Crystals To Help Calm Your Mind, Lower Stress & Heal Anxiety

One night I was out with a friend and we were talking about meditating, and her frustrations with keeping an ongoing practice. Her main obstacle was getting her mind to calm down. After discussing this more, it became apparent that this problem wasn’t isolated to meditation — it happened all throughout her day. She asked for my advice, and I recommended some crystals that could help her. 

Many people have asked me this question. So, what are the best crystals that I recommend to calm the mind down? The best crystals I have found to help calm down a spiraling mind are: 

  • Smoky Quartz 
  • Danburite 
  • Rhodonite 
  • Fuchsite 
  • Blue Fluorite 
  • Celestite

The crystal that works best for you is specific to your triggers that lead to turbulent thoughts. It is important to understand why you are over-thinking, and to pick out crystals keeping those reasons in mind. In this article I have identified common reasons for excessive thinking, and the best crystal to calm those down. 


What All The Chakras Have to To With Anxious Thinking

What I have seen with clients is that you cannot generalize where restless thinking begins, and you can’t give someone a timeline of when it will end. This is your journey, and you are learning a specific lesson that is catapulting you to a new level of growth. 

You are stuck on a set of emotions for a reason, and your mind is trying to find a way to escape instead of face the real challenge of what is going on. 

When a chakra, or energy center, in your body is overstimulated, it will signal to your mind that something is not right. It will do whatever it can to try to communicate to you to calm it down, and if you are not listening to your energy, you cannot pinpoint what needs to change. 

Many times we grab things that will help us calm down: drugs, medication, the wrong people, shopping, eating, smoking, binging tv, etc. We all have a vice that calms down overactive energy centers. 

I want to stress, none of these things are wrong to do — everyone should have things that they enjoy and help them relax after a day of hard work. But if they become a crutch instead of dealing with facing difficult emotions, then it can be slowing down your growth while increasing your distressed thinking. 

Instead, it can be extremely helpful to ask your whole body (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self) what it needs to get into alignment. If you can narrow down the source of your troubled mind, you can calm the physical and emotional triggers, which can ripple into calming the mind down before it ramps up.

♦ Ritual ♦

Find colored pencils, crayons or pens that have each of the colors of the chakras (silver, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red), and some paper. 

When you feel yourself ramping up into spiraling thoughts, without overthinking it, pick a colored pen that you gravitate towards. Don’t try to figure out why you like that color. 

With that color, begin to write down all your thoughts, worries, stresses, etc. As you write, you may be surprised that the color you chose, and the thoughts you are having, all correlate to a specific chakra .

This can narrow down which chakra is over stimulated and needing some balance, and the words on your page can help you understand why. Search for crystals that can help with that specific chakra, and you will most likely find that you feel more in alignment and calm.


Anxiety – Slowing Down General Excessive Worrying 

Smoky Quartz | Chakra: 7th/Crown

Smoky quartz is maybe a not-so-obvious choice for calming a frenzied mind, but from my experience it does wonders to ease fidgety thoughts. In some ways, smoky quartz has a very energizing effect, but not in the way you might think.

Smoky quartz works with both the crown chakra and the root chakra, as the quartz element stimulates the upper chakras and the greyish color grounds through the root chakra. This is amazing at bringing the airy, quick attribute of thought and slowing them down by bringing that energy to the root chakra. The root chakra will allow that subconscious energy to become part of the conscious experience, where you can logically determine that those thoughts are no longer serving you.

Keeping smoky quartz on your body or in your environment can help you make sense of your moods, which help you manage them with more grace. It can help you understand any deep-seated anger, resentments or regrets you are holding onto, which can subconsciously do damage to your quality of life. This weakens your ability to have self control over self-pity, jealousy or overall negativity that can cause cloudy skies to an otherwise clear mind.

Being drained of enthusiasm can cause your mind to feel troubled, as you overthink and overanalyze to escape and try to get back to your highest sense of self and alignment. This can be especially true if you feel stuck in a job you don’t like, or if you are surrounded by people that are overly negative and bring you down.

