What Do Bees In Dreams Mean? Bee Dream Interpretation

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Bees are complex creatures of the natural world that communicate a wide range of messages in the form of spiritual symbolism or literary metaphors. Close observation of the bee can give us a lot of insight into the natural laws that govern our own human experience. So what does it mean to dream of this highly symbolic pollinator?

Dreaming of bees often relates to creativity, hard work, and being in harmony with your job or the people in your close environment. A single bee in a dream can represent the pollination of an idea, or the threat of a person or situation that could sting you. Dreaming of bees in a hive often represents hard work, big projects ahead, or stress/productivity in the workplace (hive). 

Depending on the context of your dream, bees showing up as imagery in your sleep can have many different meanings. This article goes over the most common bee dreams and the possible interpretations of each of these dreams. 


The Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism Of Bees In Dreams

Bees symbolize community, organization, collaboration, creation, relationships, interconnectedness, and the overall sense of harmony in one’s environment. They are governed and operated by female energy, representing intuitive insight, subconscious thought, creativity, emotional connection, and facing one’s shadow. 

Because bees are governed by the female domain, they are strongly linked to emotions. It is common for dreams with bees in them to be very emotional, ranging from extreme fear to extreme love. Dreams with bees in them could relate to a difficult emotional issue that you are dealing with currently. 

Also, because bees represent interconnectedness, social networking, community, and “the hive,” bees in dreams can relate to issues in these realms. Some examples could be work, a social community, or a close friendship/relationship. Dreams with bees in them could indicate social anxiety, introversion, or a desire to remain independent from the collective “hive.” 

While bees are not inherently negative as a symbolic or spiritual symbol, their appearance in dreams is often viewed in a negative way. This is because bee dreams often involve bees attacking, stinging, chasing, and other aggressive behaviors. 

Being stung by a bee is a common fear we have in our waking life, which translates well into dream language as running from our fears to avoid deep pain

For a more in-depth guide on the complete spiritual meaning and symbolism of a bee, please check out the article I wrote about it here: The Meaning of a Bee, Its Spiritual & Symbolic Significance


What Does It Mean To Be Attacked By Bees In A Dream? 

bees in dreams: What does it mean to be attacked by bees in a dream?

Being attacked by bees in a dream indicates feeling emotionally overwhelmed related to an issue in your social network, community, or workplace. It can also relate to a sense of rejection you feel from someone close to you. This dream could also indicate you are worried about someone close to you regarding their physical health or mental well-being. 

Bees symbolically and spiritually represent the people that you are interconnected with in your reality or your “hive.” As such, this dream can often relate to emotionally overwhelming situations within your close network of people. This could translate to social pressures that demand conformity, family expectations that aren’t met, or workplace dramas that disrupt your mental and emotional well-being. 

In the age of the internet, the demands that we experience from social media can cause a lot of emotional distress. Comparing ourselves to others and competing with others in a social space to gain acceptance is a constant drain on our emotional bank account. This dream could be showing you a clear picture of how an unhealthy relationship with social media behaves in your emotional space on a subconscious level. 

This dream could also represent the unpleasant feeling of rejection from a person close to you, such as a lover, friend, or family member. Rejection is a difficult emotion to process because it is not as simple as just one emotion. Rejection often brings up many insecurities or false beliefs hidden away deep within one’s subconscious. 

The false beliefs of insecurities we have about ourselves can build up in one’s energetic space over a lifetime. We look for acceptance for others to mask these insecurities so they can stay hidden away. However, when someone rejects us, it can trigger a cascade of many small insecurities that feel like an attack of a thousand stings. 

What Does It Mean To Be Chased By A Bee In A Dream? 

Being chased by a bee or a swarm of bees is related to being attacked by them. However, this dream indicates that you fear it will happen in the future, but it hasn’t yet happened. 

