The Dragonfly Meaning, Spiritual Significance & Symbolism

There is no doubt that dragonflies are unique creatures, capturing your attention as they zoom past in a radiant bright color. The dragonfly has been praised in many ancient cultures and spiritual beliefs, lending itself to folklore, superstitions, and spiritual metaphors. So, what is so special about the dragonfly? What is the spiritual meaning? 

Dragonflies represent transformation, expansion, self-realization, determination, and spiritual pursuits. They are a blend of fire and water energy, representing the importance of balanced yin and yang energy, or masculine and feminine in your daily and spiritual life. 

Dragonflies can show up in your life in synchronistic ways when you are moving through life lessons or needing spiritual guidance to help you overcome an obstacle. Having the energy of a dragonfly near you, such as in your yard or as decoration in your house, can bring the inspiration and energetic flow that they carry with them into your daily life. 

Dragonfly Keywords:

  • Learning your limits
  • Transformation
  • Self-reflection
  • Self-actualization
  • Determination and Willpower
  • Yin/Yang or Masculine/Feminine Balance
  • Expansion
  • Confidence
  • Action after Introspection
  • Intuitive Development
  • Emotional Intelligence


What Is The Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Dragonfly? 

The power of the dragonfly comes from the story and journey that it goes through in the course of its life. Dragonflies start out as water-dwelling nymphs, mostly staying in one place and patiently waiting for the day it will step into the sunlight. Once it is warm enough, the dragonfly will go through a metamorphosis from a nymph into a beautiful and radiant dragonfly. 

Our own spiritual journey is much like this dragonfly. There are periods of deep rest and introspection to determine our own core values and spiritual passions. Once we become aligned to our higher wisdom, we can step out in the sunlight and begin to create the reality we were meant to live. 

The golden sun represents our own unique energetic blueprint being called back to us, so we can step forward at our highest vibration and manifesting potential. 

The dragonfly signifies the beginning of a highly energetic period in your life, full of big forward steps. Similar to how they hunt for food, the dragonfly brings in the energy of swift action that is focused, determined, and aligned with a higher purpose. 

Emerging from the waters below, the dragonfly intuitively understands and accepts the flow of the universe, including the unseen realm of higher plans and spiritual laws that will assist it in its manifesting journey. This intuitive “knowingness” allows the dragonfly to seize opportunities that come its way, seeing the synchronistic significance and higher alignment. 

Dragonflies And The Element of Fire and Water

The blend of fire and water energy that moves the dragonfly along its journey represents the balance of the yin and yang, which highlights the importance of balancing both masculine and feminine energies in your life. 

Fire is the element of energetic growth, action, passion, enthusiasm, and sexuality. Water is the element of introspection, emotion, intuition, nurturing energy, and love. Both of these elements contribute to the push and pull that moves the spark of an idea into maturity. 

These elements are also complete opposites, which can destroy each other: water puts out fire, fire evaporates water. These elements within the dragonfly have the power to throw it out of sync and stop its manifesting potential. 

Yet, the dragonfly stands perfectly poised and balanced, even as the wind blows the grass back and forth. It holds tight, keeping balanced through periods of stormy weather, knowing its power and strength. 

Without finding a balance between these elements in your life, you can burn out too quickly or become too emotionally overwhelmed. You may become too meditative and introspective, and don’t take enough action. Or, you may be too impulsive without thinking about the consequences. 

The dragonfly teaches that when manifesting, a balance between forceful action and receptive introspection is key


Lessons That a Dragonfly Is Here to Teach You

Dragonflies are a common symbol found in the realm of spirituality because their life cycle is so similar to our own spiritual journey. Tapping into the energy of the dragonfly can give you insight or inspiration into your own soul’s journey. 

The dragonfly is a great teacher to show you three huge spiritual lessons that can be the cornerstone of your spiritual practice. Here are the three core lessons from a dragonfly. 

1. The Power of Determination and Structure

dragonfly meaning spiritually and symbolically

The dragonfly is an expert hunter, resting in perfect stillness until just the right moment to seize an opportunity. They are patient and know exactly what they want and how to get it. The dragonfly teaches you to master your willpower over your impatient and impulsive nature, both with your wandering thoughts as well as your actions. 