A sign that your crown chakra may need a reset is if you have addictive tendencies that help you manage your stress, such as smoking, eating, drugs, alcohol, coffee, etc. The good news is that once you go after your healing, this part of your personality sets you up for success, as you can use that addictive behavior to build positive habits. Many people that have an underactive crown chakra are more successful than the average person after they take steps to heal this energy center and get back on track.

Using smoky quartz can help quit behaviors that have been learned to help manage anxiety – such as smoking. It can help reduce the desire to smoke and ease your body and mind when dealing with withdrawals. If you are trying to quit smoking, place small pieces of smoky quartz in your cigarette box. In places you usually light up, place smoky quartz towers. Meditate with smoky quartz when you get a craving and see if you can meditate through it. This can work with any other addictive behavior you are trying to quit.

♦Rituals with Smoky Quartz for the 7th/Crown Chakra♦

If you catch yourself feeling anxious after leaving the house because you can’t remember if you did certain things like turn off the stove, smoky quartz can help. Place a small pointed smoky quartz tower in all the areas you tend to get anxious about: near the stove, near your cat’s food bowl, near your curling iron, etc. 

Every time you get anxious about an object or place in your house, you literally “throw” anxious energy into that space. That energy accumulates, and the larger it gets, the more distracting, so you keep worrying about it over and over again. Keeping smoky quartz in that area will help transmute that energy into calming, grounded energy and will let you know you have nothing to worry about. Pretty soon you’ll forget it used to be a worry at all.


Insomnia – Slowing Down Thoughts Keeping You Awake 

Danburite | Chakra: 6th/Third Eye

Many times spiraling thoughts don’t start until you try to go to sleep at night, which can be very frustrating. You feel tired, and want desperately to sleep, but your mind jumps around to the most random topics and doesn’t stop. Every hour lost in sleep causes more worry for the fatigue you will feel the next day, which keeps the anxiety steamrolling your peaceful night. 

This is usually a sign that your Third Eye (6th Chakra) is overstimulated, and trying to process all energy being stored there so that it can calm down. People with insomnia are usually more psychic than they realize, but are also very logically orientated and don’t believe in such “mystic nonsense.” This causes the perfect storm – a tornado – of spiraling thoughts. 

People who are sensitive and have strong intuition get downloads of information all the time. And that information doesn’t always make sense, as it is presented in a spiritual language that is hard to understand. The mind wants to make sense of it, or ignore it. But that information keeps building up in the psychic center – the third eye – until it floods the mind to be processed. 

Working with the crystal Danburite can help immensely. Danburite works very well to process stored information in the Third Eye and Crown Chakra, specifically intuitive information that your physical self is needing to know.  Danburite is said to be a communicator of spiritual information, so it can translate those messages that don’t seem to make sense. 

Danburite works well for anyone that has a very strong mental body, which can overshadow the other bodies, especially the spiritual and emotional bodies. This usually applies to people who are in the sciences and academia where spiritual or emotional discussions are not encouraged, so these energies cannot be processed. 

Finally, danburite retrains these energy bodies to create new pathways of processing information. It is a highly intellectual stone but processes this intellect through the heart center where it can serve you for your highest good without the mental body getting in the way. The third eye will stop storing this information, and your whole body will begin to process it so that you can sleep better at night. 

You can keep a small piece of danburite in your pocket throughout your day, but for those who have excessive worries, it is best to use it in a quiet place at night before you go to bed.

♦Ritual with Danburite for the 6th/Third Eye Chakra♦

To help with insomnia: before going to bed, take a small polished piece of danburite, some face oil, and some calming essential oils (optional) to bed with you.
Take a dime size amount of facial oil (jojoba is my favorite), a drop of calming essential oil (lavender is my favorite), and rub it around your eyes, above your nose, up your cheek bones, behind your ears and down your neck.

