Dreams About Fishing or Catching Fish: The Spiritual Meaning

Dreams about fishing can range from being happy and hopeful to overwhelming and sad. Often times, dreaming about fish brings up a lot of emotions, so many people wonder what it means when they dream of catching fish. 

What is the spiritual meaning of dreams about catching fish? The spiritual meaning of fishing dreams is related to “catching” a glimpse of the unconscious state of mind that is associated with emotions, feelings, connections, manifesting and abundance. Having a dream of catching a fish can give you insight into what you are trying to bring from your imagination into reality, and the goals you are trying to aim for. 

Depending on other details in your dream, such as how you caught the fish and the emotions you felt when you were catching the fish, your dream could have a different interpretation. This article will go over the most common dreams of catching fish and what they mean. 


Spiritual Meaning of Fishing

Fishing often relates to the element of water. The element of water is symbolic of feelings and emotions, intuition, the flow of the universe and the subconscious mind. It can represent the realm of the imagination, which holds limitless potential and inspiration. 

When you dream of fishing, spiritually it represents the many creative outlets that are available to you so that you can tap into the depths of your imagination. Water represents the imagination and intuition, and fish represent the imaginative ideas that can be brought into reality. The act of fishing is the action that brings those ideas into your physical reality. 

Often times, fishing dreams show you the rewards of working hard to fulfill your intuitive desires and your ability to manifest a reality that is alignment with your highest purpose. 

The message in fishing dreams is to be open to exploring your passions and your big ideas. It is a time to reflect on activities, hobbies or projects that you are drawn to, and that make you feel creatively stimulated. Think of ways you can take action on those passions to make them part of your reality. The act of fishing is communicating that if you do not take action on your dreams, they will remain a dream and nothing more. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Fish? 

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Dream Of Catching Fish With Bare Hands

What does it mean to dream of catching fish with your hands? Dreaming of catching fish with your hands represents the flow of love that you have for yourself and the world around you, and the flow of Divine love in your life. 

Dipping your hands into the sea of life and the unconscious realm shows your ability to trust the flow of the universe and to take what the universe is giving to you. You have enough self-love and confidence to trust your intuition and go after a higher version of your reality. 

This dream is letting you know that this is a time to open your heart and your reality to the flow of emotions that will be coming to you. Embrace the gifts that others will give you with an open heart and open hands. 

Being able to catch fish with your bare hands shows that you are a deeply compassionate person and people are drawn to you. You have a uniquely loving connection to other beings, whether they are human, animal or spirit being. You may do good in a career that deals with helping others and showing compassion towards your community.  

This dream may also represent a new loving relationship that will come into your life, such as a romantic partnership or new family member. You will have a special connection and deep bond with them that will withstand challenges to come. 

Having a dream about catching fish with your hands represents that you currently have a lot of passion to take what is yours and to readily take action on opportunities coming into your life. You are living at a high vibration and are able to manifest things into your life that you haven’t been able to before. This is a time period to go after your wildest dreams – they will manifest more quickly than they have before. 

This is also a period to be generous with what you have been given thus far, knowing that whatever you give will return to you tenfold. Seek out others who are in need and see what you can do for them. You have an inner radiance right now that others can use to be lifted up out of dark times. 


Dreaming of Catching Fish With A Net

Dreams About Fishing or Catching Fish: The Spiritual Meaning

Dreaming of catching fish with a net represents the many opportunities and choices that are available to you. You have a big imagination and it may seem like you want all the things that life has to offer at the same time. 

However, there is a warning within dreams of fishing with a net. You may be prone to unrealistic ideals or have a “grass is always greener” mentality. Opportunities that promise more money, more social popularity, or more power may sound appealing, but as you look deeper into what is on offer, you may realize that these only offer superficial layers of happiness. Your ego may cast the net, but it’s important you check in with your Higher Self if what you need for happiness is really needing to be “caught” or if it is already within arms reach. 

Dreams that include fishing with a net often represent wishful thinking and projecting into the future about what you would like to create, rather than taking action here in the present to make it happen. 

For example, you may wish to write a book but don’t put in the effort to sit down and begin to write the pages. Action is required for your dreams to be achieved. 

Casting a net out to catch fish is also a sign that your ideas may be unfocused and not grounded in reality. In your imagination, your dreams may seem perfect; however, they may be serving as more of a distraction than as a realistic set of goals. 

The symbolism of a net catching fish could be a sign of someone who gets stuck in the idea phase but doesn’t ever see those ideas to manifest in their reality. Being constantly in the idea phase may lead to frustration and depression. It may be wise to train yourself to focus on one goal at a time and work hard on the single task to see it to its completion. 

But, at its root, this is a positive dream, letting you know that you have an intense power of manifestation. Once your goals become focused and align with your Higher Self, you will be able to create any reality you desire. 


