Black Obsidian: Does It Really Absorb Negative Energy?

When I first started using Black Obsidian, I used it in hopes of clearing up my depression and negative thinking. When I would get dips in my mood, I would instantly reach for my obsidian, wanting it to absorb the negativity that I was feeling. But after using it for a long time, and with a lot of research, I started to second guess my initial belief that black obsidian absorbs negative energy.

So, Does Black Obsidian really absorb negative energy? From my experience, black obsidian does not absorb negative energy. Instead, it helps you process the negative energy you are feeling, so that you can release it from your space. It is a grounding stone, so it helps you feel secure in your environment, which helps ease negative stressors. It also helps protect you against external negative energy by stimulating your own natural energetic protection tools.

All of these attributes help work with negative energy, so if you are feeling negativity, black obsidian is still an amazing crystal to work with. It will act as more of a teacher, that will help you work through the negative emotions, so that you get stronger and stronger with each new negative episode.


The Properties of Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a unique type of igneous rock. Instead of forming in the earth for billions of years like most crystals and stones, this one is created very quickly by volcanic lava hitting water and instantly cooling, forming a glassy structure.

The power of this beautiful, black, semi-crystalline glass is based on where it came from: the core of the earth. The center of the planet. When you hold a piece of black obsidian, you are holding the essence of Earth energy, at its most intense vibration – lava. To me, this is just amazing to think about.

Black obsidian is also hard to define: it is not quite a crystal, and not quite a stone. Because of the shock that it experiences, it forms semi-crystalline structures, but not quite enough to be a full mineral or crystal. Therefore, it is often referred to as a mineraloid. Because of this, I usually call it a stone, not a crystal – although it has both properties.

Understanding the properties of black obsidian is important, because the way black obsidian works in an energetic way is a lot like how it was formed. It works quickly, forcefully, and doesn’t give the same results every time.

You can sometimes pull on the stable, crystalline properties of and experience very structured work.

Or sometimes, you can pull on the chaotic, lava eruption energy, which gets to deep — intense — shadow work.


Obsidian: Absorbing vs. Processing Negative Energy

Black obsidian may seem to have “absorbing” qualities when it comes to negative energy, because when you use it, you may notice it helps with negative emotions. However, “absorbing” may not be the best term for this.

Black obsidian does not absorb and transmute this energy for you. It does not want to be used as a crutch, and it does not want to make your life easy. Instead, it wants to be your teacher, and it helps you see where the root of that negativity is coming from so that you can deal with it.

This is the most powerful way to deal with negative energy, because you learn the lesson that the negative energy wanted to teach you.

When you start viewing negativity as a challenge, or a force of friction that enables you to grow by getting stronger, then negativity can be viewed as a necessary human experience for evolution. We can never understand our true selves without some sort of adversity.

It helps you process negative emotions by pulling the energies and beliefs from your subconscious and bringing them to your physical reality – so that you can finally deal with them.

Black obsidian will tell you all the things you don’t agree with. It will tell you all the things you resist. Your harmful beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors will be exposed. It will hurt. But it is true, and it is preventing you from taking spiritual steps.

In this way, black obsidian heightens inner sight and will rapidly increase intuitive awareness of self.

Obsidian draws one inward to the center of the Self, to the place of truth. Obsidian is the guide that shows you this truth.

This can be uncomfortable work, so it is important to treat black obsidian as a sacred stone, and use it only when you are ready to do deep subconscious shadow work. If you don’t treat it in this way, it can cause chaos, depression, anxiety, and angst. The negative emotions you are wanting to get rid of will end up exploding like a volcanic eruption.


Ways to Work with Black Obsidian to Process Negative Energy



Black Obsidian works primarily with the base, or root chakra. This chakra is at the base of the spine, and is connected to the layer in your aura that is closest to your physical body. This auric layer holds energy patterns related to survival, fear, stress due to finances or physical ailments.

Black obsidian works well when confronting hard truths in your physical reality, whether that be physical illness, fear of not having enough, or basic survival anxieties. It is the final place where your manifestations take hold, and if it does not feel safe to anchor, it will not appear in your reality.