Anyone who has a meditation practice will tell you that the hardest part of making it a consistent habit is to patiently sit through the distractions of the constant chatter and the “monkey-mind.” However, with determination, focus, and willpower, you can begin to observe and release the distraction to better understand your true nature. 

Dragonflies teach the importance of creating structures that help you increase your willpower. This includes habits and daily practices that help you tune into your inner wisdom. As you strengthen your focus, you become more confident and self-assured when making decisions. 

They also teach that with structure and routine, you can keep a thriving spiritual practice regardless of the natural social cycles that exist in life. Even when you are feeling defeated, bored, or emotionally stressed, you still show up to your spiritual practice. 

2. Honor Your Spiritual Growth Periods

In the first stages of a dragonfly’s life, they go through many large growth-spurts that happen with each molt (shedding of their skin). Dragonfly nymphs only grow with each new molt, and the more times they molt, the larger they are when they emerge as a dragonfly. 

This represents our own energetic growth periods that we experience throughout our spiritual journey. As anyone that has done spiritual work will tell you, it can be difficult work to get to deep healing and transformation. 

In the first few years of my spiritual journey, I felt as though I was always taking three steps forward and two steps back. I would finally feel released from my depression and anxiety, only to have it reemerge again later.

When discussing this with my mentor, she explained that some traumas and illnesses impact us on such deep levels that it takes a lot of time to work through them. As our vibration expands into higher levels, we hit new unexposed layers of pain that we haven’t yet seen or experienced. It may feel familiar, but you are experiencing it with a higher vibration; therefore, it becomes easier and easier to work past them at each higher level. 

In fact, without those challenges at a higher level, we would never have a need to keep pushing and expanding. These hardships and obstacles keep us moving forward. 

This is called a “growth period.” We have all felt it. Huge milestones and successes attained, only to be hit with another set back that feels as though it pushes us back. However, these are positive signs that you are growing. Once you get acclimated to the new vibration, better and higher goals are on the horizon. 

The longer you stick with this journey, the higher your vibration and manifesting potential becomes until you do the final molt into the vibrant dragonfly phase. 

The dragonfly teaches us the importance of transformation, that both light and dark periods are necessary in order to experience growth. 

They teach us to honor the cycles and seasons we are going through, and ask what we can learn from the challenges that we are going through in our lives. 

3. The Spiritual Balance Between Action and Meditation

There are some people that put more of an emphasis on taking action and moving forward in life, and other people that put more of an emphasis on stillness and meditation. In spiritual growth, both action and meditation in a balanced way are necessary. 

The dragonfly instinctually knows this and expertly displays this balance in its everyday life. Its wings are rapidly moving while the body stays perfectly still. It is able to balance its body on a thin blade of grass while the wind blows it back and forth. It waits in silence until the perfect moment to launch at a high velocity to catch its prey. 

This balance between action and meditation allows it to survive and thrive in the wild. The dragonfly teaches that stillness or action can be harmful or powerful depending on the balance of them in your life. 

Action often requires a lot of energy, making us feel depleted or weak. We can easily feel burnt out after too much exertion to move us forward to reach out goals. Similarly, too much rest makes us feel stagnant and prevents us from moving forward with our goal. 

The dragonfly teaches that with every challenge we face we release so much energy from our space which leaves a “void.” In this space of emptiness, we now have space to observe why we felt anxious, fearful, or overwhelmed. It’s through this process of introspection that we begin to know ourselves more and more. This period of rest helps us gain strength and inner knowledge for the next time we take action. 

A solid meditation practice, or ways to take a step back and observe your actions, can give you wisdom and strength to keep pushing forward. Yoga is a great practice that incorporates a harmony of action and meditation together. Or getting a massage or going to the sauna after a long day of work can be equally restorative. 

The dragonfly represents the powerful inner knowing and a strong sense of self that comes from a balanced lifestyle of action and meditation, giving you the ability to make confident decisions from a place of higher knowing. 


Do Dragonflies Represent Angels?

Dragonflies have a high vibration and are very sensitive to spiritual energies around it. As with most flying creatures, they are sensitive to energy currents that are influenced by the spiritual realm. Many people ask if dragonflies are a sign that their angels or spirit beings are nearby and sending them a message. So, do dragonflies represent angels? 

Dragonflies can be sent to you as a message from your angels or spirit guides to give you inspiration, encouragement, comfort, or protection. They can show up when the presence of your spirit guides are nearby. They can also be attracted to your high vibration and vitality.

