Cardinal Spirit Animal: It’s Meaning and Spiritual Message

Spirit animals show up in our lives as a spirit messenger from the universe to help guide us. You might be searching for your spirit animal, and wonder what messages are waiting to be discovered. You may have noticed a red cardinal showing up in your life frequently, but don’t know how to interpret the messages. How can you tell if a red cardinal is your spirit animal?

The cardinal animal spirit guide is guided by earth energy making it reliable, responsible, loyal, patient, and practical. People with a cardinal animal spirit guide are learning how to create a reality that is aligned with their core values and develop their sense of self-worth. They help you clear blocks and issues in your 5th/throat chakra. 

If a cardinal is showing up frequently in your life, it is important to pay attention to the life lessons you are moving through. Investigating the behaviors, patterns, and spiritual energy of the cardinal can help you figure out how this spirit animal can help you achieve your spiritual and energetic goals. 

Cardinal Spirit Animal Keywords: 

  • Responsibility
  • Reliable
  • Patient
  • Practical
  • Loyal
  • Devoted 
  • Stable


What Is a Spirit Animal, Power Animal, or Animal Totem? 

Spirit animals appear in our lives to give us signs, information, and spiritual assistance when we face challenges or are going through internal growth. They can appear just when we need the inspiration to keep going, or they can be sent as an answer to our requests to the universe or prayers to the Divine. 

Spiritual animals, power animals, or animal spirit guides show up in your life in synchronistic patterns, and always when you are ready to receive the message they are sending to you. 

The traits and behaviors of your spirit animal can give you deep insight into your own soul’s strengths, weaknesses, and challenges so that you can use that information to uncover a new layer of self-awareness. 

You can call on the spirit animal when you need protection, strength, or help to navigate a tricky situation. 

Throughout your life, you may have noticed an animal showing up repeatedly when you need spiritual guidance. This is a sign that the animal is your power animal, and sent to guide you through your soul’s journey in this lifetime. 

If a cardinal is your spirit animal, your soul is moving through the same life lessons and spiritual path as the cardinal at the same vibration and pace. Therefore, many lessons a cardinal can teach you should resonate at your core level. Seeing cardinals may make you feel spiritually activated. 


Is a Cardinal Your Spirit Animal? 

Once you know about spirit animals, how do you tell if a cardinal is your spirit animal? 

The red cardinal is likely your spirit animal if it shows up frequently in your life in synchronistic ways. You may see cardinals often, dream about them, have visions of them, or have random daily encounters with them in strange ways. You may also feel spiritually activated by cardinals, giving you a sense of inspiration and energetic alignment. 

If you are attracted to a cardinal, it is likely that you are attracted to a spiritual presence of a cardinal that is being reflected by your own soul or spirit. You may want to keep a cardinal close to you, such as wear it as a piece of jewelry, have it as artwork, or wear it as clothing. 


Cardinal Spirit Energy

The red cardinal is one of the most beloved birds in the United States by backyard bird watchers and park visitors. These bright red birds catch your eye as they fly by, and inspire you to step into the present moment to take-in in their beauty. 

Red cardinals are not shy to make their presence known to the world, showing up in brilliant red and with a loud song to sing to all that will listen. They stand their ground and will defend their territory to any challengers nearby. 

Early to rise and last to go to bed, cardinals are usually seen at feeders before all other birds and show up after all the other birds have left for the night. They are clever, hardworking, and determined. 

Unlike migratory birds that fly towards a warmer climate for the winter, cardinals will stay in the same territory all year round. This shows their earth driven “nesting” behavior, and willingness to be patient and stick things out for the long-term. They value their domestic space and long-term commitments. 

Being creatures that carry a lot of earth energy, cardinals are patient and nurturing, allowing them to stick with a goal until it is complete, regardless of how long it takes them to achieve it. They can be stubborn, and often stick with projects or commitments longer than they should for the sake of “not giving up.” 

Cardinals show you the power of self-worth through creating and manifesting your deepest values into your reality. They are here to teach you how to stand on your own two feet by being self-reliant, and how to stand up for your values. 

They embody the “parental” archetype, being stern and disciplinary; however, it comes from a place of love and caring so that you can learn to be unapologetically your own person. Because of this, the cardinal can show up when you are learning difficult lessons about being capable and learning how to “adult.” 

Cardinals can show up when you are learning to become more confident in yourself and work through issues of low self-esteem. They can also show up to help you find a long-term career, partner, or living situation that will give you a lifetime of happiness, financial security, and heart-centered commitment. 

Cardinal Personality 

Cardinal Spirit Animal: It's Meaning and Spiritual Message

Those with the cardinal as their spirit animal or power animal will likely place a high value on the things in life that give them comfort. This can comfort in the home, or a sense of comfort by being surrounded by a loving, well-established community. 