Take your small piece of danburite and begin to gently rub it along your sinuses, around your eyes, behind your ears and down to your neck. These are your telepathic channels, and where information throughout the day can get stored. The high vibration of danburite will transmute these energies so that they don’t spiral in your mind into a sleepless night.

Any random thoughts you have, imagine the danburite sucking them up like a vacuum and transmuting the information to your higher self in a way that your whole body can understand. Do this as you’re laying down, and sense yourself getting sleepier and sleepier. Keep doing this until you fall asleep.
You can do this every night until restless thoughts don’t keep you up anymore.


Calming Your Social Anxiety

Blue Fluorite | Chakra: 5th/Throat 

It may seem surprising, but in my practice I have found that the most common cause of a cluttered mind is an imbalanced throat chakra. The throat chakra deals with communication with others, as well as yourself.  The throat can be overstimulated or understimulated, both of which can lead to anxiety. 

When the energy in the throat chakra is too stimulated, other energy centers shut down, usually the solar plexus or heart chakras. This leads to anxiety about loneliness or self-doubt. 

When the throat chakra energy is under stimulated, the third eye chakra usually goes haywire, leading to high anxiety and insomnia. 

For unbalanced energy in the throat chakra, especially for calming anxiety, I usually recommend Blue Fluorite. This stone helps bring you into the present moment so that you can let go of anxieties about what was said, and what could be said in the future. It helps give you the inner strength to show up for the present moment, no matter what life throws at you. 

This stone is the “preparer’s” best friend, as it will help clear out the cluttered pile of sticky notes in your mind that are trying to solve every possible outcome – most of which will not ever happen. The throat is very stimulated in “what-if” scenarios, as the lines between real communication and imagined communication get blurred, causing confusion in this energy center. 

This crystal is also great at resolving issues in partnerships and relationships, where clear boundaries and frustrations need to be communicated in an assertive way. It provides the strength to speak up when you know something isn’t working, and clarity when you can’t find the words to get it back on track. 

And speaking of assertive, the most powerful attribute of this stone is to make you more assertive in general, which can help immensely when dealing with disorderly thoughts.

♦ Ritual with Blue Fluorite for the 5th/Throat Chakra ♦

Blue fluorite works best with water energy, which enhances the calming properties that it provides, such as emotional stillness, inner strength and subtle body cleansing. Using blue fluorite with the element of water is a powerful way to calm a racing mind.

In a bathtub, put pieces of blue fluorite in each corner of the bathtub as you take a bath.  Blue fluorite in the shape of octahedrons is the most powerful, but any shaped pieces will work.
Fill the bath with calming essential oils of your choice, calming herbs, or whatever else that will make this ritual extra powerful. You can even put chunks of rose quartz in the bathtub for an added dose of stress relief.

You should feel very relaxed, and your thoughts should be calmer and more gentle. This is a great time to speak positive affirmations to yourself, while the throat chakra is open for reprogramming.
Careful not to put fluorite inside the bathtub, as it is a softer stone and can be damaged by water.


Excessive Thinking About Your Relationships 

Rhodonite | Chakra: 4th/Heart

For me personally, I am generally a calm person; however, there are times in my life where my anxiety takes over my mental and emotional wellbeing. This is almost always at times when I am in a relationship, leaving a relationship, or wanting to be in a relationship with someone. 

Romantic relationships kick up a lot of insecurity, self-doubt, fears of the future, FOMO, and a list of other anxiety triggers. But, this isn’t isolated to romantic relationships – this also happens with friends, coworkers, bosses, family, and especially when I meet a new group of people at a social event. 

It is not surprising that I consistently have imbalances in my heart center. My heart center needs so much healing that I have had to make it a daily practice to keep things in alignment. When things in this center are out of alignment, my mind starts racing, worrying that everyone hates me. 

My personal go-to crystal to keep things balanced here is Rhodonite. I prefer Rhodonite in its raw form, but either polished or rough stones work fine. Rhodonite makes beautiful jewelry, and its optimal placement is as a necklace over the heart, by the ears as earrings, and on your ring finger as a ring. 

