god of new beginnings, success, and wisdom


The Spiritual Meaning of An Elephant In Your Dreams

Elephants are land creatures and the largest living mammals that walk the earth. Spiritually, these animals carry a lot of physical energy, related to the 1st-3rd chakras, which are all about survival, identity, empowerment, physical health, manifestation, obstacles in life, and being grounded

Other than the physical chakras, elephant dreams can also bring themes related to big issues concerning your future and where you are heading. This can be related to projects you are working on, relationships, ideas you want to manifest, and more. 

Here are the most common spiritual themes that show up in elephant dreams, and what they mean: 

  • Big Ideas and Inspiration
  • Luck and Success
  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Big Issues You Need to Face
  • Past Experiences or Memories

1. Big Ideas and Inspiration

Elephants can show up in dreams as a spiritual message about big ideas and goals that you have. You may be planning on building a business or have something big you want to create. 

You may feel as if it is too big to tackle, but the dream lets you know that no idea or goal is too big. It may take you patience, hard work, and slow methodical work; yet, with the effort, your goal will be successful. 

Not only will it be successful, but it will also have the strength and stability to withstand any obstacles or challenges that will try to bring it down. 

This is especially true if you dream about a baby elephant or a mother elephant. Baby elephants can be a message of the start of an idea or project that has the potential of massive reward if you keep working towards your goal. A mother elephant is about putting in the nurturing energy towards your goal until it hits maturity. 

2. Luck and Success

Elephants symbolically represent luck, and their appearance in dreams is no different. They can show up in dreams as a positive omen for good luck and success headed your way. 

This is especially true if the elephant was around water or swimming in water. This represents the flow of abundance pouring into your life. If the elephant was playing and having fun in the water, it represents financial abundance as well as an abundance of love, joy, and happiness. 

If you had a dream of saving an elephant, it represents that you have a deep caring and compassionate nature, and will find success in helping others. You will be prosperous in a career of health, healing, and nurturing others. 

If you have been working towards a goal and are worried that it won’t be successful, an elephant may appear in your dream to let you know that you will see success and you will have a massive reward for the efforts you have put in. 

3. Feeling Overwhelmed

While an elephant in a dream is generally a positive sign, some elephant dreams can cause stress or negative emotions. Because elephants are such big animals, they can bring up feelings of fear, anxiety, and overwhelm. 

Dreams where you feel scared of an elephant or are running away from a stampede of elephants usually represents a big challenge or issue in life that you are running away from. You may have a nagging feeling that needs to accomplish a task or do something important, yet you keep putting it off. 

Being chased by a herd of elephants can also represent the huge social pressure that is being put on you by your family or social community. You may feel the expectations of others weigh heavy on you, and that navigating these social issues feels like you are being stampeded by the weight of it all. 

This dream can give you clarity as to how much pressure this is actually putting on you, without you being consciously aware of it. This dream can give you the information you need to take a step back from the expectations of others so you can reconnect with your true authentic self. 

Perhaps turn on your social media accounts for a week, or communicate the need for space with overbearing loved ones. 

Or maybe it is time finally tackle that project you keep putting off so that you can finally stop thinking about it to save your mental energy for more relaxing topics. 

4. Big Issues To Face

The saying “addressing the elephant in the room” is relevant to some elephant dreams, because that is exactly what the dream is suggesting. Some elephant dreams are meant to bring attention to a big issue that needs to be sorted out, but you have been ignoring it. 

These issues may be awkward, embarrassing, or uncomfortable, but the longer that you put them off, the bigger they get. 

This may be related to an issue in a relationship, a conflict at the workplace, or a wider social issue that you feel needs to be addressed. The message is that it is time to talk about “the elephant in the room” so that you can release the tension it is causing in your life. 

5. Past Experiences or Memories

Elephants are known for having an impressive memory, as they are able to recall places and events that they learned about early in their life. They also learn from their past experiences, so that they can teach the younger elephants to avoid troubles they had previously. 

