Can Aragonite Get Wet? Here Are Better Ways To Cleanse It

can aragonite get wet

As I work with crystals and my collection increases, I often wonder which ones can get wet and which ones should be energetically cleansed with other methods. Aragonite is one of these. It looks like a hard crystal that can withstand contact with water, but I did some research to know for sure.

So, can Aragonite get wet? Aragonite should not get wet, as aragonite is structured calcium carbonate, which becomes water-soluble in certain types of water. It is also not a hard crystal, ranging from 3-4 on the Mohs Hardness scale, which indicates that it can be damaged by long-term contact with water.

If you do want to use water with Aragonite, there are ways you can prepare your water so that the water will have a less likely chance to ruin your crystal. If you want to avoid water on your aragonite, there are other — more effective — ways to energetically cleanse your crystal. This article will go over other cleansing methods.

If you would like to know more about the properties of the Mohs Hardness scale and what crystals can or cannot be used with water, you can read about that in an article I wrote here.


Properties of Aragonite

Aragonite is similar to the crystal calcite, as they are both structured calcium carbonate; however, the main difference between the two of these is the structure that they take when they are formed.

Aragonite is structured with three oxygen molecules in a triangle formation around the carbon molecule, giving it a different crystalline structure than calcite, which is formed out of just two oxygen molecules.

In addition, aragonite is formed at lower temperatures, so it is less stable in higher temperature situations and more prone to damage than its relative calcite.

Because of this, exposure to high temperatures, acidic environments, hard water with minerals, and other stressors will cause damage or structural change to your aragonite.


Types of Water That Can or Cannot Be Used With Aragonite

Due to the fragile properties of aragonite, knowing how to care for your aragonite is important, including what water types can or cannot be used when cleansing it. While some types of short-term water exposure is ok to use with aragonite, other types of water should be avoided entirely.

Types of water that should be avoided

Salt Water: Even though aragonite is formed in some types of salt water, such as sea water, it should not be cleansed with salt water. The salt can put stress on your aragonite and damage it or cause structural damage to it.

Rain Water: Some people like to cleanse their crystals with rainwater as it comes straight from the sky, therefore it has a high vibration. However, in this case, rainwater should be avoided, as rainwater can be slightly acidic, and therefore damaging to your aragonite. This is because rainwater reacts with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and forms mildly acidic carbonic acid before it becomes rain. (Source)

Acidic/Hard Mineral Water: Similar to rainwater, acidic water can put stress on your aragonite, causing structural damage or cause it to erode.  This includes hard mineral water or unfiltered water that can be collected from your tap.

Hot Water: Aragonite is sensitive to high temperatures, so hot water should be avoided with your aragonite.

Types of water that are ok for short term use

Charcoal filtered water at room temperature: My favorite way to filter my water is by using charcoal. I do this by placing a few binchotan charcoal sticks in a pitcher of tap water and let sit for 12-24 hours.

Use this water to lightly mist your aragonite, which I will explain how to do that later in this article. If you are curious about what the charcoal that I use looks like, you can find binchotan charcoal here.

Alkaline water: Water that is tested and is a pH ranging from 7.5-9 is ok to use with aragonite, as aragonite does well in alkaline environments. There are certain water filters you can use where you can set the pH of your water, such as these which can be found on Amazon.

If using water, best ways to use it is to use the “mist” technique

If you do want to use water on your crystals, the best ways to apply it are with minimal saturation and in a way that can evaporate quickly. You should never fully immerse your aragonite in water.

The best way to do is what I like to call the “mist technique.” This method is how to use water as a mist to cleanse your aragonite with a spray bottle and blot dry it with a towel. To do this:

  • Place your aragonite on a towel
  • Fill an empty spray bottle with either charcoal filter water or alkaline water. Choose one that sprays as a mist instead of spraying water in a solid stream.
  • Hold your spray bottle about a 1-1 ½ feet away from your aragonite and spritz with water.
  • Let sit for a moment until you feel the aragonite is cleansed.
  • Blot dry with a towel until aragonite is mostly dry.



The Most Effective Way to Cleanse Aragonite

In my opinion, water should not be used to cleanse aragonite, even if using the gentle methods listed above. This is because, as mentioned above, aragonite is a fragile crystal — but, more importantly, there are other cleansing methods you can use that aragonite is more compatible with.