Rhodonite is a healing stone and holds nurturing energy to heal your inner child that has been wounded. It works to strengthen your inner self by making your inner child feel safe so that you can begin to step into your true essence with confidence and self-assuredness. This allows you to begin creating a life that is in alignment with your highest purpose and fullest potential. It helps you uncover your natural talents and steers you in the direction to utilize those skills to help yourself and others.  

You can work with Rhodonite daily for maintaining heart-centered alignment, or you can work with it to steer you back to center after times of high stress or panic attacks. It can be added to your mental health toolbox for episodes of fight-or-flight that push you over the edge. 

As mentioned, it is a must-have stone if you are obsessing over a relationship that is not going in the way you would like, and help you see the reality for what it truly is. If you are stuck on anger from the actions of another person, it vibrates at the same resonance as compassion and forgiveness which will unlock these emotions within yourself. 

It allows you to get neutral about being rejected, being abandoned, or being betrayed and instead gives you clarity on why you chose to be together and what karmic energy you two are working through. 

Rhodonite can also help ease anxiety around sexual energy, and help transmute the feelings of physical attachment or lust into extremely loving, connected energy from the heart center.

♦ Ritual with Rhodonite for the 4th/Heart Chakra♦

For women: if your anxiety is stemming from insecurity, lack of self-worth, body image or feeling rejected, rhodonite yoni eggs work great at moving through this energy. With consistent work, the heart and the root chakra begin to balance, and you start to feel like a Goddess from Venus who has a flame that nobody can put out. This is extremely attractive towards anyone attracted to high vibrational feminine energy. It will also set your space for others to see your true potential and give supportive energy rather than throw jealousy or negativity at you.


Calming Thoughts and Emotions That Trigger Self-Doubt 

Calcite | Chakra: 3rd/Solar Plexus & 2nd/Sacral


I combined the 3rd and 2nd chakra for Calcite, because there are different types of calcite that are helpful with balancing both of these energy centers. 

Calcite has a slower vibration, so it calms down over-stimulated energies in these areas that lead to over-analyzing situations. This is especially true if you are worried about your career, finances, life purpose, or if you are doubting your capability to accomplish your goals. 

When the 3rd chakra is out of balance, it can lead to physical exhaustion but an over-active mind that keeps planning. This can cause depression or anxiety, because you have so many plans and goals but you don’t physically have the energy to manifest into your reality. Calcite slows down your over-thinking and builds your physical stamina so that you can manifest with ease. 

The best type of calcite for the 3rd chakra is Cobalto Calcite, which balances and activates the highest vibrations in the 3rd chakra, while pulling on heart-centered intelligence for healing and balancing. 

When the 2nd chakra is out of balance, you may worry about what others think of you, or take on other people’s emotions. Your emotional energy can become stagnant or overly negative, or your emotional body can fluctuate between sadness and joy – leading to unstable or manic emotional episodes that are out of your control. Calcite gently cleanses your emotional body and keeps it calm, cool and collected. It is a teaching stone that helps with emotional intelligence. 

The best type of calcite for the 2nd chakra is Orange Calcite, as it is an activating yet stabilizing stone. This color of calcite very gently shocks the vibrations in this energy center, so that you can release stuck emotions and buried feelings. With regular use of orange calcite, it trains this energy center to have a baseline feeling of optimism, which is the state at which you find yourself returning to again and again. Orange calcite is great for building self esteem, setting boundaries with others, and to get past deep seated fears and phobias holding you back in life. 

In general, all forms of calcite is very calming for the mind, body and emotions. It opens your whole body to a new level of self-acceptance and a sense of belonging in the physical world. It works to build your internal “knowingness” so that you don’t have to spend so much time analyzing situations, and instead you have confidence to take action with ease. This helps heal an over-active mind. 