Dreaming of an elephant could be bringing up a past memory that your subconscious is trying to recall so that you don’t forget that experience. It may be a warning that a repeating experience will be happening again or a reminder to learn from your errors. 

If you get a sense that the elephant shows with symbolism from your past, like past friends, places, or events, it may be trying to bring up memories from that time to help you navigate important life experiences you are struggling with right now. 


Is An Elephant In a Dream Good or Bad? 

Elephant dreams are almost always positive dreams, even if you feel fearful in an elephant dream. They show up to give you important messages about large issues in your life that you need to face. 

Generally, the appearance of elephants in your dream represents good luck and prosperity. They show up to help give you the strength to be successful, and the inspiration to move forward with your goals. 

The only context where dreams with elephants are considered bad is if you are hunting and killing elephants. This can give you information about a deep destructive tendency that you have to self-sabotage your future goals. It also represents greed and a disregard for sacred life. You may need to clear some negative karma and heal your relationship with the earth and universal flow.


Common Dreams With Elephants

Elephant Dream Interpretation

Aside from these themes in elephant dreams, there are other common situations in elephant dreams that many people report having more often than others. Below are common elephant dreams and the meaning behind them. 

Elephant Chasing You In a Dream

An elephant chasing you in a dream is one of the most common stressful elephant dreams, due to their size and natural behavior of stampeding. In this type of dream, it is common to feel afraid that you will get trampled on and stepped on. 

Dreaming of getting chased by an elephant represents a big issue that you are running away from or an overbearing expectation or authority that you feel is pushing you around. The heaviness of the issue is shown by the symbolism of an elephant and is letting you know that these troubles are putting on a lot of mental, emotional and energetic burden on you. 

Taking some time and space away from any overbearing people or situations might be helpful right now to get a better perspective and to reconnect with your authentic and confident self. Setting boundaries so that you do not get trampled on by others can be a good skill to develop. 

People who are highly empathic and feel energetically trampled over can have this recurring dream. If you are a highly sensitive person, learning to manage your energetic health and set empathic boundaries will be helpful to learn. 

Meaning of an Angry Elephant

Similar to being chased by an elephant, dreaming of an angry or violent elephant can show up in a dream that brings up stress and fear. 

Dreaming of an angry elephant represents deep suppressed feelings of anger, resentment, or feeling rejected that have gotten so big that they feel like an elephant. You may be pushing down some intense emotions that have gotten too big to contain and need to be let out. 

Journaling or seeing a professional to talk to about deep pain and hurt can be very helpful in this situation. 

Dreaming Of a Herd of Elephants

Dreaming of a large group of elephants, known as a herd, is an especially important dream to pay attention to because it is a message about your ancestry, community, and social connections. 

A herd of elephants in your dream shows the support that you have from a very tight-knit community of people that shows you unconditional love. This can be your soul group or group of people that you incarnated with and are waiting to reincarnate with you. These beings can be your spirit guides and can show up in your life to help you through challenging life lessons. 

A herd of elephants can also represent a large social network that you are apart of, such as a strong spiritual community. Elephants generally mean that you can trust the people that are in this social network, and they are on the same evolved path as you. 

If you are being chased by a herd of elephants, it might suggest that you are feeling pressure from your social network, and this pressure may be putting stress on your daily decision. It may be that you are overly involved in a social media platform where popularity is putting stress on you. Or it may be a religious community that is enforcing strict guidelines for you to follow. 

Taking space away from these social pressures may help give you a sense of feeling grounded and authentic to your true self. 

Dreaming Of a Baby Elephant

Dreaming of a baby elephant represents new opportunities that can lead to massive success in your future. It can be related to an idea that you have or a new project that you just started. It can also be related to a new relationship that you are wondering if you should fully commit to. 

If the baby elephant is happy or is in water, it is a sign of good luck and prosperity in your future. If the baby elephant is angry or hurt, it is a sign that the decision you are making may not lead to success. 

Dreaming of an Elephant In Water

Dreaming of an elephant in water is a positive sign that represents abundance, and the universal flow of life. This dream lets you know that there is success heading your way. 