Because of this, those who resonate with the cardinal may seek out an established community, especially around their spiritual values, such as a church institution, religious group, or spiritual practice. They place a deep value on a sense of community around similar core values. 

Typically, cardinal energy is laid back, as they like to relax and enjoy the comforts of life when they are not working. However, when faced with a challenge, they can be quite stubborn and aggressive, not backing down until it is resolved. 

They are good in social situations and very charismatic. However, if their values are challenged or they disagree on a moral or political subject, they can be quite defensive. 

The cardinal personality is known for being responsible, punctual, patient, practical, loyal, devoted, and dependable

Those that do not express these personality traits that have a cardinal as their spirit animal can benefit from cultivating these traits in their own life, or finding a life partner or business partner with these same qualities. 

Strengths of a Cardinal

Cardinals like to help solve problems for others, and to be the strength that others lean on for support. They are hard workers and make wonderful employees, partners, and members of a community. Because they love to help others and aren’t worried about getting their hand dirty, they are the friends you call on when you need help with a difficult task. 

Those with cardinal energy have a lot of vitality and stamina, as seen with the bright red color. They often wake up early and go to bed late, and love to stay productive. Constantly tinkering with fixing things around the house and looking for ways to be helpful

They are protective of their loved ones and loyal to a fault. Because of this, they are a great spirit animal to call on when you need spiritual protection, especially on domestic matters. When you have the energy of a cardinal surrounding you, the message people will get is “back off, this is my turf!”

Cardinals are manifestors and bring their ideas and values into the physical world via their hard work and determination. They are visionaries and can predict the long-term results well before the project has started. This makes them good financial planners, investors, and strategizers. 

Strengths of a Cardinal: 

  • Hardworking
  • Loyal
  • Helpful
  • High vitality and energy
  • Productive
  • Protective
  • Visionary

Weaknesses of a Cardinal 

The spiritual evolution path of the cardinal is to determine one’s own core values and work to bring those values into the physical world. While this is an important life lesson, it can turn into intolerance of other people’s spiritual beliefs or political views. 

They can be quick to argue or belittle the viewpoints of others that they disagree with, especially regarding religious beliefs. They can come across as “dogmatic” or forceful, trying to get others to agree with their own perspective. 

Cardinals can have an approach that is “my way or the highway,” which can shut them off to potential learning opportunities and stunt their spiritual growth. 

While cardinals have strong moral values and lean towards having a spiritual practice of some kind, they are often too logical about their spiritual practice, needing laws, order, and black and white rules to follow. 

Similarly, this logical nature prevents them from expressing their creative nature fully, which is where intuition and psychic knowledge thrives. They can look past the synchronicities all around them because it “doesn’t make sense.” It can be helpful for them to learn the values of trusting the universe and accepting that they don’t have to understand something fully in order to allow it into their life.  

With cardinals, finding a balance between logic and creativity is key in order to take advantage of their full manifesting potential. 

When out of balance, cardinals can be impatient, overconfident, arrogant, have inner conflict, stubborn, possessive, conservative, and be overly materialistic

Weaknesses of a Cardinal: 

  • Impatient
  • Arrogant
  • Stubborn
  • Possessive
  • Materialistic
  • Overly Logical


Lessons The a Cardinal Is Here To Show You

Cardinals show up in your life to help you move through energetic blocks, learn a life lesson, or achieve spiritual growth. Depending on what challenges you are faced with, a red cardinal can be a sign of protection, and that you are supported in your journey. 

When a cardinal shows up, they often try to get you to observe a different perspective of a situation by looking at the external aspects of your reality. This includes teachings from an authority, books, videos, or asking other people. This is a time to learn and absorb so that you can have a more open and critical mind on that challenge that you face. 

As you begin to master the elements of the external world where you want to go, your awareness of where you are now versus where you want to go begins to shift. This empowers you to want to start making changes in your daily choices and behaviors. 

For example, if you want to be self-employed, but don’t know where to start, it is best to begin reading and learning as much as you can about other people who have done that. Ask questions, investigate into their lifestyle, and begin imaging yourself in that same situation. The more you open your mind to it, the more you will begin to see yourself being able to do it. Soon, you will have the knowledge needed to begin taking action. 

The cardinal shows you that you are your own teacher, and you can do anything you can put your mind to if you are willing to learn and take action. 

What Does It Mean If You See Cardinals Everywhere? 

If you keep seeing cardinals showing up everywhere, this is a sign to take a step back and look at yourself in your current reality. You are being asked to assess if your core values align with the current lifestyle, commitments, and community. 

You may find that you have been letting other parts of your life be in the driver’s seat, versus you being in control. You may have given up your power to others, and lost the drive that you used to have in life. 

If you find that you lack a feeling of confidence, empowerment, or capability, the cardinal may be showing up to help build your self-power so that you stand tall and work to achieve what you really want in life.  

