What Are The Best Crystals For Your Baby Nursery and Why?

best crystals for nursery

When a child is first brought into this world, the environment around them is very stimulating. Everything around them is new, and every sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste is a shock to their fragile nervous system. It is a vulnerable time for baby while they adjust to the intense energies of the world, and crystals can energetically work with them to help this integration be as smooth as possible. 

So, what are the best crystals to place in your baby’s nursery? The best crystals for your baby nursery are those that calm the stimulating energies of their developing nervous system, while gently supporting their core energies to come to fruition. Providing energetic protection is also a wonderful benefit that crystals can offer. These include:

  • Rose Quartz
  • Pyrite
  • Calcite
  • Carnelian

These crystals work with your baby’s developing emotions, energies, physical development, psychic/intuitive centers in a dynamic way, all while keeping baby calm and feeling soothed. 


Why Use Crystals With Your Baby

Babies are extremely energetically sensitive, which is why setting space for your baby is an important aspect to consider when bringing the new member of your family home. Many parents intuitively know to do this by painting the nursery walls with soothing colors or filling the room with loving symbols. 

Crystals can also be a way to set the space, which allows baby to feel loved, nurtured and protected, as well as feeling a sense of vitality, excitement, and joy for their new life that is about to begin. 

It is often not thought about, but your baby has undergone an incredible journey from the time it was conceived, to the time it was born – and an even longer journey before being conceived into this world. 

If you believe in past lives, the first 7 years of your baby’s life is very much about integrating from their past lifetimes into the current one. If you don’t believe in past lives, this concept also applies to the ancestral energies they integrate with during this time. The first few months require the most energy as this integration begins. 

Along with past life integration, the first 6 months are a very spiritually active time for your baby, and they are consistently surrounded by a large group of angels, guides and loved ones that are helping it during this process. This can be overwhelming for your baby, and crystals can help manage and slow down these energies. 

In addition to helping baby, they can also help you. You are also, no doubt, going through a massive amount of emotions you’ve never experienced before, and you may feel like your heart could explode at any moment. Crystals in your baby’s room can help you manage these emotions as well, and help you process the overwhelming new energetic and emotional bond with your new child. 



Types of Crystals To Place in Baby’s Room

While any type of crystal will work just fine, there are certain types of stones that I recommend when using with babies. 

Polished Stones

While I usually like to use raw stones for my personal practice, with children I recommend using polished stones instead, as I always feel that polished stones have more soothing and graceful energy. 

Clusters or Geodes

I also recommend large clusters or geodes, and I like to place them near a window where the sun or moonlight can glimmer off of the many surfaces. This light movement can captivate a baby’s attention for long periods of time. Also, the energy that emits from a large cluster makes a noticeable impact on the energetic environment of a room. 

Round Spheres or Egg-shapes

Another type of crystal that I like to place in baby’s room is egg-shaped crystals. The egg shape represents new life and fertility, and the smooth surfaces are gentle to touch and look at. The circle shape allows the energy to radiate in all directions, filling the room with loving energy. 



Rose Quartz: Love Filled Crystals for Babies

Best Crystals for your baby's nursery rose quartz

photo credit: sogoodmojoco.com

If you had to choose one crystal to surround your baby with, Rose Quartz might be the winner here. It is my go-to crystal for calming anyone’s energy, but it works especially well on younger humans. 

Rose quartz works specifically with the heart center, which is stimulated in both baby and parents. Most people blame their issues around love on their childhood – and it is often correct! The heart area is the most sensitive area in a baby, as bonding with their caretaker is linked to survival. Rose quartz soothes this survival energy that a baby may feel during this vulnerable time, allowing baby to feel that there is a strong energy of love around them at all times. 

The loving energy of rose quartz helps babies feel emotionally balanced. This is important as they develop their emotions so that later they are able to confidently express loving emotions such as unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness. 

Rose quartz also helps you form a strong and healthy attachment to your baby, so nursing or rocking your baby near a large rose quartz is very healing. 

When placing rose quartz in a babies nursery, I would recommend having multiple large pieces displayed around the room on a shelf or on a table. If you can find an area where it gets sunlight from the rising sun, that would both charge them and give baby a very loving energetic shower. Be careful that too much sunlight can fade rose quartz over time, so it would be ideal to find a place that gets only about 1 hour of direct sunlight per day. 

A great idea for using rose quartz as two book-ends to hold children books, as shown above. 



Pyrite: Protecting Crystals for Babies

Pyrite is a crystal of protection and will give your baby a sense of feeling secure when you are not around. 

This crystal has an amazing ability to transmit any negative energy into positive, loving energy – which is important in the first few months of your baby’s development. Baby’s are very sensitive to stress, fear, anger, irritation and depression, which are all feelings that many new parents experience as they adjust to the new arrival. 

In addition to transmuting the negative energies from you, it also helps transmute the energy leftover from the hospital, or the intensity leftover from an at-home birth. This can be helpful for baby to start feeling settled, after the shake-up of the delivery. 