A group of elephants in water is a positive sign for happy and harmonic relationships in your family and community. It is also a sign of a long term commitment such as a marriage or expanding your family. 

The overall feeling in this dream is usually hope, fulfillment, wholeness, contentment, joy, and success. 

If you dream of an elephant drowning in water, this is a sign that you have unrealistic expectations of what a relationship looks like, either with your current partner, family, or community. It might suggest that your values and commitments don’t align with your current reality, and your big dreams seem to be slipping away. 

Dreaming Of an Elephant In The Home

In feng shui, it is good luck to place an elephant in your home to invite in abundance, confidence, and a sense of security. In dreams, elephants in the home can have the same meaning. 

An elephant in your home is a sign of self-satisfaction and big financial rewards that will come into your household. The abundance in your home will be overflowing. It might also suggest positive relationships will enter the home, and there will soon be harmony in the home. 

If you feel threatened or scared of the elephant in your home, it is a sign that you feel overwhelmed by the burdens of life and are bringing those in the home. You might feel the pressures of work, making money, supporting your household, or meeting others’ expectations, and if feels like an elephant is living in your home. 

Taking space away from the home, such a long vacation may be good right now. This will clear up the mental space to enjoy the comforts and security of your own home once again. 

Dreaming Of a Dead Elephant

Seeing a dead elephant can be a particularly disturbing dream because elephants are such gentle and sacred creatures. However, dead elephant dreams are on the rise, most likely due to the collective conscious awareness of these amazing creatures being hunted for ivory. 

In dreams, death rarely refers to actual physical death; rather, it represents a big change, transformation, and realignment to a higher version of your reality. 

Dreaming of a dead elephant represents large-scale grief due to a big change in the realm of politics, social justice, economics, and overall peace and security in your environment. Our world is changing so quickly, and we are constantly having to say goodbye to the “old” ways of living. 

This dream is about being able to adapt to the big changes headed your way and to prepare for a season of hardship, grief, despair, and challenges. However, this will not last forever. Whenever big changes happen, it invites new opportunities that were not there before. 

The spirit of the elephant lives on and will evolve and be reborn to continue its path towards success and spiritual enlightenment. Once the shock and grief passes, you will be free to explore undiscovered ways of living that were not there before. 

Dreaming Of an Injured Elephant

Dreaming of an injured elephant is a sign that you are an empath and a healer. This dream shows that pain and suffering that you are taking on from the people around you, and trying to heal them. 

Elephants are all about community, and when one elephant is injured, all the elephants in the herd will work together to protect and bring their herd member to safety. All elephants in a herd have a strong bond and loyalty to each other which cannot be broken. 

This dream suggests that you have a very compassionate spirit and want to help others find a place of safety and security. You may have success in the field of medicine, energetic healing, shamanism, counseling, or therapy. 

Dreaming Of an Elephant Graveyard

There are many myths and legends of elephant graveyards that follow the migration patterns of elephants and believe that elephants travel to a specific location when they are ready to die. Though this has yet to be proven, there are enough historical accounts of naturally occurring elephant graveyards to give us room to wonder. 

Dreaming of an elephant graveyard represents a big change that is headed your way. It represents death, which is spiritually symbolic of change and transformation. Wherever you are heading right now, you are following a very deep and internal calling that will lead to a complete transformation of your reality. 

You just have to trust that the choices you are making now are leading you to exactly where you need to be when this shift is ready to take place in your life. 

Dreaming Of an Elephant In a Cage

Dreaming of an elephant in a cage represents the feeling that your inner strength and power are being locked up. You may feel trapped, or that your confidence is being caged in. It may be an authority figure or your own insecurities that are making you feel disempowered. 

The dream is letting you know that you have a lot of inner strength and power, but you just need to find a way to release it. Perhaps cutting people out of your life that bring you down, or leaving a job that doesn’t give you a strong sense of self-worth. 

Riding an Elephant In a Dream

Opposite of a caged elephant, riding an elephant can give you feelings of confidence and power. 