Keeping this first chakra clear is an important part in general energetic health, but especially important if you have consistent feelings of being “lost” or not understanding your true purpose in life. When the first chakra is holding a high vibration, it tells your spirit that your body is a safe place, and you can align with your higher self to get downloads of information related to your purpose here on Earth.

When meditating, hold this stone near your first chakra, in the palms of your hands, as they rest on your lap. Have your palms facing upwards towards the sky, for optimal energy release. Sit in a chair with both of your feet flat on the ground.

Imagine a wide grounding cord, as wide as your seat, connecting from the base of your spine all the way to the center of the Earth. As you meditate, set the intention that all the energy that your physical body and physical reality is ready to release in the present moment, be released down this grounding cord.

Pay attention to any emotions or images that come to mind during this process. You may get a lot of information about the energy that you are needing to work through in your present reality.

If you continue to do this, you may be surprised at your growing ability to tap into hidden intuitive abilities that you didn’t know you had. This could be an increase in seeing images in your mind’s eye, hearing sounds, experiencing odd smells or feeling heightened sensations throughout your body.

As you get more confident with these abilities, you will begin to receive information about your purpose and what steps you need to take to get there.

Healing through Feet Ritual

Being grounded is all about feeling safe in your environment. If you have negative emotions that keep cycling through your energy, there has most likely been spiritual or emotional trauma related to not feeling safe or secure in your reality. It may be related to a move when you were five, or an abusive partner in your adulthood. Many things can cause insecurity.

The first chakra and legs hold the energetic pattern for this. For healing trauma related to your physical environment, place two small black obsidian stones at the base of your feet as you sleep. You can keep them in your socks, or tape them to the bottom of your feet.

When you sleep, you access your subconscious reality, which is where obsidian loves to move energy. Before you sleep, ask the obsidian stones to help decipher information that will help you discover your purpose.

Make sure that you journal your dreams first thing upon waking, to record what information was revealed.

Clear the stones under cool running water to clean them, especially before using them again.

Over time this will not only provide insight into your life’s purpose, it will also clear subconscious traumas and strengthen the energetics and circulation of your legs and feet.

Journaling with Black Obsidian

The energy of black obsidian, when attuned to your energy, opens a portal to your subconscious mind. This energy wants to draw you closer to your core, as it demolishes false belief systems to get you there.

Journaling is the best way to tap into this information, as writing is a filter of the subconscious self. This is why “writers block” is something we all struggle with, as we go deeper in our writing material.

Obsidian is best charged with the element of water, so fill up a glass of filtered water and place three black obsidian stones at the bottom. Let sit for 15-30 minutes, then remove the stones and place them near your journaling space. Don’t drink the water with the stones inside – this can be a choking hazard

Begin to journal as you drink the water. Slowly sip the water and ask the energy of obsidian to guide your journaling practice. Keep journaling as you sip through the entire glass. Once the glass is finished, end your journaling practice with any final thoughts.

Every so often go back and review this material, as often you will get downloads of information before you are ready to take action. Reviewing this information will reinspire you to move forward at a time when you are ready.


Basic Care of Obsidian

♦ Black obsidian needs to be cleansed often, as it comes in contact with a lot of negative energy that you are working past. To cleanse these stones, run them under running water as often as you feel necessary. 

♦ You can keep these stones near your feet while doing work to develop your intuition, but they should rest in an elevated area above the ground. Put them in a place that is intentional, not in a place where they can be forgotten. Because of the intense energetic pull, they can cause confusion and chaos if left unattended – as they want you to pay attention to them!

♦ Place them away from electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops, as they can cause electrical disturbances as well as intensifying their negative energy.

♦ Smudging will not have as powerful as a clearing impact, so do not rely on smudging alone for clearing.

♦ To power charge black obsidian, use a 136.1 Hz tuning fork, which is the OM frequency. This frequency resonates with the Earth and the Cosmic Octave, the frequency which is said to be the base of all creation in the physical world. 136.1 Hz is barely audible to the human ear, but is a powerful frequency. When you activate the fork, place the tip of it on the stone and let the frequency run through it. Do this before meditating with it, or before you go to bed with it.


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