Aragonite resonates best with the energy of the earth, and using this energy is the best way to cleanse it.

Earth energy will also charge your aragonite, but please use caution when using an earth-charged aragonite stone! It moves a lot of energy and will bring a lot of spiritual challenges to you here on the physical plane. Aragonite shows up in your life when you are ready to accept challenges here on Earth.



Placing your Aragonite outside where it is touching the earth is a great way to cleanse it. The sun is also a great way to cleanse this crystal, so it is best to choose a day when the sun is out. I like to put it outside in my garden near my rosemary plant (for some reason I always gravitate towards placing it near rosemary, as the two energies seem to resonate very well together).

Make sure where you place it is dry. Also be mindful not to bury your aragonite in the soil, as it is hard to clean the debris off without water. You can place it on a natural fiber, such as a cotton dishcloth, to avoid it getting dirty.

Place it outside for 30min-4 hours. I do not like to leave my aragonite out overnight, because it is a more fragile stone and I live in the Pacific Northwest where the weather changes by the hour — but this is up to you.


If you do not have access to an outdoor area or the weather does not permit you to leave your aragonite outside, an alternative way to cleanse your crystal with earth energy is to use rice.

To do this, fill up a glass bowl with brown or white rice and place your crystal on top of the bed of rice. Let it sit there for 4-8 hours or overnight.

If you are interested in this method, you can check out this in-depth article I wrote on different ways to use rice as a cleansing method.


Other Ways To Cleanse Aragonite


The act of using smoke to cleanse a person, place or object is called “smudging.” This is a Native American tradition that has been used to cleanse, purify and create balance. It is powerful because uses all four elements found in nature: water, earth, air and fire.

I like to use sage to cleanse my aragonite with smoke. You can read the full article I wrote on cleansing with sage here.


Because aragonite tunes to both spiritual energy and earth energy, using two tuning forks to cleanse aragonite is a good method to fully cleanse this crystal. The best tuning forks I have found to use with aragonite are:

I first use a 4096 Hz Tuning fork around the energetic field of my crystal to give it a good cleanse of negative energy. This frequency is said to be a bridge between heaven and earth, which is also the property that is given to aragonite many times over.

After I feel that my aragonite is fully cleansed, I activate a 136.1 Hz tuning fork and place the end of the vibrating fork directly on my crystal. The frequency of 136.1 Hz is a very low hum and is not as audible as the higher pitched tuning forks.

This lower vibration grounds aragonite back to the earth energy that it is compatible with and your crystal is now ready for you to do some DEEP work with it.  


I say this over and over again in my writing, but I’ll say it again: You are always the best healing and cleansing source for your crystal.

Your intentions and energetic influence on the crystal is more powerful than you can imagine.

A great way to energetically cleanse your aragonite is to visualize that it is being grounded to the Earth’s energy to transmute the negative or excess energy back to its original source as universal consciousness.

To do this, in a meditative state, hold your aragonite with both of your hands resting in your lap. Imaging a grounding cord connecting from your crystal all the way through the layers of the earth, down into the center of the planet. As you do this, ask that all negative or excess energy that your aragonite is ready to release in the present moment be released to be transmuted.

When you feel it has been fully cleansed, you can fill it back in with its own, original high vibration energy by imaging a golden sun above it. Visualize that golden sun being poor into the energetic field of your aragonite until it feels fully charged.


Related Questions

How can I clean my aragonite? This question is different than energetically “cleansing” aragonite but may be something you are also curious about. If you literally want to clean your aragonite cluster or dirt or debris, all you need is:

◈ Room-temperature filtered water

◈ Soft bristle toothbrush

◈ An empty spray bottle that can “mist” water instead of has it come out in a stream

Fill the empty spray bottle with the filtered room-temperature water. Mist the surface of your aragonite with a very thin layer of water. Gently scrub the surface with a toothbrush. Be sure to get in between clusters. Mist again with a few more layers of water. Gently blot dry with a towel to collect debris. Lay on a towel to finish air drying (do not apply extra heat, such as a blow dryer, as this may damage your aragonite).

Where else can Aragonite be found in nature? In the formation of Mollusk shells! Cute!



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