Dreaming of riding an elephant represents that you are discovering your inner strength, power, and authority. You are standing strong in your truth and are ready to face any obstacles in your path. The elephant represents the powerful presence that you bring with you right now. This is a good time for starting projects or working towards difficult goals. 


Meaning of Different Parts of An Elephant In Your Dream

Elephant Dream Interpretation

Along with an elephant in a dream, part of the elephant that are in focus in your dream can give you further information on what the dream meaning. Each part of the elephant carries different symbolism and different information as to what the message is. 

Elephant Trunk In Your Dream

Elephant trunks are also used for many purposes: to smell, as a tool to grab, a self-installed shower, to greet and recognize others, and much more. To dream of an elephant, truck represents creativity, thinking outside the box, and using the tools that you have. 

You have everything you need, you just need to think of more creative and innovative ways to use what you have. Think about your gifts, talents, and abilities, and how you can use that for success. 

Elephant Tusk In Your Dream

Tusks on an elephant are also tools, but they are used to protect themselves, to stand their ground, and to push through obstacles. To dream of elephant tusks represents the power you have to face your challenges and to set boundaries with others. It is a sign of power and strength. 

If you see tusks that have been taken off the elephant, such as from a hunted elephant, this represents disempowerment and the abuse of power. You may have overstepped your authority or used your force to hurt others. This dream asks you to reflect on how your forceful actions impact others. 

Elephant Ear in Your Dream

Elephant ears in dreams bring attention to power of introspection and listening to your inner desires and wisdom. Elephants are very wise and are always listening to the needs of their community so that they can all work together as a team. 

Spiritually, elephants are so in tune with each other in their herd that they have been connected to telepathic communication and empathic understanding of people in their close community. Elephant ears can represent your telepathic gifts or your psychic gift of clairaudience.  


Different Colored Elephant Meanings In Dreams

White Elephant In DreamsWhite elephants are a positive sign in a dream and bring in a strong spiritual message. In Buddhist tradition, a white elephant was one of the Buddha’s incarnations and is seen as a sacred creation from the heavens that represents enlightenment and spiritual evolution. It represents spiritual manifestation and seeing a higher perspective. 
Black Elephant In DreamsA black elephant in a dream represents big changes headed your way, and large obstacles that you will soon face. You may be heading into a time of hardship, but you will emerge as a more confident person and have many more skills to be successful in your future. 
Grey Elephant In DreamsElephants are typically seen as grey, so their color as grey may not have a particular meaning. However, symbolically grey represents mystery and the unknown. Grey elephants can bring attention to trusting the mystery and taking confident steps even though you don’t know what adventure awaits you. 
Golden Elephant In DreamsA golden elephant in a dream represents abundance, success, and good luck. It shows that you have a higher than normal ability to bring in your manifestations. Spend some time thinking about what you want in life, and take action of bringing those into your reality. 
Green Elephant In DreamsA green elephant represents fertility, commitment, community, and a growing family. This is a positive sign for healthy relationships and working through times of hardships that lead to long term peace and harmony. 



Dreaming of an elephant can give you information regarding your own wisdom, power, and confidence to stand up against the challenges in life and learn to overcome your obstacles. When you learn this skill and can lean on your own power, there is nothing that you can’t achieve. 

This is why elephants represent abundance, success, and good luck. You have worked hard for what you achieved and can now expect big rewards from the huge effort that you put in. 

Some other key themes in elephants include: 

  • Loyalty
  • Strength In Numbers
  • Communication
  • Big Ideas
  • Overwhelm
  • Inspirations
  • Learning From Experience
  • Intelligence
  • Stability
  • Social Connection
  • Telepathy

While this is one interpretation of the meaning of an elephant in your dreams, everyone has their own dream and intuitive language. Elephants may mean something different for you if you have had a unique experience with them or have a particular love for them. 

Sit still and meditate on what an elephant means to you. Journaling your dreams and sitting still and asking your higher self what the spiritual message is meant to you and your unique journey is always the best way to seek answers. 


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