♦Ritual for 2nd and 3rd Chakra with Calcite♦

Calcite is an energy amplifier in your environment, so place large pieces of calcite around a space where you like to relax or meditate. In that space, put a sound machine that plays the sounds of water, and place a piece of calcite next to it. The calcite amplifies the sounds of running water, which provide a thorough cleanse of your aura and subtle bodies. When I do energy healings, sometimes I begin sessions with this, and clients are often amazed at the energy movement they experience from this alone!


Being At Peace With Your Health

Fuchsite | Chakra: 1st/Root

Worrying about my health is another area that I consistenly have to work on. I can get very ramped up into a spiderweb of anxious thoughts about my physical well being. I do whatever I can to control it: eat well, take supplements, go see a naturopath regularly, exercise, meditate, etc, etc. But still, sometimes I catch myself imagining the “worst case” scenario.

A sign that your root chakra may be out of balance is when your mind is disquieted with stressors in your physical body or physical environment. This usually translates to a mind full of concerns about your health. The crystal that I recommend to work with for these fretful thoughts is Fuchsite.

Fuchsite works to heal the physical body, but it does so by quieting the mind and resetting neural pathways so that you body can release the limiting beliefs and fears holding your body back from healing itself. This is why it is known as the “healers stone.” It also pulls on the intelligence resting in your heart-center, so that you begin to love your body and trust that it can heal itself.

If you spend a lot of time with this crystal, you will begin to naturally gravitate towards healthy eating, healthy choices, and wanting to improve your overall quality of life. Keeping Fuchsite in your kitchen is a great way to reprogram your choices around eating. Many people refer to this stone as their holistic practitioner, because it is subtly giving you advice and nudging you in the right direction.

On a similar note, if you want to be a naturopathic doctor, holistic practitioner, herbalist, or anyone wanting to give holistic medical advice, this stone should be in your toolkit as an aid to give you motivation and inspiration.

This can also be a helpful crystal if you are worried about the health of others close to you, or you have become the caregiver to loved ones, that takes a toll on your mental well-being.

♦ Ritual  for 1st Chakra with Fuchsite♦

Fuchsite’s energy is amplified when it is around plant energy. To get the most effect from this stone, a really great way to use it is to meditate with it out in nature. Find a comfortable seat, such as a bench, and place your feet flat on the ground with your shoes and socks off.

Hold your Fuchsite in the palms of your hands seated in your lap. Feel your energy expanding around the garden, feeling the calming, grounding, and healing energy all around you. The Fuchsite should heighten your sense of feeling connected to this space and will open up your receiving pathways in your heart and root chakra to get some high-vibed healing.

When you are not meditating with it, set it near your plants in your garden or inside your house. This charges the energy for the next time you want to use it, as well as gives your plants a wonderful glow.


Final Thoughts

You may notice that each color of these crystals does not correlate to the chakra it is usually associated with. As someone who works with energy, I’ll let you in on a secret: our chakras are not always the color that they are associated with! Your root chakra is not always red, and your third eye is not always violet purple. 

When I read the energy in people’s chakras and layers of their aura, I look at the highest vibration in that space or what vibration could be brought in to help it get into alignment with that highest vibration. Often that means bringing in energies, or crystals, that may not be a common choice. 

This is where intuition gets fun! When starting out, it is best to rely on the colors of the crystals matching the colors of the chakra. But as your intuition gets stronger, you will find that you are attracted to other crystals that will help heal you, which may be surprising to you! 

These are just my own recommendations based on my intuition, but use your own intuition to feel what crystals work best for you and where you need to use them. This is should a fun journey, so explore like you’re in kindergarten! The overall best remedy for an anxious mind is to LAUGH and have fun. 

Disclaimer: Information provided on this web site is the opinion of Crystal Clear Intuition at and may vary from the opinions of others, and should not be taken as fact. This information is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information on this web site, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only. Please see your doctor or health care professional before starting any alternative treatments, diets, supplements or exercise programs. As with any information found on the internet, use your intuition to determine what is best for you.


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