The cardinal rules the throat chakra, which is all about speaking up for oneself and one’s values. If you are introverted or are hesitant to speak up to defend your right to make certain choices, the cardinal can give you your voice back. 


Cardinal Energy In Different Areas In Your life

There may be areas in your life where you asked guidance from your spirit animal. A cardinal may enter your life to assist you in a specific challenge that you have, such as finances, relationships, physical health, or spirituality. 

Cardinal Energy in Career

If you are having struggles finding a career you love or have had financial setbacks, the cardinal can show up your life to get you back on track. 

The cardinal has ambition and is always striving to put hard work and energy to create a life where they can feel authentically themselves. If you are looking for a career, the cardinal asks you to investigate your values, passions, and try to look for work around that. 

The cardinal reminds you of the fundamental lessons of creation: If you always choose the easy way you will have a hard life; but, if you work hard you will always have an easy life. This means that working hard to create a life where you can feel authentic to your true self, you will feel a lot more content in life. 

Your perfect job will be one that is perfectly aligned with who you are and what you want out of life. A cardinal can help you figure out what this is. 

People who resonate with a cardinal prefer stability, staying at a job for a long time, the ability to keep moving up in a company, and working in a team with like-minded people. 

Cardinal Energy in Love and Relationships

Cardinal Spirit Animal: It's Meaning and Spiritual Message

In relationships, cardinals help heal energetic blocks in the throat chakra, which relates to clear communication, honesty, expressing one’s true self, emotional stability, and healing arguments and resentments

If you have been feeling blocked in your communication, or have been having frequent arguments in your relationship, the cardinal shows up to be an olive branch of peace and harmony. 

Sit and meditate on the messages that are coming through from the cardinal spirit animal to help you seek a resolution to your challenge. Focus on the throat chakra, and bring in energetic tools to help you, such as crystals and essential oils. Some helpful ones include: 


  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Malachite
  • Blue Kyanite
  • Celestine

Essential Oils: 

  • Basil
  • Peppermint
  • Ylang ylang
  • Frankincense 

If you are seeking a romantic partner, the cardinal shows up to bring in the energy of long-term commitment and harmony in the household. The message from the cardinal is that finding the perfect partner does not happen quickly. It happens slowly, methodically, and on a strategic timeline to make sure everything is in order. 

A long-lasting love may not appear in your life overnight; however, when it does show up, it will be a love that lasts for a lifetime. Cardinals mate for life and are loyal, devoted, romantic, and committed partners. 

If you have a committed partnership and want to grow your family, the cardinal suggests fertility and pregnancy. 

Cardinal Energy in Spirituality

It is not a coincidence that the red cardinal is named after the cardinals that wear red robes in the catholic church. They prefer organized and logically based spirituality, similar to the catholic or Christian religion. 

Because cardinals carry heavy earth energy, they encompass the spirituality of the earth. This causes those who resonate with cardinal energy to value laws, order, and a grounded spiritual community. 

If you are searching for a way to awaken your spirituality, you may try to seek out a spiritual community that aligns with your own religious or spiritual beliefs, such as a church or regular community gathering. 

Because cardinals are manifestors and love to create with their hands, expressing your spirituality through art is another way to channel the messages of your higher self and access your intuition.  


Cardinal Animal Medicine Guide

Tarot CardThe Hierophant
Zodiac RulerTaurus
Dominant ElementEarth
Influencing ElementWater
ColorLight Blue
MantraI HAVE (self-worth determined by how you can materialize your values)
CrystalsLapis Lazuli, Malachite, Blue Kyanite, Celestine
Essential OilsBasil, Peppermint, Ylang ylang, Frankincense 
CareerManager, works well in corporate environments, spiritual or religious leader 
HobbiesCooking, hand-building crafts such as woodwork or ceramics, domestic work (such as cleaning, gardening, renovating, raising children), social gatherings


Cardinal Spirit Animal Compatibility 

Compatible With: Peacock, Snake, Raccoon

These animal spirits are moving through similar life lessons at the same vibration and pace, and are on the same spiritual evolution path. 

Not Compatible with: Moth, Dragon, Crow

These animal spirits are moving through opposite life lessons at a different vibration and pace, and are on a different spiritual evolution path. 

Shadow Animal: Sloth

This animal is moving through opposite life lessons but at the same vibration and pace, allowing it to get to deep subconscious shadow work. 



Honoring the spirit animals that appear in your life is a wonderful way to connect and be receptive to the messages being sent to you from the universe and your higher self. The cardinal sends you the message to value your self-work by creating a reality that aligns with your core values. 

This is one interpretation of the cardinal spirit animal. Everyone received different signs and messages from the universe in their own unique spiritual language. Sit still and listen to the messages that are being sent to you by the cardinal spirit animal. 

Journaling and meditating on the intention to receive these messages are wonderful ways to begin discovering how the universe is communicating to you. 


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