Dragonflies are sun creatures, venturing out only when the sun is shining bright during the spring and summer. If there are radiating lights around them, they will fly by to check it out. 

If someone attracts a lot of dragonflies, it is likely they have a high vibration and attractive energy to these creatures. They are often optimistic, compassionate, and are going through a lot of spiritual transformation. 

A dragonfly can also be your animal spirit guide, giving your strength and wisdom during this period of your life, or your entire lifetime. If you have dreams and visions of dragonflies, see them in synchronistic ways, or find that you attract dragonflies in our life frequently, these are signs that a dragonfly might be your animal spirit guide. 


Spiritual Significance of Dragonfly Wings

dragonfly meaning spiritually and symbolically

What is the spiritual significance of dragonfly wings? 

Dragonflies carry with them the spiritual energy of the number four, due to their prominent feature of having four wings. These wings allow them the swiftness to grab their prey, and the ability to hover in place, and the agility to fly in all four directions without moving their body. It is the four wings that give them their strength and balance

The number four represents completion, perfection, and a period of rest after intense work, harmony (yin/yang), and manifestation. The number four offers stabilizing energy and the foundations to launch you into your next project or goal. 

Dragonfly wings are associated with the element of air, which represents mental pursuits, thoughts, and imagination. It many ways, air is the element in which we dream. Because dragonflies themselves represent manifestation, dragonfly wings are the convergence of a dream with reality and the spiritual harmony that nurtures it to maturity. 

If you find dragonfly wings, have dreams about them, or see them in visions, it might be a good time to look at the foundations and structures in your life. It may be an invitation to start a new spiritual practice that you can implement into daily life, such as journaling, meditation, yoga, or various energy healing techniques. 

They can also ask you to look at your goals and dreams and see how well that harmonizes with your current reality. Do you dream of having one life, but are currently walking in the opposite spirit of that dream? This could be staying at a job you don’t like, being in an unhealthy relationship, or having self-sabotaging behavior stop you from success. 

Most importantly, dragonfly wings are a good reminder to celebrate the successes you have accomplished so far on your journey and give gratitude for the strong foundation they have set for you to launch from on your next set of goals. 


Spiritual Meaning of a Dragonfly In Your House

The home is our most sacred space, as it is where we can truly and authentically be ourselves. We spend so much time in the home that most of our energy and spiritual growth is fostered in the home. So, what does it mean to have a dragonfly in the home? 

Dragonflies in the home represent protection, happiness, peace, self-awareness, and domestic harmony. It is a positive omen if a dragonfly enters the home, bringing blessings and loving relationships to your domestic life. They can also help you gracefully communicate your ideas to others. 

In feng shui, the dragonfly is said to be a reflection of the “soul of a dragon,” bringing the same qualities that the dragon brings to the home, which is wholeness, enlightenment, and complete happiness. However, dragonflies bring with them the addition of the water element and feminine energy. 

Because dragonflies hunt and eat many pests such as gnats, flies, and mosquitoes, they are believed to bring protection energy into the home, chasing away or neutralizing negative energy or entities. 

If a dragonfly enters your home, take a moment to thank it for bringing these spiritual gifts to your home, and keep the windows or doors open for it to leave on its own. It will stay for as long as it needs to, and leave when it is ready. If you have to forcibly remove the dragonfly from your home, it might be a good idea to replace it with an image or sculpture and place it near the doorway or window where it entered.

If you want to bring the energy of a dragonfly into your home, the best placements for a dragonfly is in the fire area of the home which is the Bagua areas of south, southwest, northeast, and center of the home. 

The way that a dragonfly gracefully taps the surface of the water to lay eggs is a metaphor for graceful and efficient communication. The process of laying eggs is also symbolic of fertilizing an idea and executing it in a graceful and harmonic way. You can place the dragonfly near your workspace to help you brainstorm and communicate your ideas in a graceful way. 


Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Dead Dragonfly

Coming across a dead dragonfly can feel sad, and if you see it in a synchronistic way, you may be wondering what the spiritual meaning is. So, what is the spiritual meaning of a dead dragonfly? 

The most notable spiritual meaning of a dragonfly is transformation and metamorphosis, and coincidently death is also a symbol of change and transformation. Seeing a dead dragonfly represents the ending of one season and new beginnings on the horizon. You may be ending something soon, such as a job, relationship, or chapter in your life. 

