What Are The Best Crystals To Increase Energy & Motivation?

In this modern world, it seems that we are collectively overstimulated, overworked and generally overstressed. Personally, I used to hustle and make sure my calendar was packed and had to force myself to drag through the day as I fought off my fatigue and low energy with caffeine and sugar. When I did have free time, I would get depressed because I felt so depleted and unmotivated that I couldn’t take advantage of it to do the things I loved. The good news: I turned this around with crystals, and you can too.  

So, what are the best crystals to help increase energy and motivation? Generally, most crystals that work with the first three chakras help boost your physical vitality which will increase your energy and help you get motivated. These crystals are usually the color red or black (root/first chakra), orange (sacral/second chakra), or yellow (solar plexus/third chakra). The best crystals I have found to increase energy and motivation include Carnelian, Citrine, Bloodstone, Black Obsidian, Hematite and Tourmaline.

There are many other crystals that can help you with your specific energetic blueprint, and the key is to find the root of why you feel zapped and unmotivated. This article will help you identify the root of your low energy, and then guide you to uncover which crystals will help you build up your life-force energy so that you can bust through those projects and still have energy to do the things you love.



The Root Of Low Energy and Lack of Motivation

The “energy” that I am referring to in this article is energy as a source of life force that propels you to keep consistent forward movement to build upon your present reality in productive ways.

When you have low energy, it may seem like your life is at a standstill. You have dreams and aspirations, but can’t seem to find the motivation that sparks the energy to get it going. You may start to feel that you are trapped in your current reality, and cannot think of creative ways to change it. The very thought of making changes out of your comfort zone may make you feel tired, depressed and anxious, so you avoid any future planning by filling your day with distractions (Netflix, social media, projects for others, etc.).

This life force energy may be so low that it is hard for you to get out of bed in the morning. The day may seem to drag on miserably like you’re walking in a sluggish mud pit.   

When dealing with deficiencies in life force energy, the best place to start is by identifying the most probable root where it is stemming from. Over the years working with clients, I can usually narrow down low energy complaints to three main core energy issues.

  1. Low physical vitality or physical illness
  2. Lack of purpose or sense of self
  3. Emotional exhaustion due to being overly empathic

It is important to note that often these issues build on one another, and it may feel like you want to check a box that says “all of the above.” Even though you may be experiencing multiple reasons for low energy, there is one that is the true root, which has caused other issues to compound on that. Try narrowing it down to what affects you the most.

For example, I am an empath, and dealing with external energy around me is very exhausting. But I also suffer from low physical vitality due to anemia and spleen issues. When I got my iron levels up and worked on strengthening my vital organs, my ability to manage my empathic centers became stronger, and my overall energy has increased.

Spend time researching yourself, and you’ll know the best place to start. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Go to a doctor to get your blood levels tested.
  • Keep a small journal on you for 30 days and document all the instances where you were triggered into episodes of low energy.
  • Voice record yourself each morning and evening sharing your moods and emotions.


 Crystals For Physical Energy That Build At The Cellular Level

If you feel that your concerns with low energy are linked to your physical health, the best crystals to work with are those that build up your energy at the cellular level. These address issues with life force energy, known as Qi in Chinese medicine. This usually is related to issues in the spleen, liver and blood strength, so coupling crystal therapy with diet and supplementation will have the best results.


Crystals To Increase Energy & Motivation - bloodstone

Just like what the name suggests, bloodstone works with the energy of the blood, which contains the cells, DNA, and general life force energy. It is my top recommended stone to work with when it comes to low energy due to a lack of qi or physical vitality.

Along with helping to rebuild the blood and physical body, it also does wonders at resetting your neural pathways and strengthening the resilience of the mind. As science is discovering, physical illness often starts in the mind, and if you heal the mind you can heal many physical ailments. Bloodstone understands the mind-body connection and works with your mind to support the physical health you are striving for.

This process leads to an increase in your baseline sense of peace, joy, and harmony in your life – which are all states of mind in which your body can heal.

Bloodstone is a combination of chalcedony or green jasper and flecks of hematite causing red dots. The iron oxide showing as red is a symbol of blood, as human blood turns red when it is exposed to oxygen. As its appearance shows, bloodstone works well with building the blood and works especially well if your low energy stems from anemia.

♦ R I T U A L ♦

To work with bloodstone, you can keep a polished stone in your pocket while you go about your daily life to help give you a subtle boost of energy. This stone works especially well during midday/after lunch slumps, so put it in your lunch box and do a quick meditation with it on your lunch break.


Crystals To Increase Energy & Motivation - carnelian

Carnelian is another stone that works with vital organs to increase whole body vitality. It works at a very deep level, down to the cellular level, and in slow steady movements. I often associate the energy of carnelian as similar to the beating of a strong and steady heart. It is constantly pumping, keeping everything in an orderly and rhythmic cycle in alignment with their highest order.

Energetically, carnelian works directly with your root/first chakra and third/solar plexus chakra, which are the two most powerful energy centers for physical energy. Stimulating the root chakra helps awaken your core essence, and the build-up of energy in your third chakra helps you manifest your core essence out into the world. It is both a physical strengthening and a creative manifesting stone.