And what about all the visitors that want to see and hold your new bundle of joy? These, no doubt, have an effect on the energy of your baby. Everyone that sees or holds your little one can energetically impact it, so clearing any cords or attachments can help keep your baby calm. Pyrite is the master crystal at cutting energetic cords and removing excessive external energy from all those family members, friends, and strangers on the street. 

Pyrite is also great for helping your baby feel that the physical world is a safe place, and will help your baby integrate into its physical body in a more graceful way. This can be especially helpful if your baby has colic, or wakes up suddenly with fright.  

This is crystal is one that I would keep in raw form, and find in large clusters. The energy of pyrite clusters is intense, and one large pyrite cluster can effectively set the space in an entire room. Keep near a light source, such as sunlight from a widow, or light from a lamp, as the light that dances from the shiny edges will be very interesting for your baby to look at. 



Carnelian: Vitalizing Crystals for Babies

As a parent, the thing you want most for your baby is to be healthy. There is a lot of fear during the first few months regarding the baby’s health, and if everything is developing properly. Carnelian is a great stone to place around your baby’s nursery, as it promotes healthy life force energy and encourages core body strength in terms of metabolism, blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain. 

There are other stones that promote vitality as well, however, those stones tend to be too stimulating for babies and will keep them awake. Carnelian is wonderful at promoting full body and spirit vitality, without being energetically stimulating in the moment. It works at a very deep level, down to the cellular level, and in slow steady movements. 

I often associate the energy of carnelian as similar to the beating of a strong and steady heart. It keeps pumping, keeping everything in an orderly and rhythmic cycle in alignment with their highest order. Carnelian sets the space in your baby’s room to promote similar energy. 

Also in connection with the heart energies, carnelian works with the bonding energy that exists between baby and parent. Carnelian promotes a deep and healthy attachment that sets a solid foundation for the developing parent-child relationship. 

This supportive energy helps baby become more confident in who they are, which stimulates their own independence and creative expression. Carnelian loves to fire people up to be creative – even little humans. 

Because of the strong heart energy, I like to place carnelian stones polished in the shape of a heart around the room. You can find heart-shaped carnelian here. I like polished stones over raw carnelian stones, as this calms the energy down and makes it soothing for baby. These also make great baby shower gifts or gifts for new moms. 

If you find that carnelian is too stimulating for your baby’s nursery, you can place it in their playroom instead. 



Calcite: Calming Stones for Babies

Calcites are calming stones that help keep the vibration slower and mellower, which is a wonderful energy in a baby nursery. Calcite moves out any stagnant or old energy, but in a slow and peaceful way that will not excite your baby. 

Consistent energy moment is a good idea for any baby room, as your baby is constantly growing and needs to be reset to the new level of growth it is experiencing. Old energy patterns or sluggish energy can make your baby feel irritable or out of sorts. 

There are many colors of calcite, and you can choose which one resonates most with you and the energy of your baby. I prefer green calcite for a baby room, as it works specifically with the heart chakra energies and I find that it is the most calming out of all the colors. 

Green calcite carries a compassionate vibration and brings in the energy of unconditional and Divine Love from Source. You will feel an instant loving vibration as you walk into a room filled with green calcite. 

I like to place a large piece of green calcite next to a baby white noise machine, as green calcite works great as an energy amplifier and resonates best with sound vibrations. You can also place it under the baby crib or on a shelf near where the baby sleeps. 

Green calcite also works specifically with building a strong immune system, which is important for your baby’s physical development. 

Avoid red or orange calcites, as these move quite a bit of energy and can be too stimulating for baby. 



Important Notes When Using Crystals With Small Children

Keep small crystals away from the reach of babies as these can be choking hazards. Even if a crystal seems big enough for baby to play with, it is always safer to just keep them away from babies. 

Some crystals have toxic minerals on them, and babies like to put things in their mouths. Pyrite, for example, contains sulfur, which is harmful if ingested. 

Also, rocks are heavy and can be sharp. In my adulthood, I have gotten nasty cuts picking up raw stones with sharp edges – so children can also be harmed on these sharp edges. 

If using crystals in a nursery, keep them up high on a sturdy table or shelf and out of reach of your children. 

Check in with your intuition about whether these crystals are a right fit for your baby. If your baby is having trouble sleeping after adding carnelian to their room, try taking it out to see if that helps. Some babies are more energetically sensitive than others, and some experimentation may be necessary when finding the right energetic mix. 



Related Questions

Are there some crystals that should be avoided in my baby’s nursery? I prefer to keep overly stimulating crystals out of the nursery such as Citrine, Ruby, Garnet or Tiger’s Eye. If you notice, these are mostly red crystals. Besides carnelian, most yellow, orange and red crystals I tend to avoid until a child is older. I also avoid black crystals, such as obsidian, tourmaline or hematite, as these can stimulate intense subconscious energy as your baby sleeps. 

Do I need to cleanse the crystals in my baby’s nursery? Yes, you should periodically cleanse and charge the crystals in your baby’s room. About once a month it is a good idea to reset their energies and reprogram them to new stages of development your child is experiencing.

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