Dream About Fish Out of Water

Dreaming about fish being out of water can have many different meanings depending on the other details of the dream; however, because water is a fish’s natural habitat, this dream means that things are not aligned as they should be. You may be out of your element or living a life not aligned with your true purpose. 

Dreaming of fish out of water might represent that you are looking outside yourself for happiness and fulfillment when you should be searching within. Being successful is relative, and your highest version of success may not be the same as what others view as being successful. It may be time to stop living based on other people’s standards and start living based on your own. 

This dream may mean that you would benefit from taking a break from your current reality to search within for your deeper truth. This may require you to go on a meditation retreat, or simply go on a solo vacation. 

Dreaming of a fish out of water may mean that you are frustrated that your dreams have not come true yet. You may have caught the fish and are waiting for happiness to follow, yet things seem to be the same as they were. The message with this dream is you may not be putting in the necessary action to manifest your dreams. You cannot simply hope for your dreams to be achieved; you have to do work to see it in your reality. 

You might need to adjust your expectations or wait a little longer for things to shift in order for your manifestations to come through. Being at a higher vibration will assist your manifestations to come in quicker, so this may be a period of time to work on your physical, mental and emotional health. 

Being a “fish out of water” is a common phrase people say when they don’t feel like they belong, so this dream could also mean that you have not found your “people” or your lifestyle to make you feel truly seen and accepted. It might be time to say goodbye to friendships or a job and search for a community of people that make you feel accepted. 


Dream of Catching Fish with a Hook

Dreams About Fishing or Catching Fish: The Spiritual Meaning

So far, it is clear that there are many ways to catch a fish in dreams, so what does it mean to catch a fish with a hook, or with a fishing rod? 

Catching a fish with a hook is a sign that you are highly intuitive, creative, and are willing to put in the action to turn your dreams into a reality. You are in tune with the flow of the universe and are willing to surrender to and trust that the universe will provide. You are not looking for hand-outs, and take pride in doing the hard work to see things get done the way you imagined.

This is a sign that you are a good communicator, both verbally and energetically. It’s almost as if you have an uncanny ability to read minds! You seemingly always know what people need in order to make them feel comfortable. Because of this, people gravitate toward your charisma. You have a magnetic presence and people always want to befriend you.

Dreaming of being able to catch fish with a hook is a sign that you would be successful in the healing arts or to be a counselor or intuitive coach, as you are in tune with the flow of the universe and able to pick up on the energies that are holding people back. You are able to see past these blockages to see their brilliant sanity and Divine essence. 

If you are in the middle of a stressful project or trying to achieve a goal, the message is that you will find what you need to get it accomplished. Trust your heart, feel your way towards the solution, and the answers will come to you in ways you never imagined. 

This may be a time to tune into the cycles of nature, the moon, or astrology, as you are very in tune with these subtle guiding energies. It may give you new layers of inspiration, or provide deeper clarity on an emotional blockage that will allow you to keep moving forward with your goals. 

Dreaming of catching fish with a hook is a positive dream, letting you know that you are at a high enough vibration with your heart, mind, and soul to manifest your true desires.


Dream of Catching a Big Fish

To dream of catching a big fish represents that whatever goals you are aspiring towards will bring you contentment in many parts of your life. You are in a season of taking advantage of the abundance life has to offer, and attracting a higher version of your reality into existence. 

This dream can be symbolic of your deepest wishes in life. You are being shown that you can have everything you have ever wished for. If you have recently made a wish, this dream is a sign that your wish may soon come true.

When having this dream, it is a green light from the universe that you should be enjoying the pleasures of what the physical world has to offer. You should take this time to enjoy the things that you really love: travel, art, social gatherings, good food, and music. You have worked hard and now it is time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

But with this, there is also the reminder that these indulgences are a temporary reward, and you will be asked once again to do the hard work to keep growing. There is a risk of getting too attached to the comforts of life and forgetting about the deeper challenges of constantly growing and evolving.

A great way to stay balanced and grounded during this period of rest and relaxation is to stay connected to the things in life you are grateful for so that you do not fall into a pattern of indulgence and high expectations. It might serve you to set the habit of every morning and every night, list five things you are grateful for. 



Dreaming of catching fish is showing you how the world of your imagination and your physical reality are more connected than you think. You can dip a fishing rod into the sea of your imagination and pull in the physical manifestation of your desires into your reality. 

However, it is important to stay in tune with the flow of the universe, your higher purpose and your sense of focus in order for these manifestations to serve you. There is a danger with letting your ego get the better of you, and throwing you off course. Wanting too much of the superficial aspects of life can leave your fishing net too full. 

Like everything on this site and on the internet, use your intuition when deciding what symbolism works best with you. While this is one interpretation of the spiritual meaning of catching fish, everyone has their own intuitive language. Sit still and listen to your own answers about what your dreams mean to you and your spiritual journey. 


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