Because of the strong rhythmic heart-beat energy, I like to keep carnelian stones polished in the shape of a heart around my room or carry them with me throughout my day. You can find heart shaped carnelian here.

♦ R I T U A L ♦

Keeping large chunks of carnelian around where you exercise, meditate or do office work will give you stabilized and consistent focused energy. I love to sleep with carnelian near my bed, as I find it is not so stimulating that it keeps me up, and helps me feel rejuvenated and energized in the morning. If raw carnelian is too stimulating near your bed, try small polished stones.

Other Stones For Physical Vitality

Other stones that have physical healing that relates to increasing energy and motivation include:

  • Garnet: Helps body detoxify by purifying vital organs and blood, and assists the body in the absorption of vitamins and minerals – especially iron. Strengthens the survival instinct so that your flight or fight chemicals (cortisol) are balanced.
  • Tiger’s Eye: Works with Third/Solar Plexus chakra to strengthen will-power and stabilize energy levels. Helps motivate you to make healthy lifestyle changes encourages you to make improvements in your daily routines. Keep in the kitchen to reduce cravings for unhealthy foods, and meditate with it to help overcome addictive behavior.
  • Shungite: Known as the “stone of life” due to its ability to boost immunity, increase physical energy, detox and purify the body, and protect the body from harmful EMFs.


Crystals That Help You Change Your Life Direction

Often times low energy or lack of motivation does not stem from physical ailments – it can stem from not living your life’s true purpose. Going to a job, or living a lifestyle that doesn’t fulfill you can be draining and can cause a lot of stress.

If lack of direction feels like the reason for your low energy, there are crystals that can help you uncover your life’s purpose, and give you the courage to take steps that will get you on track.

Black Obsidian

Crystals To Increase Energy & Motivation  - black obsidian

Black Obsidian is one of my favorite stones to work with, but it is also one of the most difficult. Working with it will give you downloads of information regarding your life’s purpose, but it will also stir up a lot of energy that is blocking you from taking these steps. This energy is often emotionally charged, and difficult to face. However, if you face this energy, you will notice a huge impact on your energy level.

The energy charge that comes from black obsidian is rooted in its ability to break up emotional blockages, unhealthy attitudes or negative self-talk that are holding you back from aligning with your higher self. Once you start clearing those blockages, your highest essence and most powerful energy start to come to the surface.

In addition to giving energy, black obsidian also helps you preserve the energy you do have by offering protection from outside energy drains – this is especially true if you are highly sensitive or are very empathic. It cuts cords that are zapping your energy and helps you move past unhealthy attachments that are emotionally exhausting you.

Black obsidian also helps you move past grief, or past emotional abuse from parents, authorities or previous job experiences that have locked you into limiting beliefs regarding your capability to create the life of your dreams.

These limiting beliefs can cause depression, fatigue, illness and a general sense of apathy towards life. Once these are lifted, your energy should feel rejuvenated.

♦ R I T U A L ♦

The best way to use black obsidian for energy is to journal with it. The energy of black obsidian, when attuned to your energy, opens a portal to your subconscious mind. This energy wants to draw you closer to your core, as it demolishes false belief systems to get you there. Journaling is the best way to tap into this information, as writing is a filter of the subconscious self. This is why “writers block” is something we all struggle with, as we go deeper in our writing material.

Meditate with your black obsidian with a journal nearby. As new information comes to the surface, write in your journal about how you feel and what is being worked through. Do this everyday for 30 days to see how black obsidian is transforming your life in positive ways.


Crystals To Increase Energy & Motivation  - citrine

The energy of citrine is apparent just by looking at it. The bright orange/yellow color heats up the third/solar plexus chakra, which is the center for willpower and manifestation. With this crystal, your sense of individuality increases and you begin to have the stamina to set boundaries with others that are trying to hijack your life’s purpose.

In this way, it also helps raise your self-confidence and makes you more resilient to other people’s jealousy or criticisms towards you. Your self worth increases, meaning you can take risks that held you back before. It helps you release the fear of what others think of you, giving you liberation to walk your own path.

The most popular usage of citrine is as an abundance stone because it opens up the energy centers in the third chakra that help you manifest. Manifesting energy is high, creative, and inspirational.

In addition to boosting your sense of self, it has physical supportive qualities as well, such as boosts the metabolism, helps with chronic fatigue, and has even been reported to help with tumors and irregular cell growth. It also helps with spleen health, which as we read earlier, is a key to physical vitality.

♦ R I T U A L ♦

The best way to use citrine for energy and motivation purposes is to keep a polished stone in your pocket, especially while you are at work. When you feel someone trying to hijack your own life story, imagine the energy of citrine being the big kid on the playground standing up for you.

You can visualize your entire body being clothed in a shimmery orange and yellow coat of light, similar to the color of citrine, radiating your own highest essence and true worth back to the world. This will deflect any intruding energies, making room for your own voice to be heard.