Dreaming of being chased by bees indicates you are living in the future and are not living in the present moment. Spending too much time thinking about the future often causes high anxiety, which can make you feel threatened or fearful about your current reality. You may feel like you are running away from a thousand problems or anxious thoughts that haven’t even happened yet. It can also represent high social anxiety. 

This dream could be particularly related to your workplace or social network, as bees represent your hive or close community. You might have a constant worry of getting fired from a job or a fear of being rejected or canceled by your larger social community. 

Currently, there is a lot of pressure about doing or saying the right thing in the public space. This fear of being socially rejected can cause you to overthink everything you do or say. The stress of overthinking social standards can cause high social anxiety, which can feel like being chased or running away from a swarm of bees. 

Meditation can help greatly with bringing your thoughts back to the present moment. Taking a break from social media, or moving to a more accepting social group can also help with social anxiety or pressures. 

Being chased by one bee in a dream indicates that one person in your close community is causing you stress. This person could be actively trying to make you feel negative about yourself or bring your energy down. It is likely someone who is very competitive with you. These people can cause a lot of stress, so currently you are trying to avoid them rather than confront them about their toxic behavior. 

What Does It Mean To Be Stung By A Bee In A Dream? 

Dreaming of getting stung by a bee could indicate that your negative thoughts, words, or actions are coming back to sting you. It could represent gossip, being overly negative towards oneself, or not considering other people’s emotions when you take action. It could also indicate someone close to you is that is impacting you negatively (energetically) which feels like a sting. 

Bees represent an interconnectedness with All and the collective communication that we all share. This dream may be showing you that stinging others with your words only stings yourself in the end. 

On the flip side, this could also indicate that someone close to you is speaking negatively about you, which is causing you energetic and emotional pain on a subconscious level. They could also be intentionally harming you by slandering your reputation. Be wary of those who you intuitively feel competitive with, as this could be an indicator that they are stinging you with their negative energy. 

Because bees are governed by the feminine realm, dreaming of a bee sting, particularly a queen bee, could represent an issue with a mother or female authority figure. You may feel strings from a disagreement. If a mother or female in your life has a desire to control you, they may be energetically “stinging” you to gain power over you. This dream could indicate a need to resolve issues with domineering female figures in your life. 

What Does It Mean To See A Bees Attacking Someone Else In a Dream? 

Dreaming of seeing bees attack someone else could be a sign that you are an empath or are intuitively picking up on other people suffering. This dream may also indicate that you are witnessing something that you strongly disagree with, but feel powerless to stop or change. 

Bees spiritually represent balance and harmony in the environment. If there is something out of balance in the environment, the bees are greatly impacted. Dreaming of bees getting aggressive towards someone else may indicate that you notice there is disharmony in your environment, but may not feel you have the power to make a significant change. 

This could relate to business practices that you disagree with at your workplace, social issues that your community is not responding to correctly, or environmental concerns that you feel powerless to change. 

If you are an empath, the disharmonies in your environment may cause you great suffering. While you may not directly feel the pain of the situation you are observing, you feel a great sense of empathy regarding the issue. 

If you see someone you care about getting attacked by bees, it could indicate that you are worried about their mental or physical health. While we try to do everything we can to keep the ones we love from harm’s way, it can feel very terrifying that we cannot protect them from everything. We are powerless when it comes to controlling the natural world and the elements, and a swarm of angry bees is perfect imagery to show this. 

What Does it Mean To Kill a Bee in A Dream?

Dreaming of killing a bee represents a fear of commitment or attachment to one person or a group of people. Because bees represent interconnectedness, this dream could also indicate that you might be sabotaging new connections from forming. This dream could also indicate social anxiety or overwhelming introversion. 

Because bees work together in a hive and are reliant on each other for the success of the group, your independent spirit may feel threatened by the strong connection of bees. You may feel that strong attachments with others are a weakness, and wish to end these commitments before they get more serious. Killing a bee in a dream could indicate an avoidant personality type, especially regarding relationships or business commitments. 