If you see a dead dragonfly and are deciding whether to stay with something or to leave, the message is to leave and start over with something new. We often commit to things longer than we should, which can hinder our growth. This message is to let go and move on. 

If you see a dead dragonfly in your home, this may represent a harmful relationship or self-sabotaging behavior that is holding you back from success. Bringing in protection energy to the home, ending toxic relationships, and building a positive wellness routine are ways to reverse this energy. 


Spiritual Meaning of Different Colored Dragonflies

Depending on the color of the dragonfly you encounter, the spiritual message may be focused on specific energetic lessons or patterns that you are currently moving through. Also, keep in mind that dragonflies are often a combination of two or more colors, so you may see a blend of different energies. 

Red Dragonfly MeaningThis color is associated with energy that impacts the Root/1st chakra. The spiritual significance of a red dragonfly represents manifestation, high vitality, good health, domestic harmony, and financial security.
Blue Dragonfly MeaningThis color is associated with energy that impacts the throat/5th chakra. The spiritual significance of a blue dragonfly represents sharing ideas, clear communication with others, controlling negative and distracting thoughts, meditation, introspection, and releasing social anxiety.
Black Dragonfly MeaningThis is the most powerful and spiritually significant color of dragonflies, as black absorbs all colors on the light spectrum. A black dragonfly represents spiritual enlightenment, ultimate happiness, and inner strength. For black to be exposed to the light represents the ability to bring subconscious energy to the surface and to neutralize and transmute negative energy and darkness. They bring deep protective and healing energy. 
Green Dragonfly MeaningThis color is associated with energy that impacts the heart/4th chakra. The spiritual significance of a green dragonfly represents self-acceptance, acceptance of others, stability from a strong community, new ideas, and spiritual growth.
Orange Dragonfly MeaningThis color is associated with energy that impacts the sacral/2nd chakra. The spiritual significance of an orange dragonfly represents confidence, emotional stability, self-empowerment, and taking action on your goals. 
Golden Dragonfly MeaningThis color is associated with energy that impacts the solar plexus/3rd chakra. The spiritual significance of a golden dragonfly represents self-awareness, abundance, creativity, expression of self, action, and success.
Brown Dragonfly MeaningA brown dragonfly spiritually represents nurturing energy, protection, healing after an illness, and childlike innocence and amusement
Purple Dragonfly MeaningThis color is associated with energy that impacts the third eye/6th chakra. The spiritual significance of a purple dragonfly represents spiritual growth, spiritual awareness, inner knowingness, and taking action with a higher perspective.
Black and White Dragonfly MeaningWhite and black dragonflies are the perfect representation of the overall spiritual significance of a dragonfly: yin and yang energy, balance, masculine and feminine, divine creation, duality, and transformation.



The dragonfly invites you to observe and reflect upon your own spiritual journey, and to find the balance between taking action and sitting still to let your ideas to sprout and take root. Dragonflies represent transformation through self-awareness as you keep taking big spiritual steps and creating a structured lifestyle that fosters long-term growth. 

Dragonflies also represent confidence, because as you continue to grow and have the capacity to fearlessly conquer your goals, your self-confidence and self-assuredness continues to expand. Once you determine what you want, dragonflies give you the strength, focus, and willpower to achieve your goals.

This is one interpretation of the meaning of a dragonfly. Everyone has their own spiritual and intuitive language, so sit still and listen to what a dragonfly means to you. 

Dragonfly Keywords:

  • Learning your limits
  • Transformation
  • Self-reflection
  • Self-actualization
  • Determination and Willpower
  • Yin/Yang or Masculine/Feminine Balance
  • Expansion
  • Confidence
  • Action after Introspection
  • Intuitive Development
  • Emotional Intelligence

To learn more about dragonflies, I recommend watching this video by National Geographic called The Secret Life of Dragonflies.


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  • Beautiful description of the symbolism of dragonflies. I just had a deep session with my therapist about past trauma and we found a pattern that seems to have unlocked a core wound. After my session a dragonfly keep flying around my car. It was a really big dragonfly! And after reading this, I now realize the bigger the dragon fly the more molting it went through. That was so symbolic of the healing and spiritual journey I have been on. It helped me understand where I am. Thank you!

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