Crystals That Help You Manage Your Empathy

Some energetic issues are less about physical illness or life’s purpose and stem from a deeper energetic imbalance. This is usually the case for individuals that are very energetically sensitive, and are highly empathic. Being empathic means that you are easily affected by the energies of people around you, or the environment you are in.

Empaths absorb energy from outside of themselves and store that energy in their own energy centers or aura. While this feels great for the people who have empaths around them, for the empaths themselves it is draining and life depleting.

It is also very confusing because empaths usually have a hard time determining what is their own energy, and what is the energy of others. In this way, they reflect the chaotic energies of everything around them, at a detriment to their own life-force energy.

Signs you are an empath include:

  • Random emotional fluctuations that you can’t explain, usually in unfamiliar environments or around crowds of people
  • An insecure or paranoid feeling that everyone is looking at you
  • Feeling drained after social events or being in large crowds of people
  • Feeling like you just “know” what other people are feeling or thinking, without them saying anything
  • When people are around you with physical ailments, you often feel those ailments in your own body

It is important to note that we all have empathic tendencies (except for narcissists and psychopaths), but if you experience any of the above, then your empathic centers might be over-stimulated, and this may be causing your low energy.

Black Tourmaline

Crystals To Increase Energy & Motivation - tourmaline

If citrine is like the older, stronger kid on the playground, black tourmaline is the massive bodyguard protecting you from danger.

As a black crystal, it works with your root chakra, clearing out negative or stagnant energy in that center like a vacuum. For empaths, keeping the root chakra clear is an important part of managing energetic health, as empaths tend to retreat from the physical world. This is because they do not feel the physical world is safe, or that it too much of an energetic burden.

The root chakra is the final place where manifestations anchor into your physical reality, so if this area is blocked, it will be hard to manifest or feel motivated to create a different reality that is more in alignment with your highest purpose.

Black tourmaline provides the benefits of an energetic shield that transmutes and rids your energetic space from external energies, that you would normally absorb. Keep a small raw piece in your pocket, and hold it in your dominant hand if you feel you are absorbing too much external energy. Rub it with your thumb, as this activates the energy so that it works in a dynamic way with your energy in the present moment.

This crystal also helps with the exhausting anxious energy that comes with insecurity and paranoia, by calming the mind and easing negative or unpleasant thoughts.

♦ R I T U A L ♦

Keep black tourmaline in your bedroom by your bed stand or at your feet to cleanse away all the energy you accumulated during the day, or if you suffer from night terrors (usually caused by processing the foreign energy of others).


Hematite is another one of my favorite stones, and I use it regularly to help manage my energetic health. This crystal helps me get into the present moment when I am stuck in the past or the future, which is common of empaths.

It is a wonderfully grounding stone, so it helps bring you back into your physical body, forcing out everyone else’s energy that took space there. This can feel like a breath of fresh air, and you may feel like you found a new sense of being in this world.

This stone helps you release any external toxic emotions that are holding you back from your expressing your true essence and highest joys.

In terms of physical health, it builds and cleanses the blood due to the vibration that emits from the high iron content. Because of this it also helps with circulation, boosting metabolism, and jumpstarting sluggish energy.

Other crystals that help with empaths manage their energy

  • Aragonite: Balances all chakras, helping you feel more embodied and comfortable being a spirit being living in a physical world.
  • Malachite: Balances the heart and root chakra, where empaths often feel imbalances the most.
  • Desert Rose: A form of selenite, this crystal slows down an overactive pineal gland (linked to the third eye chakra) and awakens the root chakra so you feel more comfortable in your body and feel a sense of resilience to overcome energetic burdens. 



Crystals To Avoid When Trying To Increase Stamina

In the world of crystals, there are stimulating crystals and there are calming crystals. Both have a time and place in your healing journey, and it is important to trust your intuition when it comes to which crystal to work with for their specific healing modalities.

Some of the more calming crystals should be avoided, as well as crystals that are more focused on healing your upper chakras or spirit centers. These crystals are great for opening intuitive awareness and receiving downloads of information from higher vibrations; however, these energies can lead to useless daydreaming if they are not grounded in the physical world. Issues with low energy are usually due to the physical chakra centers being out of alignment, which involves the lower three chakras. For boosting energy and motivation, it is helpful to keep your focus on the lower three energy centers. 

Purple, pink, grey, white and blue stones should be avoided due to their energetic stimulation of the upper/spirit chakras (which will get you out of your physical body), or the calming/subduing effect they have on the body and mind. Some examples of these include:

  • Amethyst
  • Rose Quartz
  • Sodalite
  • Calcite
  • Purple Fluorite
  • Danburite
  • Celestite

Disclaimer: Information provided on this web site is the opinion of Crystal Clear Intuition at crystalclearintuition.com and may vary from the opinions of others, and should not be taken as fact. This information is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information on this web site, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only. Please see your doctor or health care professional before starting any alternative treatments, diets, supplements or exercise programs. As with any information found on the internet, use your intuition to determine what is best for you. 

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