This dream could also indicate that you have high social anxiety and are introverted. While you wish you could have a strong connection with others, you feel threatened when you meet new people. 

Killing a lot of bees in a dream represents a rejection of group thinking, the hive mind, or joining a large organization such as a corporation or dogmatic religion. You prefer to have independent thought and navigate life outside of the hive. 

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Dead Bees? 

Dreaming of a lot of dead bees represents disharmony in your environment and toxic energy. Death in dreams often indicates a big change is coming, and many dead bees in a dream may mean that your current environment is no longer a place of abundant harvest. It might be time to change jobs, locations, partnerships, or leave a spiritual community. 


What Do Honeybees Represent In A Dream? 

bees in dreams: what do honeybees in dreams mean spiritually?

Dreaming of honeybees represents the Divine feminine, manifestation, abundance, intuition, and interconnectedness. The stand-out feature of honeybees is their ability to create honey, which represents abundance and enjoying the fruit of your labors. The queen bee is also an important aspect of honeybees, which represents governing your life with intuitive truth and inner wisdom. 

Honeybees can show up in dreams when you are trying to reorganize your life to harmonize more strongly with your core values. You may be in a season where you are seeking out a community that you will feel spiritually, emotionally, or intellectually aligned with. 

A negative dream with honeybees may represent disharmony in your environment and a feeling of being separated from the divine flow of nature. You may feel out of sync with your reality right now, causing feelings of depression, despair, or loneliness. You might need to make some changes in your life so that you can feel that your values are in harmony with your reality.

A negative honeybee dream could also indicate a creative block or financial hardship causing you great stress. 

In general, when honeybees appear in a dream, they invite you to look at your reality as one interconnected ecosystem instead of everything being separate. The honeybees let you know that everything happens for a reason, and everything is connected. They can inspire you to draw connections between everything in your life, inspiring you to see the bigger picture. 

What Does A Beehive Represent In A Dream? 

Dreaming of a beehive represents systems or networks of organization in your life, such as a workplace, social network, or domestic situation. A beehive in your dream could symbolize the space where you feel the most productive, the most connected with others, or the most comfortable at home. It represents a sense of belonging and being strongly interconnected with your environment. 

In a negative dream about a beehive, this dream could highlight any imbalances in these areas. This dream could give you insight into what areas you need to focus on in order to feel a renewed sense of purpose and belonging. 

For example, if you dream that there is an angry beehive inside your home and you are afraid, this dream could show you that there are imbalances in your domestic space causing you great anxiety or emotional distress. 

What Does A Beekeeper Represent In A Dream? 

Dreaming of a beekeeper represents leadership, an entrepreneurial spirit, starting a business, creating a new project that brings others together, or stepping into a management position. This dream relates to how you lead or manage others, and how well you take care of the people you are managing. 

In a negative dream about a beekeeper, you may be disagreeing with someone in a leadership position or you do not agree with the way things are being managed. You could feel powerless, seeing a group or organization harvesting your hard work and exploiting your talents. This dream could also represent that others are criticizing the way you are managing work or social situations.  


What Do Bumblebees Represent In Dreams? 

Bumblebees in dreams represent humility, focus, and determination. A dream with bumblebees could be a reminder to stay focused, be patient, and continue to work diligently towards your goal. Slow, steady, gentle, humble, focused, and determined wins the race with these fuzzy creatures.

Bumblebees do not need much praise to keep working and are very task orientated. But if they feel they need to work harder, they will work themselves to death or be put in situations where they are susceptible to illness and death. Dreaming of bumblebees distressed or dying could indicate the need to slow down, shut out all the noise of external expectations, and keep your focus on the details that really matter.  

Dreaming of a large bumblebee indicates something that is taking a lot of your attention. Large creatures in dreams indicate that something is too big to ignore. Right now, you may require a great deal of focus and hard work to pollinate your dreams. Finding ways to restructure your day to be the most focused and productive could yield great results. 

Dreaming of a large bumblebee acting aggressively could indicate a big issue that is taking away your focus. You might be putting too much focus into something that is only causing you more problems. 


Other Types Of Bee Dreams And Their Meanings

Dreaming Of a Black Bee

Dreaming of a black bee represents facing your shadow self or your subconscious emotions related to relationships, social connections, or creativity. Black bees in dreams can also indicate isolation, reclusive behavior, introspection, or a period of soul-searching.  

Dreaming Of a White Bee

Dreaming of a white bee represents abundance, ​the Divine feminine, mysteries in nature, natural beauty, and a nurturing spirit

This dream could indicate that you are called to do work in the healing arts, intuitive development, spiritual guidance, or working to help heal female repression. This dream could also signify an upcoming period of time when your creativity will be stronger. 

Dreaming Of a Wasp

Dreaming of a wasp represents psychic insight, innovation, power, and facing difficult situations head-on. 

Wasps aren’t actually technically bees, yet they are commonly considered to be bees because of their appearance and stinger. Wasps are more solitary, aggressive, and predatory or parasitic (they lay their eggs inside other insects). 

Wasps in dreams can plant the seed of a new idea inside of your existing creations, piggy-backing on the skills you have already learned. This can lead to creative inspiration, innovation, and divine manifestation. 

Because wasps are powerful insects, they are not afraid to go after their dreams and defend their territory. They are confrontational and do not shy away from a problem. This dream could represent facing a confrontation head-on. 

If wasps appear in a negative way it can represent that you are being manipulated or energetically controlled by others via gaslighting or narcissism. It can also indicate someone is hijacking your reality and trying to take your power away. 

Hornets and yellow jackets are also part of the wasp family. These wasps can indicate aggression, conflict, and disagreement with family members or close friends. 

Dreaming Of a Large Bee

Dreaming of a large bee represents an issue that has become too large to ignore. The more you ignore it, the bigger it becomes, and therefore the bigger the pain of the stinger will become.
It could indicate procrastination related to work, getting distracted, or a lack of self-control. It could also relate to an emotional issue regarding a relationship or friendship. 
In a positive context, a large bee could represent a big opportunity heading your way related to work, new connections, or love. 

Dreaming Of a Swarm Of Bees

Dreaming of a swarm of bees represents fear, overwhelm, inner conflict, distraction, change, or new beginnings. 

When bees swarm it means they are leaving their hive to form a new hive. This is symbolic of making a big change in your life that results in a new community or social network. It could signify travel, a change in work, a big move, or new partnerships. 

If you are fearful in dreams with a bee swarm, it could indicate confusion about where you want your life to go or chaotic inner conflict about what you want in life. 

Dreaming Of A Bee In Your Ear

Dreaming of a bee in your ear represents intuitive wisdom, clairaudience, telepathy, and animal mediumship or mediumship of the natural world.

A negative dream about a bee in your ear may represent secrecy, dishonesty, lies, or betrayal. It could also indicate psychic manipulation or spiritual control. 

If you’re not sure what type of bee or wasp appeared in your dream, here is a video that can help you identify it. 



Bees are highly spiritual and will often show up to give us a spiritual message about life lessons we are navigating. Bees in dreams can relate to emotional disturbances related to social pressures, work demands, family expectations, or creative endeavors. Because they are ruled by the feminine domain, they usually relate to emotions, intuition, yin, and creative energies. 

Bees can also show us the way that we are interconnected and how everything we do, say, or think contributes to creating our reality. This is especially evident in our relationships and creative passions. 

This article is meant to inspire you to reflect on your own life circumstances, and to activate your intuition so that you can understand why bees are showing up to you. Sit still and listen to the messages that you are receiving, as those are likely the answers to your bee dreams. 

Like everything on this site and on the internet, use your intuition to determine what resonates with you and disregard the rest. You are your best resource for interpreting your own dreams. 


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